Babylon 5

Season 2 Episode 7

Soul Mates

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Dec 14, 1994 on
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Episode Summary

Londo summons his three wives to Babylon 5 so he can divorce two of them, Talia gets a visit from her obnoxious ex-husband - the only man ever to leave PsiCorps...and Delenn has her first bad hair day.

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Peter David

Peter David

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Keith Szarabajka

Keith Szarabajka

Matthew Stoner

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Lois Nettleton

Lois Nettleton


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David L. Crowley

David L. Crowley

Lou Welch

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Continuity: In the previous episode, Talia talks about Psi-corps mentoring program and revealed that her mentor was "Abby". In this episode, her mentor's name was Matt.

    • Continuity: In the first season episode "The War Prayer," we saw a photograph of Londo's three wives. They look nothing like the wives seen here.

    • Continuity: Although it's established Babylon 5 doors close after a person passes through them, when Timov leaves the MedLab it stays open so we can see her walk dramatically away.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Timov: I will take no part in these sexual olympics.
      Londo: Timov, they are just expressing their feelings for me.
      Timov: Well, I can do that. (slaps him across the face)

    • Timov: The secret of our marriage's success, Londo, is our lack of communication.

    • Delenn: (to Ivanova) Do you have any idea why I suddenly started getting these odd cramps...?

    • Matthew Stoner (to Garibaldi): Hey, how about I call you an idiot in public and you can convict me for revealing state secrets?

    • Daggair: Your problem, Timov, is that you've never known your place.
      Timov: My place? You once threatened to break a vase over (Londo's) head.
      Daggair: Well now, that was the impetuousness of youth.
      Timov: That was last month.

    • Delenn: Commander, I want you to understand. I acquired human characteristics to bring your people and mine closer together. To symbolise our mutuality. It is supposed to be a dignified and inspiring position for both Humans and Minbari. So, will you please explain to me why this... this...
      Ivanova: Hair.
      Delenn: ... refuses to co-operate!

    • Franklin: Ambassador Mollari, do you mind if I make one personal observation?
      Londo: No, not at all.
      Franklin: Stick it.
      Londo: How odd. And I didn't even know that we were married.

    • (warning Mariel)
      G'Kar: If I were married to Londo Mollari, I'd be concerned.
      Mariel: If you were married to Londo Mollari, we'd all be concerned.

    • Timov: I won't bite, Vir.
      Vir: With all due respect, madam, that's not what I've heard.
      Timov: All right, that one time.
      Vir: Twice.

    • Matthew Stoner: And you are?
      Garibaldi: Garibaldi, head of security.
      Matthew Stoner: So if I'm feeling insecure, hugging you will make me feel better?

    • Franklin: Londo, do you know where you are?
      Londo: I'm either in Med-Lab or in Hell. Either way, the decor needs work.

    • Timov: All right Londo, why did you chose to keep me as your wife and not them? I've made no pretense of affection for you, I find your recent actions contemptible, I'll never love you, at best I'll tolerate you, and I'll never be what you want me to be. Why me?
      Londo: Because, with you I will always know where I stand.

  • NOTES (3)

    • As indicated by the production codes, this episode, "Soul Mates," was supposed to air after the next episode, "A Race Through Dark Places." There are several subtle plot points that indicate the correct order. For the UK video release, the episodes were swapped to the correct order.

    • Director John Flinn and writer Peter David both make cameo appearances. Flinn plays "Mr. Flinn," the descendent of an abductee victim who is trying to sue the aliens responsible (he previously played the same role in "Grail" in season 1). Peter David is a guest at Londo's party - he can be seen talking with Delenn and Lennier.

    • In the episode "War Prayer", Londo had described his three wives as "famine, pestilence, and death". Famine corresponds to Timov who is emotionally undernourished. (The name "Timov" is "vomit" spelled backwards, a joke by writer Peter David. Jane Carr who played Timov didn't make the connection until halfway through filming when someone pointed it out to her). Pestilence corresponds to Daggair because she was like a disease. Death corresponds to Mariel - her angelic sounding name is the perfect counterbalance to her personification of death. Londo himself, as becomes clear later in the series, represents War, the last Horseman.