Babylon 5

Season 5 Episode 18

The Fall of Centauri Prime (2)

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Oct 28, 1998 on

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  • The Fall of Centauri Prime (2)

    The Fall of Centauri Prime (2) was another perfect episode of Babylon 5. I really enjoyed watching as Londo confronted the Drahk and became Emperor. Sheridan was at odds with the Narn and Drazi. Delenn was still missing and Centauri Cruisers were approaching. It was sad to see Londo accept his fate. I think this episode has a strong element of be careful what you wish for. The Universe will give it to you in an unexpected way. I was hoping to see the same type of Drahk from before when they met Delenn. I look forward to watching more episodes!!!!!!!