Babylon 5

Season 4 Episode 1

The Hour of the Wolf

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Nov 07, 1996 on

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  • I got trolled!

    Imagine my surprise when none other than Sheridan turned up in the opening credits!

    I suppose I should've expected that seeing how ambiguous "jumping into a hole" is, as sci-fi deaths go.

    This is clearly going to be one of those Vorlon definitions of the word "die". Very interesting.

    The episode didn't seem to hook me as well as it could (I don't know why) but certainly sets a few balls rolling that I think will make for good viewing.

    The Search for Sheridan continues... (and then The Voyage Back to the Station?)
  • The Hour of the Wolf

    The Hour of the Wolf was a really superb and entertaining episode of Babylon 5. I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character development and the season four openining episode moves the story forward into the next season. I thought it was very interesting to see certain characters in a new and twisted way. I enjoyed how this episode unfolded and revealed it's story. There were many character driven scenes. I think this episode was a good kick off of the beginining of the fourth season of Babylon 5. I look forward to watching the next episode of Babylon 5!!!!!!!
  • the new season 4 of babylon 5.

    in this new season of babylon 5. we see that captain sherdian has done the unthinkable he has confronted the shadows at there own home world and has sacificed his own life to help save the others. meanwhile there are other promblems back on babylon 5. susan is dealing with the troubles on the station. still in shock at the death of captain sherdian delenn is still in morning. mr garibali is missing presumed dead killed while fighting to proctected the station. and ambassador mollari discovers that centauri prime will be the next victims of the evil shadows. he also has a suprise visit from an old friend.
  • "The wolf and I are now on a first-name basis"

    Man, Ivanova is wrecked. Some great stuff between Londo and Vir. It's cool to see Vir becoming less of a clown and more of a character of consequence. And damn, the Centauri emperor is psycho batsh*t crazy. Lovely. I like Zack's explanation of Daffy Duck as the Egyptian god of frustration ;) Cute. And I'm not liking NewKosh at all. He's a bit of a prick Annoyed that Mr. Morden survived. Ah well. But I am pleased that Sheridan has apparently survived. It is kind of impressive that even though I've read tiny spoilers here and there that would confirm that he survives, JMS still managed to suck me so far into the episode that I forget that.
  • despite rumours to the contrary, the cast cling to the hope mthat sheridan is alive.

    This episode starts off beautifully, with a monologue by G'kar telling of the situation on the station, and people's reactions to the disappearance of both Sheridan and Garibaldi.

    Mr Morden delivers a line, which to me perfectly sums up Londo.
    "Of course you will Mollari, because you're drawn to power, because you're my friend, because you're afraid what someone else might do in your place."

    This line illustrates perfectly that Mollari never meant any harm. He continues on the path he has chosen, though he knows it's the wrong one, out of fear what others might do in his stead. Very powerful.

    There's also some very touching moments between Londo and Vir, which show Londo begrudgingly admit to the fact that Vir is his friend.

    A good, solid episode.
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