Babylon 5

Season 4 Episode 1

The Hour of the Wolf

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Nov 07, 1996 on
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In the aftermath of the explosion on Z'ha'dum, Sheridan is presumed dead and Garibaldi is missing. Delenn struggles to keep the alliance against the Shadows together, and Londo takes up his new position on Centauri Prime as security advisor to the emperor.

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  • I got trolled!

    Imagine my surprise when none other than Sheridan turned up in the opening credits!

    I suppose I should've expected that seeing how ambiguous "jumping into a hole" is, as sci-fi deaths go.

    This is clearly going to be one of those Vorlon definitions of the word "die". Very interesting.

    The episode didn't seem to hook me as well as it could (I don't know why) but certainly sets a few balls rolling that I think will make for good viewing.

    The Search for Sheridan continues... (and then The Voyage Back to the Station?)moreless
  • The Hour of the Wolf

    The Hour of the Wolf was a really superb and entertaining episode of Babylon 5. I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character development and the season four openining episode moves the story forward into the next season. I thought it was very interesting to see certain characters in a new and twisted way. I enjoyed how this episode unfolded and revealed it's story. There were many character driven scenes. I think this episode was a good kick off of the beginining of the fourth season of Babylon 5. I look forward to watching the next episode of Babylon 5!!!!!!!moreless
  • the new season 4 of babylon 5.

    in this new season of babylon 5. we see that captain sherdian has done the unthinkable he has confronted the shadows at there own home world and has sacificed his own life to help save the others. meanwhile there are other promblems back on babylon 5. susan is dealing with the troubles on the station. still in shock at the death of captain sherdian delenn is still in morning. mr garibali is missing presumed dead killed while fighting to proctected the station. and ambassador mollari discovers that centauri prime will be the next victims of the evil shadows. he also has a suprise visit from an old friend.moreless
  • "The wolf and I are now on a first-name basis"

    Man, Ivanova is wrecked. Some great stuff between Londo and Vir. It's cool to see Vir becoming less of a clown and more of a character of consequence. And damn, the Centauri emperor is psycho batsh*t crazy. Lovely. I like Zack's explanation of Daffy Duck as the Egyptian god of frustration ;) Cute. And I'm not liking NewKosh at all. He's a bit of a prick Annoyed that Mr. Morden survived. Ah well. But I am pleased that Sheridan has apparently survived. It is kind of impressive that even though I've read tiny spoilers here and there that would confirm that he survives, JMS still managed to suck me so far into the episode that I forget that.moreless
  • despite rumours to the contrary, the cast cling to the hope mthat sheridan is alive.

    This episode starts off beautifully, with a monologue by G'kar telling of the situation on the station, and people's reactions to the disappearance of both Sheridan and Garibaldi.

    Mr Morden delivers a line, which to me perfectly sums up Londo.

    "Of course you will Mollari, because you're drawn to power, because you're my friend, because you're afraid what someone else might do in your place."

    This line illustrates perfectly that Mollari never meant any harm. He continues on the path he has chosen, though he knows it's the wrong one, out of fear what others might do in his stead. Very powerful.

    There's also some very touching moments between Londo and Vir, which show Londo begrudgingly admit to the fact that Vir is his friend.

    A good, solid episode.moreless
Rick Ryan

Rick Ryan

Brakiri Ambassador

Guest Star

Wortham Krimmer

Wortham Krimmer

Emperor Cartagia

Recurring Role

Wayne Alexander

Wayne Alexander


Recurring Role

Mark Hendrickson

Mark Hendrickson

Drazi Ambassador

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Continuity: When Morden speaks to Londo as Londo is about to sit down, Morden picks at his right hand. After Londo has taken his seat, Morden drops a flake of skin that he has removed from his left hand.

  • QUOTES (31)

    • Cartagia: (addressing the severed heads of his opponents, arranged in a row) Good evening, my friends. I thought you should know. Today has been a very good day.

    • G'Kar: (referring to Daffy Duck's poster above Garibaldi's bed) I was studying this image, is it one of his household gods?
      Zack: Oh, that's Daffy Duck... yeah well, in a way I suppose it is... It's sort of the Egyptian god of frustration.
      G'Kar (laughing): Most appropriate, thank you.

    • Gaem Ambassador: Captain Sheridan is dead.
      Delenn: You don't know that!
      Gaem Ambassador: No one returns from Z'ha'dum. If we go we will not return. That is real reason you wish us to go to Z'ha'dum. You wish to find your Captain, you wish him to be alive. If we go, we will be buried alongside him. Our task is to serve our people. This must come first.
      (The members of the Alliance leave the conference room)
      Ivanova: Just a minute, this meeting is not over! I said...
      Delenn: Let them go, Commander. Sheridan was willing to risk his life for their benefit. They're afraid to act as honorably as he did. The shame is theirs.

    • Lennier: It was the year of fire,
      Zack Allan: The year of destruction,
      G'Kar: The year we took back what was ours.
      Lyta Alexander: It was the year of rebirth,
      Vir Cotto: The year of great sadness,
      Marcus Cole: The year of pain,
      Delenn: And a year of joy.
      Londo Mollari: It was a new age.
      Stephen Franklin: It was the end of history.
      Susan Ivanova: It was the year everything changed.
      Michael Garibaldi: The year is 2261.
      John Sheridan: The place, Babylon 5.

    • Sheridan: Who are you?
      Lorien: Who are you?
      Sheridan: How did I get here?
      Lorien: You were born.
      Sheridan: Why am I alive?
      Lorien: Well, that is the question, isn't it?

    • Ivanova: Commander's personal log. I wish it didn't have to be like this, but I can't keep on denying it. The Captain's dead, and I have to accept that. What matters now is finishing the work that he begun. I have some ideas how to do that, but I'm gonna need some help. I think I know where to go .. to find it. I have to let him go, and just get on with the work. I think .. I hope it's what he would've wanted.

    • Londo: Vir, it is a terrible truth, but as one accumulates power, one loses friends. One only has those who wish to use you, and those you wish to use. And yet, in all of this, you have somehow managed to walk through the corridors of power and not be touched. I can only assume you have not been paying attention. And still, the hideous truth is, you are the closest thing I have to a friend. I'm as shocked and dismayed by this as you are, but there it is. I need a friend, Vir, and I need a patriot, and you are both. Will you help me, please?
      Vir: If you had any doubt what my answer would be, would you have asked me to come this far?

    • Londo: Of course the others know, but they are afraid to move against him. Whoever does so will almost certainly be killed.
      Vir: That would be a drawback.
      Londo: These creatures must be driven away before it's too late. We must stop Cartagia no matter the cost.
      Vir: The cost? That would be the dying thing, right?

    • Ivanova: Lennier, get us the hell out of here.
      Lennier: Initiating 'getting the hell out of here' maneuver.

    • Lyta: They heard us. They know we are here. The eye .. is looking for us.
      Ivanova: I've felt this before. I've been here before.

    • Ivanova: You ever heard of the hour of the wolf?
      Lyta: No.
      Ivanova: My father told me about it. It's the time between 3:00 and 4:00 in the morning. You can't sleep, and all you can see is the troubles and the problems and... the ways that your life should've gone but... didn't. All you can hear is the sound of your own heart. I've been living in the hour of the wolf for seven days, Lyta. Seven days. The wolf and I are now on a first name basis.

    • Vir: Is there something wrong?
      Londo: Something: no. Everything: yes. Conspiracies require more than one person. And there's no one here I trust. Come quickly, Vir, we have much to do.

    • Vir: Londo?
      Londo: Vir, I woke you. I'm sorry, I forgot the time difference there.
      Vir: It's all right, I was just about to get up .. in about six hours.

    • Lyta: Is there anywhere else you need me to carry you?
      Kosh: No. Go.
      Lyta: Doesn't feel the same as when I carried Kosh with me, it's darker somehow. Is everything all right?
      Kosh: Yes.
      Lyta: You're planning something, aren't you? Something that you aren't telling me.
      Kosh: You are free for a time. Do not interfere.

    • Cartagia: What are a few million lives compared to the glory of becoming a living god?

    • Londo: What did they give you?
      Cartagia: The one thing I have ever wanted. Read the old books, Mollari. They speak of the ancient gods, they speak about them. Power, power beyond description.
      Londo: If their power is so great, why do they need to hide behind us? They are using us as shields. When the war comes here, our people will die first!
      Cartagia: Some are always sacrificed for the greater good.
      Londo: What greater good?
      Cartagia: Ah! Mine of course!

    • G'Kar: It takes a rare kind of wisdom to accept change and redemption in another. Many would refuse, seeing only what was, not what is. Mr. Garibaldi gave me that chance. I must repay him.

    • G'Kar: Our thoughts form the universe, they always matter.

    • Delenn: The stories we've heard about what happened at Z'ha'dum. Are they true?
      Vorlon Ambassador: Yes.
      Delenn: What do you intend to do about them?
      Vorlon Ambassador: Nothing.
      Delenn: But if Sheridan is still alive, if there's even a chance...
      Vorlon Ambassador: Irrelevant.
      Delenn: Irrelevant? How can you say that? You know how much depends on him.
      Vorlon Ambassador: He has opened an unexpected door. We do now what must be done now. His purpose has been fulfilled.
      Delenn: You have the power to send a force to investigate. If he's alive, he can be rescued.
      Vorlon Ambassador: No one returns from Z'ha'dum.
      Delenn: That's what we thought about Anna Sheridan! You were wrong then, you could be wrong now. Are you afraid to admit that you are capable of another mistake? He's bled for you, worked for you, for me, for everyone here. If you turn away now, if you abandon him to die on Z'ha'dum, I will have no more respect left for you. Do you understand me?
      Vorlon Ambassador: Respect is irrelevant.

    • Londo: I don't care. I won't do it!
      Morden: Of course you will, Mollari. Because you're drawn to power, because you are my friend. Because you are afraid of what someone else might do in your place.

    • Morden: If there's a madman on the throne, it's because you and Refa put him there. He's your responsibility and you .. you are mine. Based on our warm relations of the past, my associates asked for you as our liaison to the Royal Court.

    • Morden: The incident at Z'ha'dum has forced us to look for outside support sooner than we had intended. My associates are planning to move some of their forces off Z'ha'dum to insure their safety in case certain parties decide to take advantage of the situation. They did it before a thousand years ago. Planted their ships like seeds all around the galaxy in exchange for certain favors.

    • Londo: What are you doing here?
      Morden: Cartagia told you to expect a visitor, did he not?
      Londo: He meant you?
      Morden: What's left of me. I'm just a shadow of my former self.

    • Morden: Flesh is transitory, flesh is a prison, flesh is .. an instrument. Flesh can be replaced. And flesh does as it's told. Or they will become most annoyed.

    • Morden: Hello Mollari.
      Londo: Mr. Morden?
      Morden: In the flesh. What's left of it. Sit. We have much to discuss.
      Londo: Mr. Morden, you are..
      Morden: Unwell. My associates tell me I will be better soon. I wasn't as near the incident as others.
      Londo: And Sheridan?
      Morden: Which one? You know what they say: 'What goes up, must come down.' 'Seen one Sheridan, seen them all.' 'Ashes, ashes, and they all fall down.'

    • Cartagia: I suppose there are those that might object, but they remain silent, because the emperor is always .. right. Is he not, Mollari?
      Londo: That is our tradition.

    • Cartagia (referring to his shorter haircut): What do you think, Mollari?
      Londo: It is... ah... short, Majesty. Shorter than is traditional for someone of your position.
      Cartagia: Yes, yes. Decadent, isn't it? I find the shorter crest allows me to leave the palace, walk in places where the nobility would never think of being seen for the scandal. The things I have seen....

    • Londo: Minister, I have met Cartagia three times before, twice when he was an infant. He drooled most of the time, I wonder if he's continued the habit. And again when he was 15 trying to peek up the dresses of some young women. I promise you, I will be just as impressed by him now as I was then. Yes?
      (Londo is admitted to the Emperor's court)
      Cartagia: Ah, Mollari! It's wonderful to see you again.
      Londo: And you, Majesty. I could swear you have not changed since the last few times I saw you.

    • Lennier: He did not come, again.
      Delenn: Yes, and I intend to find out why.

    • Drazi: You can not win this war, Commander. You can only survive it. And we intend to survive it.

    • G'Kar: It is now seven days since we lost Captain Sheridan and Mr Garibaldi. And in a way I think we have also lost Ivanova. It is as though her heart has been pierced and her spirit has poured out through the wound. She blames herself. It is foolish, it is destructive, it is... human. Ambassador Mollari has returned to Centauri Prime, to take up his role as advisor on planetary security. I suppose he is quite happy with his new position, it's what he always wanted. Power, title, responsibility... I think he is more alone than anyone else in the universe. Delenn has refused to eat for seven days. Fasting, praying, and waiting. Delenn believes. I think she is the only one who does. The Shadows have paused in their pursuit of war and everywhere there is a sense of imminent change. Whether it is a change for good or ill, no one can tell. Because no one has yet answered two very important questions. Where is Mr. Garibaldi, and what happened to Captain Sheridan at Z'ha'dum?

  • NOTES (5)

    • Jerry Doyle (Michael Garibaldi) does not appear in this episode.

    • Richard Biggs (Dr. Stephen Franklin) does not appear in this episode.

    • Jason Carter (Marcus Cole) does not appear in this episode.

    • Each season of Babylon 5 has its own title. The title for season 4 is "No Surrender, No Retreat"

    • Between the end of season 3 and the start of season 4, Stephen Furst (Vir) shed 100 lbs in the space of a few months and didn't tell anyone he was going to go on a diet. Upon his return, his costume could fit him and another person. Although unplanned, his new look befits his character's transition over the length of the show from a fool to a respected diplomat. If you look closely, you may notice that Vir never turns away from the camera. This is because his costume was extensively pinned in the back to cover for the actor's now-smaller frame; the costume department altered the costume after this episode.


    • Much of emperor Cartagia's behaviour in this episode and in future episodes is modelled after the Roman Emperor Caligula, who believed he was a living deity and perpetrated all kinds of horrors against the people around him before finally being killed by his own guards.