Babylon 5

Season 2 Episode 9

The Coming of Shadows

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Feb 02, 1995 on

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  • Oh.. my..

    The cogs turn. They REALLY turn.

    Where does one start. The kindly old emperor, completely different to the people he leads? The terrible path of darkness that Molari - the curiously sympathetic character despite his dark path - finds himself tumbling? The fact we now see his death vision? The message from JEFF FREAKING SINCLAIR? (Oh my gosh, hello old friend! <3). The fact that G'Kar was also moving in to attack, and in the end didn't? The extremely painfully close brush the Narns and Centauri actually had with peace before going to war?

    I could go on. It's just... wow. The floodgates have been opened, so much happened in one episodes it's just....

    I give in. 10/10. Everything about it is just astounding, full of development, brilliantly paced, so much fit into one episode, everything flowed, this is cracking stuff.
  • The Coming of Shadows

    The Coming of Shadows was a perfect and classic episode of Babylon 5. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had a lot of plot and character development. There was alos a lot of great space and ship scenes. I thought it was cool to see more of the Centauri and see more into their culture. Londo had some revealing visions of the future as his new allies begin an attack against the Narn. I thought the actors did a great job in their roles and connecting with viewers. There wers some familiar faces with cryptic warnings and mysterious information. I look forward to watching more of Babylon 5!!!!!!!
  • A superb episode... One of the best

    This episode not only have huge impact, very moving and revealing storyline and superb acting, it all combined with magnificent effects, the irony of the actions some chars take, the point were their destiny has taken them. This is, if it can be said - when all brakes lose. And this has been waiting for some time. Lord Refa has been trying to make his steps for that point long time and now he gets what he wants. He and Londo are the ones who gain most of it. And I like the way they are showing it - he knows this is his rise for power and influence but even if he knows that, there is some still doubts and Vir - like the final voice of clear mind tries to warn him but when he has ever listened him. But he should have. That was maybe not the last point for Londo where he could have turned back, but one of the lasts definitely.

    But I think as much as it was about Centauris, this episode was also about Narns. G'Kar - the way he speaks - he says he knows now exactly what to do and then, when he is ready the emperor just decides to start dieing by himself. And when he hears the message the emperor has for him and what he realizes and that drink with Mollari.. many symbols, superb storyline development. Amazing episode.
  • This Episode is the Soul Of the Saga!!!

    This is one of the BEST Written and Paced Episodes of ANY TV Show! There are are Four Major Plots Brilliantly intertwined! It is as though the Cosmos is at a Vortex at which the course of the Future will be decided!

    Londo makes a deal with the Forces of Darkness to settle an old score. Also, he hopes to gain Power with the same stroke! Londo's decesions at this point in time are critical to both the future course of the galaxy and his own personal future.

    This episode brilliantly explores the premise that the Future may be altered by choices individuals make.
  • Best Babylon Episode Ever

    How more perfect can you make a episode like this.G'kar and Londo carries the emotion as always for the viewer. the story is amazing! and takes the narn/centauri conflict to new heights.its alot like deep space nine's cardassian/bajoran deep space nine its that story element that makes babylon 5 so special.without it,babylon 5 would be just another show."coming of shadows" is one of the best pieces of science fiction written,directed to do yourself a favor and watch season two and three of babylon 5. but i must warn you four and five isnt that good. babylon 5 rocks! rock on.
  • the techno's getting even with londo

    this is a great episode there are a few funny scenes in this one. when the techno's getting into londo personally files and wipeing them out and then plays narn opera. its very amusing. and at the end when the techno's are about to leave, he places a bat on the back on londo.meanwhile "i see billions calling out your name." "my followers?. "no your victims". techno mages are rarely seen and to see three together is a genuine rarity. why then have 100 of the legendary wizards, master in the black arts arrived on babylon 5.? meanwhile lieutenant commandar ivanova is promoted to commander and is assigned to a dangerous mission of finding a peaceful a peaceful resolution to warring factions of the drazi races.
  • The Centauri emperor comes to negotiate peace talks with Narns and G'Kar who wants to kill him. Meanwhile Londo sees the emperor's visit as an opportunity to start a war with the Narns.

    The other reviews did a great job of summing it up, so I will look it from a different viewpoint. This episode was a revelation for G'Kar and Babylon 5. Despite all the progress made by the alien races , a couple of hateful opportunities will tear down that progress so they can accumulate power. Londo's actions were shameful but expected. G'Kar learned that his instinct about the Centauri were right. Sheridan tried to put a brave face but even had to admit G'Kar was right about his assumptions even though the Emperor didn't have a clue about what Londo was planning.

    A great way to bring back Sinclair back briefly (he is too popular to forget). We learn about the Rangers and their
    efforts. Like in other episodes this had great acting and great suspense.

    In the end, it just proves that a couple of people will never change and that these people need to remove in order for peace to be a reality. Great episode.
  • This is one of the best episodes in the series. We get to see several subplots become intertwined.

    This is one of the best episodes in the series. We get to see several subplots become intertwined.

    We get to see Sinclair again, who has messages for Garibaldi and Delenn. He says that he is more than a mere ambassador and that he commands the Rangers, a military group created to look for and fight the coming darkness.

    We see the beginning of the Narn Centauri war and the death of the old Centauri emperor. Such tragic timing that the emperor was about to apologize to the Narns but fell ill. And then Londo and Refa take it upon themselves to attack the Narns starting another war. I still don't know what benefit the Shadows receive for helping Londo. Maybe they figure if they get everyone fighting amongst themselves, they will be easier to destroy.