Babylon 5

Season 2 Episode 6

Spider in the Web

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Dec 07, 1994 on

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  • Not sure

    Just not sure how I feel about the Free Mars stuff - at the moment I don't really know enough about them to care, which brings us to a general horror/zombie story. I was fairly indifferent about the whole thing to be honest.

    Bureau 13? Section 31? Go on, B5 and DS9, once again: who copied whom? :P

    I am curious to see more of Section 13. It's interestingly chilling in that way.
  • Spider in the Web

    Spider in the Web was a really great episode of Babylon 5. I enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of entertaining action, drama, intrigue, and character development. The story of this episode takes viewers back to the free Mars plot line. It was interesting to learn more about the situation on Mars, and the delicate balance between Mars and Earth. I liked the whole computer operated zombie idea. I think this episode sets up future episodes which will also touch upon this plot line and perhaps interweave with others through out the rest of this season. I look forward to watching more Babylon 5!!!!!
  • who the spider in the web

    in this episode of babylon 5 it mainly focus around talia winters i must say that im not a big fan of her charcter. but its not a bad episode. i liked her more in the episode in divided loyalaties. in this episode talia winters the telpath meets her long time old friend taro lsogi to help monitor negotiations with the mars conglomerate on behalf of his company, future cop. talis winters witnesses lsogis murder, leading her to make further discoveries surronding the negotiations and a possible conspiracy that may not free mars but enslave it forever. free mars forever.
  • I have always loved storylines with telepaths and Free Mars

    As two of my favorites storylines are presented, maybe that why I had to like it.

    Talia is one of those characthers who I have liked from the beginning. Maybe because from the beginning she already proved that she can be changed and she may not stay with Psi Corps all the time. I admire her loyality.

    This episodes proves as more and more that thing back Earth and on Mars are not very well. And I agree with the person who said that Free Mars best change died. We soon will find out what happens with Mars.

    This episodes seems to set another stage for coming action - when until now we have manly prepeared for Shadow conflict, this now gives us idea that there will be more problems comming.
  • This whole episode was basically a way to show that there is a secret agency within the Earth government that has control over many features of Earth actions.

    This whole episode was basically a way to show that there is a secret agency within the Earth government that has control over many features of Earth actions.

    They have a control officer on B5, as noted during the discussion at the end of episode when the identity of the Bureau 13 member is revealed. They have control over B5 communications, as shown by how quickly they take over when Abel Horn reported in after killing Taro Isagi. Power enough to fake a death, the Bureau 13 member shown at the end is listed as deceased on Talia's computer. My guess is that Psi Corp is involved to a very high level in this. I wouldn’t be surprised if President Clark factored in some way.

    The CGI used to show Abel Horn's death was very well done. When the glass shattered you could actually see things flying out to space with the glass. A nice detail for a CGI clip that will never be used again.
  • The conflicting memories/situations between the characters in this episode was excellent.

    I really enjoyed this episode.
    The introduction of Michael Beck's Able Horn character was almost spooky, and when you find out what happened to him and why he is the way he is, it is sad. That the Captain realizes there is more to this man/situation than meets the eye, and as he tries to help him, it is a good play between characters. I really loved Michael's physical ticks that sent the signals that the machine inside was taking over, as he went between his human memories and his programming. I really liked the fact that he would bring something so obvious and use it so consistantly to help us identify with the situation he was in. He plays COLD really good anyway, and Able Horn was an excellent guest character for him to play, even though he was doomed.
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