Babylon 5

Season 4 Episode 8

The Illusion of Truth

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Feb 20, 1997 on

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  • I hate fictional reporters.

    God this reporter was a jackass. What is it about screenwriters ability to really nail those jackass reporter types in their scripts. I think the only time it didn't turn out badly for the interview subjects was in the new BSG, when D'Anna Biers character was introduced. Of course she turned out to be a Cylon, but still, the story turned out well for the crew. Otherwise you get chopped up misrepresentations like this. I wanted to reach through the screen and strangle him before he got more than two minutes into his broadcast. Makes me hate all news except The Onion, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. And that confession they ran at the beginning was straight out of McCarthy's Red Scare. Hell, they even used the same last names as some of the Hollywood 10 and others named in front of the HUAC (Yes, I'm a media dork). And what the hell was that in Garibaldi's interview? That was messed up. And apparently President Clark sent troops to burn down Sheridan's parents home and kidnap his father. Not cool, and not wise.
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