Babylon 5

Season 3 Episode 21

Shadow Dancing

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Oct 24, 1996 on

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  • Z Event Imminent

    I forgot to mention how creepy the countdown from the last episode was. It started off "Z minus 14 days" or something like that, and then it was a very busy episode, and it left off with the ominous "Z minus 10 days". Greeeeat. Just what this show needs, more dread. So the constant countdown through this episode only heightens the tension, because even after everything that happens, this "Z event" is still 4 days away. As to the episode, great space battle against the Shadows. Very cool stuff. More nonsense with Dr. Franklin. I'll admit his whole problem raises some great philosophical questions that I'd love to be able to just lose myself in, but I don't have the time. Hell, the whole series raises a lot of questions I'd love to dig into, but for right now I'm too busy just enjoying it on the surface. But I'm pretty sure that it stands up to repeated viewings, so I'll have to rewatch it later. The romantic tension that had been building up between Sheridan and Delenn got a stomach punch when Sheridan's dead wife showed up at the very end. Although it's nice to see that that's what Delenn's futurejump scene from WWE pt 2 was.