Babylon 5

Season 4 Episode 17

The Face of the Enemy

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Jun 12, 1997 on
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After arranging for the arrest of Sheridan's father, Garibaldi gives his former commander the news, and urges him to come to Mars to arrange a rescue operation. But Garibaldi drugs Sheridan as soon as he gets there, and hands him over to Clark's forces. Finally, Edgars reveals his plans to Garibaldi.moreless

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  • Mind, blown

    With apologies to Garibaldi for the obvious mind blowing joke, heh

    Wow, just... wow. I guessed correctly about Garibaldi being mind controlled (but obviously not about Bester being William Edgars, how wrong could I have been haha), but everything else and the reasoning behind it just blew me away. And you know, despite my suspicions I still felt the same kind of anger at Garibaldi as Ivanova is displaying, . when Sheridan was drugged I was practically yelling "JUST KILL THE F***ER" at the screen, willing him to go and punch Garibaldi until he was no longer moving. Well played. Very well played. To have a strong inkling and yet to still be dragged into it hook line and sinker.... I'm really impressed.

    I want to give the poor guy a hug. Aw man.

    10/10 is the most I can give, but this is off the scale.moreless
  • Sucks to be Garibaldi

    Damn, it sucks to be Garibaldi. I was so pissed at him for drugging Sheridan and getting him captured. It's some damn fine storytelling that even though I knew something was wrong with him, that he wasn't himself, and that the Psi Corps had done something to him, I was still right there wanting him punished. I suppose it was just the new personality Bester stuck him in that I was angry at. I wonder if he's going to get a chance to explain. But man, do I want evil things to happen to Bester. Although I am always amused that Bester refers to telepaths as "his". He'll refer to the Corps, or single telepaths, but when it comes to what other people want for the whole group, he always says "my telepaths". In other bits, I was a bit worried when Sheridan's old ship showed up. I was thinking it was a bit too convenient but I'm glad it turned out ok. And it was kind of intersting to hear Lyta say the same thing Garibaldi did in the previous episode, about how there's a war between telepaths and normals coming, and they hope they're not alive to see it. Am I smelling hints of season 5? And I was right about the telepath-only disease (I am so smart, S-M-R-T), although now that Psi Corps has their hands on it, what now?moreless
  • The Face of the Enemy

    The Face of the Enemy was a perfect episode of Babylon 5 as it was filled with lots of intrigue, action, drama, and character development. I wasn't sure how far Garibaldi was going to go until this episode where he goes the distance. I thought it was interesting that Sheridan still had faith in him after what happened. I also thought it was cool that more Earth ships are joining Sheridan's forces, after learning the truth about Clark and his propaganda. This episode touches upon important issues for all types of viewers. The media can spin things, the government can be very corrupt, and the masses can be very blind. I look forward to the next episode!!!!!!!moreless
  • what bester really did to garibaldi

    earth and alliance fleets engage in spectacular space combat as sherdian's military forces gain strength in their fight to take back earth.however sherdians former ally, garibalds who is now on mars, plots to overthrow the goverment in a much different way.conspiring with edgars, a powerfull medical research magnate, he lures sherdian to mars by kidnapping sherdians father.while sherdian's fate hands in the balance,garibaldi learns an appaling truth from sherdians long time nemesis, psi-corps cop the horror unfolds and garibalds mermories return,he must live with the knowledge that he betrayed his best friend and caused despair throughtout the universe. the face of the enemy.moreless
  • In this episode we have everything that one can wish for from a tv show.

    The episode starts with another fight of the liberation fleet vs. the Clark-loyal forces and ends with a destroyed Garibaldi who has no place to turn to. In this episode we have everything that one can wish from a sci-fi show: Impressive space battles, plot twists, the conclusion of a nearly season-long story arc, an antagonist who actually wins for a change, character development and some good cliffhangers. There are so many parts of this episode I love: Edgars plotting for years to destroy or enslave the telepaths is stopped only days before its execution - by the telepath-hating Garibaldi. The Garibaldi storyline starting in Season 3s finale is finally revealed as a plot by our favourite villain Bester leaving Garibaldi friendless and with the knowledge that he himself betrayed everything he values. The scene were Sheridan is taken down must have influenced a lot of shows that followed Babylon 5. The strobo-light slo-mo fight scenes intercut with photographs give this scene a very special feeling of Sheridan's desperate fight.

    I'd like to give this episode a 10, but, you know, there are even better ones to come.moreless
Efrem Zimbalist Jr.

Efrem Zimbalist Jr.

William Edgars

Guest Star

Richard Gant

Richard Gant

Captain Edward MacDougan

Guest Star

Diana Morgan

Diana Morgan

Alison Higgins

Guest Star

Denise Gentile

Denise Gentile

Lise Hampton

Recurring Role

Marjorie Monaghan

Marjorie Monaghan

Number One

Recurring Role

Walter Koenig

Walter Koenig


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Continuity: The Agamemnon joins Sheridan's rebellious fleet. In the original broadcast of "Moments of Transition" the Agamemnon was seen attacking civilian targets. However, this was a mistake and on later broadcasts and DVD, the ship attacking civilians was changed to the Pollux.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Ivanova: The Captain once told me: 'The person is expendable, the job is not.' We keep going.

    • Bester: By nature Mr. Garibaldi is rebellious, stubborn, and suspicious. He has an innate distrust to the authority figures. And he is very good at figuring out when conspiracies are taking place and tracking it back to its source. We need that part of him, so I don't wanna risk tampering with him.

    • Bester: I knew there were forces out there with plans for my telepaths, but this.. I had no idea. The sheer scope of it. Well, we'll stop it now, of course, in our own way.

    • Wade: We're engaged in a very dangerous game, Mr. Garibaldi. In this game you have to pick a target very carefully, because you only have one shot. And this is much, much bigger than you suspect.
      Edgars: President Clark isn't the real problem, he's trivial. One way or another he'll be gone in a few years, but the telepaths he put in power, the Psi Corps, those will be with us forever. That's the real danger. If information is power, then telepaths represent the greatest threat to freedom we've ever seen. We have to deal with that, or face the very real possibility of our own extinction.

    • ISN Broadcast: We interrupt our regular programming for this important announcement. The leader of the renegade fleet that has been attempting to destabilize Earth for months has finally been located and detained. Captain John Sheridan, formerly of Earth Force, was captured earlier today by forces loyal to president Clark and is now being held in a secure facility. Unlike many of his victims, he is being given proper care and treatment until a hearing can be convened.

    • Ivanova: What's going on? You all look like a Pak'ma'ra just ate your cat.

    • Lennier: Do you think the Captain is all right?
      Delenn: He knows what he's doing, he'll be fine. Assuming Mr. Garibaldi can still be trusted.

    • Lyta: They taught me what a telepath was and what we can do. And all that time I had never been afraid of who we were. Until that day .. when we did what we had to do because no one else would.

    • Lyta: Somewhere on Beta colony, there is .. an institution. And one room in that institution .. there is a man, who spends his days and nights screaming at .. things only he can see. Things we planted in his mind.

    • Captain James: You haven't lost one yet, Sir.
      Sheridan: I've lost a few. I just made damn sure nobody heard about it.

    • Captain Frank: We've been briefed on your campaign, Sheridan. As soon as our forces surrender, our crews are taken out, executed and then replaced by Minbari crews.

    • Ivanova: This is end game. We'll be okay as long as nothing goes wrong.

  • NOTES (3)

    • JMS stated in Vol. 10 of his script books that had he know for certain that season five would have occurred, this episode (or more accurately this point in the story) would have been the season 4 finale.
      This is in contradiction to an earlier statement from him, saying that season 4 would have finished with "Intersections in Real Time".

    • The scene in which Sheridan fights was shot in slow motion and was edited to feature shots taken by still photographer Byron Cohen. Normally, Cohen shot publicity photographs for the show.

    • Science Fiction writer Harlan Ellison has a cameo appearance in this episode as the Psi Cop Bester instructs to adjust Garibaldi's personality.


    • Agamemnon: Sheridan's old ship is named after the Greek king who returned from the Trojan War only to be betrayed and murdered by his wife. This not only references the plot at the end of Season Three, but its appearance foreshadow's Michael's treachery in this one.

    • Garibaldi: Last guy who did this paid 30 pieces of silver. Garibaldi is comparing himself to Judas because of what he's about to do.