Babylon 5

Season 2 Episode 22

The Fall of Night

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Nov 02, 1995 on

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  • Finally something of Kosh!

    But for the most part he still remains a mystery.

    Not the best of season enders in my view, but then again things like this kind of make it.

    It can't have been half bad, as I was eager enough to continue on with S3 that I forgot to contribute a "review".
  • Brilliant ending for second season

    I love the way this episode is build. Fir quite long they let viewers believe that everything is going right and even thought refusing meeting to G'Kar, but even then.. everything looks all right until the truth is revealed.

    It was very good multilayered episode, so many things going on all the time, so many things put into motion. First the final act of Keffer, finding that ship and recording it.. Then Nightwatch who has been lurking in the shadows and now is starting to act out more and more and the concerns of Ivanova are all justified: there is another war coming, closer to home. And then the narn-centauri problem and they way that goes out of hand and what leads to Sheridan's apology and what that leads. I mean, it was very well thought trough episode. Amazing motion, amazing storytelling. Really good one.
  • The Fall of Night

    The Fall of Night was a perfect and classic season finale of season two of Babylon 5. I really enjoyed watching this episode with it's charismatic characters, excellent story telling, and suspensful drama. I thought it was interesting that Earth made the decision it did and enjoyed watching their delegate in action, a familiar guest star. I thought it was great that Sheridan afforded the Narn what help he could, and interesting that one of Babylon 5's fighters recorded a Shadow ship in Hyperspace and now the universe is more or less aware of their presence. I thought the scene where Kosh revealed himself was cool, and an interesting notion. This was a great season 2 Finale! I look forward to watching Babylon 5 Season Three!!!!!!!
  • The second season goes out with a bang.

    The second season goes out with a bang.

    I had hoped to write these reviews (this one and the two before it) a few days ago when the episodes were still fresh in my head. However, that did not happen. So the reviews I am about to give are going to be second rate. I’m just going to try to reflect on a few key points, because that’s about all I can manage right now, sad, I know.

    A couple major events occur in this episode. Earth sends two representatives to Babylon 5 to assist with the crisis involving the Centauri. Although, instead of standing up to the Centauri, we sign a non-aggression treaty with them. This makes life difficult for Sheridan, as he recently offered to aid a Narn heavy cruiser and won't go back on his word.

    One of the two people that come to Babylon 5 is a representative of the Ministry of Peace to check up on the members of the Nightwatch. This Mr. Welles wants to know why Zach Allen has not been filing reports and giving enough information. We learn that various members of the command staff are members of the Nightwatch, and one of them tells Mr. Welles about Sheridan helping the Narn ship. At the end of the episode, we see where the Ministry of Peace is closing a shop down. This is a shop whose owner has previously spoken out against President Clark. The Nightwatch is going to be a major problem in the upcoming season or two.

    Also, we finally get to see what Kosh looks like without his suit on. Very nice CGI in that episode, it holds up well even when compared to TV shows 11 years later. I find it distressing to discover that the Vorlons have been manipulating the various alien species so that they appear to us how they want to appear. A human sees a human angel. A Narn sees a member of the Narn religion. They manipulated us to where they could hold a level of control over us.

    Also, Keffer finally finds another Shadow vessel in hyperspace. However, it cost him his life.
  • do we see the real kosh.

    in this episode of babylon 5 we see the centauris fire in to babylon 5. and then a fire fight between b5 and centauris happens. b5 then destroyes a centauri ship. after the incident captain sherdian travel by shuttle to a neutral meeting with the centaurie in the garden with the other ambassadors from all worlds when a centauri bomb explodes and sends captain sherdian flying from the shuttle. ambassador delenn turns to kosh and says 'if you are going to do something do it now'. then we see ambassador kosh leave his incounter suit and rescue captain sherdian. most of the other races think the see there own god from there race.
  • the narn war is over but the centuari require liebestraum

    An absolute gem of an episode

    The centuri invade pak ma ra and drazi space
    and call it a buffer zone.

    Earth officals arrive to investigate the crisis
    accept that they arent really.
    They come to apease the centuri and keep earth out of the fighting.

    Meanwhile a lone narn heavy cruiser pops out of hyperspace
    on the farside of the planet and begs assistance.
    Sheridan keeps this quiet to avoid a incident with the centuri.

    Ufortunately night watch spies are everywhere.

    A centuri battlecruiser arrives and blocks the ships escape route.

    Sheridan lets them take the first shot
    before he sends them straight to hell.

    the narns escape and keffer meets a shadow vessel

    As if all that was not enough the centuri try to assasinate sheridan in the core shuttle with a bomb.

    He leaps out into the low g centre of the station
    and looks like hes about to become street pzza when kosh reveals himself as a angel of light to save sheridan.

    holy moly

    A claasic episode with great dialogue
    again pulling all the threads together
    for a spectacular finale and as babylon 5 often does
    leaves the viwer worring for the future of our characters.