Babylon 5

Season 1 Episode 3

Soul Hunter

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Feb 02, 1994 on

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  • An errant Soul Hunter reveals more about Minbari ambassador Delenn than she really wants anyone to hear...

    First time through, I consigned this episode to the 'Monster of the Week category'. It is only now, watching the whole series through, that one can see just how pivotal this story is in the overall context of Babylon5

    Briefly, a 'Soul Hunter' lands on Babylon5. This causes consternation to the alien races, no more so than the Minbari ambassador Delenn who grabs a nearby sidearm and tries to put the creature out its misery. Soul Hunters harvest the souls of dead aliens, which is sacrilege to Minbari. In any case, the Soul Hunter has turned rogue and isn't waiting for the subjects to even have the decency to die first!

    We are left wondering whether the Soul Hunters are 'bad guys' - the humans regard them as deluded cranks, since they aren't even sure of the existence of souls. The second Soul Hunter seems like a pretty regular guy - a kind of space age monk ,who is simply going about his business and meaning no harm to anyone. Indeed, he is only there to apprehend the rogue Soul Hunter, presumably because he has overstepped the moral code of the Order. This episode has character development for Delenn - the Soul Hunter recognises her as a Grey Council member (and spills the beans to Sinclair to boot). This, of course, is a major plot point down the line. The SH also hints that he knows more about Sinclair, perhaps even more than Sinclair himself realises at this point.

    And we also get to meet the chief medic, Stephen Franklin, who arrives at the beginning of the episode and is immediately thrown into the middle of the Soul Hunter problem.

    Much more than 'Monster of the Week'