Babylon 5

Season 5 Episode 13

The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Apr 15, 1998 on

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  • The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father

    The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father was a perfect episode of Babylon 5 which gave viewers more insight into the Psi Corps and Bester. I enjoyed watching this episode because there was more depth to Bester and it was nice to see things from his point of view. This was an interesting telepath story, and the rogue telepath who had multiple personalities was a great character. I really felt for Bester and his associates in this episode as Zac made his feelings about telepaths clear, and seeing how Bester and others have to deal with such fear, mistrust, and hate even when they really are out in the best interest of all. This was a surprisingly great episode and I look forward to watching more!!!!!!!
  • not everything is about babylon 5

    im just been watching this episode of babylon 5 the corps is mother the corps is father. out of this season this one is my favourite only because my favourite villian mr bester walter koeing is back. in this episode bester is sent to babylon 5 in serch of a trainee telepath with a rateing 10 who has killed another telepath at the psi corps headquaters.the trainee has the power to mind shatter other telepaths. so bester and his team go to b5 and try to bring him home. this is besters final apperance in this series. as bester says ill be seeing you.