Babylon 5

Season 2 Episode 7

Soul Mates

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Dec 14, 1994 on

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  • Delenn has a bad hair day....

    ... to say nothing of Londo's wives. :)

    Oh goodness this episode was brilliant XD

    Nothing important happened in terms of the overall plot (well, as far as I can tell - for all I know, lots of important things happened that will be addressed later) but one very important thing happened: we got to see a lot more of the day to day lives of the main characters aboard the station, and got a good laugh in the process.

    Seriously, Londo and his wives, sheer brilliance. And although it was kiiind of predictable who he'd choose, I was rooting for her all the way and really glad he did. Is it just me, or is that just very clearly true love? It's beautiful, it's charming, and it's hilarious. I really hope to see more of her.

    Had to laugh at Delenn's difficulty with hair, too. I know how she feels. Sometimes I just get mine sheared off..

    She also had an interesting point to make about "souls walking together", how certain souls are drawn to one another, perhaps with some links to past lives. I could become a very big fan of that theory (why not, people believe in stranger things).

    Great to also see some development and fleshing out of Talia Winters. She has often struck me as somewhat lacking in the personality department, and it was nice to see a bit more about her, her past, and her desires. As Susan pointed out, she is... or seemed... extremely loyal to Psi Corps, so it was fascinating to learn that he feels just as trapped as anyone else, deep down. Very interesting. (Unless it was that guy influencing her).

    Finally - MISTER HOMN! I knew it was the same actor the moment he appeared on screen. Yay, he got a speaking role other than just "thank you for the drinks"! Thank goodness Mrs Troi wasn't there. *shudder*

    And there is my point. This is, at least with Londo's part of the story, kind of a comedy episode. I simply love Trek, but when they tried to do comedy they came up with Lwaxana and Alexander talking to a clown on the holodeck, or Ferengi episodes. Enough said. Long live the Centauri, they are so much better for putting a smile on my face.

    A 9.5 for this episode, it may not have been some kind of extremely profound episode like what got 9.5s and 10s out of me on Trek (Inner Light etc), but it pretty much had me smiling all the way through and that is something special.

    (Bear in mind I am working on the same kind of scoring as harsh Trek critics Tim Lynch and Jamahl Epsocokhan. . very fussy indeed and not throwing huge scores around. 9.5 is a HUGE compliment and a huge score. Good work B5!)
  • Soul Mates

    Soul Mates was a perfect and classic episode of Babylon 5. I enjoyed watching this episode because it had a diverse mix of characters all dealing with their own personal issues which all come together in some way with each other. I thought it was interesting to learn more about Londo and his wives. I thought this episode marked an interesting change as Londo gets a special gift from the Centauri Emperor. I enjoyed the scenes between Talia and Garabaldi as he tried to protect her from her past. There were some interesting revelations from Mattew and Delenn as well. I look forward to watching more Babylon 5!!!!!!!
  • londo's wives arrive on babylon 5.

    i liked this episode of babylon 5 soul mates. this episode is mainly about londo and talia. londo three wives arrive on babylon 5 and talia ex husband is aboard the station causing trouble. and ambassador delenn asks the commandar for help in dealing with a personal promblem. centauri ambassordor is overjoyed he can divource two of his three wives. which one does he choose to keep. the young and sexy one the one who flatters him or the arguementative one who shows him as much respect as a piece of space garbage. and talia fomer husband is he a harmless maverick or does he intend to use some sinister unknown power to transform talia.
  • Enjoyable to watch, adventurous and give us deeper look into the mystic world of Londo Mollari

    This episode is defenetly the one what gives us more ideas who Londo is and how he have get where he is - those three wives are very variet and they show very well what kind of traps you can get. I very much enjoyed that Londo storyline - intriques and little catch between his wives, that ceremony, Londo in medlab - and his choice. It defenetly proved that Londo has one sense - he can make his plans and make his choices. And I most think that all other two wives were quite surprised.

    The second main storyline was about Talia, but I do not feel it so enjoyable. It is great to see her more in the spotlight but still. But I cannot say there were not create sences and great moments like that when Talia was telling that she will leave. They have way to surprise as all the time :)
  • This episode is primarily features Talia and Londo. Londo gets the chance to divorce two of his three wives. And Talia's ex-husband, the only man to ever leave Psi-Corp, comes to pay her a visit.

    This episode is primarily features Talia and Londo. Londo gets the chance to divorce two of his three wives. And Talia's ex-husband, the only man to ever leave Psi-Corp, comes to pay her a visit.

    I rather liked the image of Delenn having her bad hair day. And Lennier's shock at seeing her with curlers in her hair. Its the continuation of her understanding her new body.

    One thing that this season has been sorely lacking is interaction between G'Kar and Londo. We got to see a little of it in this episode, which was a welcomed addition to the show. This season has mainly focused on the humans and human problems. Although I do see this changing in the upcoming episodes.

    I rather enjoyed the plotline featuring Londo and his three wives. We all now realize why he referred to his wives as "famine, pestilence, and death."

    The Talia plotline wasn't as interesting to me. But that is likely due to my dislike of the character. The importance of the plotline to show another example of how Psi-Corp is corrupt and dangerous.

    That painting at Londo's party was hideous looking. I'm curious as to whether Londo being hurt was more than it seemed. The episode at first gives the view that it was nothing more than an ancient Narn booby-trap. However we see G'Kar and Mariel talking after the fact. So it could have been an assassination attempt by Mariel to make sure she wasn't divorced. She could have gone to G'Kar for help. However, it was brought to the station by Stoner. I don't have the answer, but its interesting to contemplate.
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