Babylon 5

Season 4 Episode 22

The Deconstruction of Falling Stars

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Nov 30, 1997 on

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  • *flips a table*

    It just went from "awesome" to "WTF?" with a whole truckload of spoilers that make S5 seem kind of pointless an idea. GJ guys.

    The other reviewers have always been a lot more charitable than me :p

    Should have ended at E21, is my thought so far.

    Fairness edit: I suppose all it really does is make clear that it's not a fairytale and many parts of history will repeat themselves. Still, I think I prefer a nice optimistic and mysterious ending so that it's left to me to decide if I want to leave it at a "happily ever after"!

    For the moment I'll upgrade my rating from a slating but I'm still thinking that I'd rather try to forget this episode happened, ponder that may be once, just once, the B5 universe's future isn't set in stone and can be changed, and enjoy the season and movies ahead.
  • The First Last Episode!

    There's very much a feeling here that the whole series is being wrapped up, despite the fact that there was to be a full fifth season to follow. I don't know the details but I suspect that this episode was put together as a series finale at a point at which the creative team believed there would be no fifth season. This episode is very wordy and the dramatic vehicle used to tell the next 1000000 years of the story is a little clumsy, but it demonstrates one of the main B5 strengths - the coherence of the overall story arc. Everything fits together well and the regular B5 debates about the nature of truth, duty and the importance of being true to oneself are all present. A satisfying end to a fantastic four years of I need to work out if its worth watching Season 5 when I know how everything turns out!!
  • This is it!

    I still regard this as the end of a wonderful series. I have nothing against series 5 and against the mini movies. They are all great, but this episode ends a excellent 4 series era. When you first watch it all, you might not get it, but overall, the entire series is one amazing tapestry, and this final episode does create an overall end.

    All strugles forward is a dance of one step forward, two steps back, and it is clearly shown in this way, but in the end, the journey does not end, but starts a new stage. This openness of it is seldom show in a series, and that makes it so much more valueble to get it that way.
  • Meh

    I must admit this episode confused me at first, and I wasn't really digging it. I mean, it's basically a huge list of spoilers for things we both are and aren't going to see. Sheridan dies in his 20 years, B5 blows up at the same time, something messed up happens with his and Delenn's son, blah blah blah. I'd rather be surprised. And the fact that Delenn has to live at least another 80 years after Sheridan's dead is just depressing and reminds me of Arwen and Aragorn. I suppose the only high points of the episode were that Holo-Garibaldi really screwed that guy up good, and that Ranger-Monk on Earth in 3262 was pretty funny. At the end it was kind of a neat perspective that yes, history is very subjective, but they will be remembered, that our actions have long term consequences, and that we're all part of the grand scheme of things. The other bummer is it looks like with her being stationed on a ship on a one year shakedown cruise, Ivanova won't be around anymore. F**k! At least I get to still watch my 2nd favorite character.
  • The Deconstruction of Falling Stars

    The Deconstruction of Falling Stars was a perfectly amazing episode of Babylon 5 and a perfect finale for season 4. I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of interesting stories and circumstances of the future which were explored. I thought this was a very unique episode and it let viewers see what might have come of every thing Sheridan and Delenn have done. I wonder who the guy in the end is, though it is obvious he is an ascended being similar to the Vorlons. This was a fun episode which shows how history can be manipulated by the future. This episode asks viewers what they really know about the world they live in today, which is a question for all time. I look forward to the next season!!!!!!!
  • the final episode in season 4 does it go out with a bang.

    in the final haunting episode of the hit tv show babylon 5 begans. traveling a century into the future after the shadow war to 2363 and join a bitter debate about sherdian fast forward to into the future 500 years to find that the earths is on the brink of abyss, but with its destiny in the hands of someone unerringly like michael garibaldi. what forces are at work rebulding a mediaeval earth in the year 2363?. 500 years after the great burn of the year2762 reduced our world to ashes. learn the astonishing truth about the fate of the entire solar system and the fate of the human races. take a leap into the future 1,000.000 years into the future.
  • This episode was very well crafted. It took a look at the impact of Babylon 5 over the course of thousands of years.

    This episode was very well crafted. It took a look at the impact of Babylon 5 over the course of thousands of years. It shows the great planning of the series. It even used a scene from an episode in season 5, which hadn't even been filmed yet. It alludes to Sheridan's son, the "Great Burn" on Earth, and the eventually reemergence of Humans to a point where they are very similar to the Vorlons. It also shows the sun exploding, which will eventually happen, and which was mentioned numerous times in the series. This was a good way to end the season and show the impact of Babylon 5.