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Babylon 5

Season 2 Episode 5

The Long Dark

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Nov 30, 1994 on
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Episode Summary

A 100-year-old space exploration ship appears near Babylon 5 with two passengers - a woman in cryogenic sleep, the corpse of her husband ... and something sinister that has unfinished business with a half mad lurker.

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  • It'll take more than 100 years...

    to evolve a better human.

    Quite the quote there, a very profound quote whilst also being a cheeky jab at Star Trek. Depressingly true - I think I prefer Star Trek's unrealistically optimistic outlook :) (even if it did waver somewhat with similar series DS9)

    Great to see Dwight Schulz playing someone even more howling mad than Murdoch or Barclay. He does like these scenery chewing roles!

    The character of John Sheridan is also developing nicely now. I was worried with the first few episodes that he was actually a little too much of a "mr nice guy" but he is assertive in this episode and stands up well to the threats of the guy in the courtroom. Definitely continuing to warm to the guy.

    I'm in two minds about the doctor. I've always thought he seemed a bit touchy-feely, I mean as a doctor and a caring one at that he needs to be to an extent but it was in the back of the mind more than ever with all his touching and feeling in this episode and... sure enough, heh. Finally with one of his patients it moves on to a kiss. Oh dear. Be careful, doc...

    A little bit of a halloween type episode, but enjoyable. Especially for Dwight.moreless
  • The Long Dark

    The Long Dark was a superb episode of Babylon 5. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had an interesting story which built upon the bigger story of the season. I was fascinated with G'Kar's interest in Amis's claims. I think this episode had some good character driven scenes, a little action, and plenty of Drama. I was very intrigued by G'Kar's book and the image it had within. I think this foreshadow's what is to come. I also noticed that Sheridan and Ivanova are begining to suspect some thing bigger is really going on out on the Rim. I look forward to watching more Babylon 5!!!!!!!moreless
  • amis running around the station ranting

    this is one of my favourites just because its a little bit different. in this episodes we see a ship called the copernicus, a battered 100 year old ship from earth, docks at babylon 5. aboard the ship are two humans who have been frozen in stasis for over 100 years. one of them, a male appears to have been murdered, but his wife mariah, is still alive. murders start to take place on babylon 5. amis a crazy vagrant begins raving about a demonic creature of the night. could it be mariah, or is it something eles aboard the corpernicus?. the crew must track down the beast before its stikes again.moreless
  • Something new and different from previous and comming episodes

    I most say, this episode means me somehting what not all may share. Before the rewatch, I hadn't seen it from.. years. I try at least over some year rewatch Babylon 5, but this episode just refused to play and I had to surf little in internet to find the way to get it. So, I almost didn't remembered anything about it and it was like new sheet, nothing written down and I enjoyed it the same way I enjoyed first time when I ever saw this serie.

    The story may be simple and not so important for the main storyline - this is more emotional and more about Franklin and about his choices he had made. But we still learn new things about shadows and I agree - it is coming to scaremoreless
  • The one thing I have noticed about this show, is that no matter how much the main storyline of an episode may bore me, I still find the episode enjoyable due to the other parts. Luckily, or this episode would have bored me.moreless

    The one thing I have noticed about this show, is that no matter how much the main storyline of an episode may bore me, I still find the episode enjoyable due to the other parts. Luckily, or this episode would have bored me.

    I just wasn’t all that interested by the plotline dealing with Mariah, the formerly frozen woman, trying to come to terms with being frozen for so long and the death of her husband.

    Now, the creature that they killed was most likely some form of Shadow soldier, and that interests me. And the fact that the Shadows have been recalling their soldiers for at least 10 years (that’s how long the creature was on the Copernicus) interests me. I just can\'t wait for the season to pick up.moreless
Dwight Schultz

Dwight Schultz


Guest Star

Anne-Marie Johnson

Anne-Marie Johnson

Mariah Cirrus

Guest Star

Jennifer Anglin

Jennifer Anglin

Alien #1

Guest Star

Neil Bradley

Neil Bradley

Alien #2

Recurring Role

Kim Strauss

Kim Strauss

Markab Ambassador

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (7)

    • Garibaldi: Lousy way to die.
      Sheridan: Last I checked there weren't too many good ways.

    • Sheridan: You said the ship was reprogrammed to a new destination. So where was it going?
      Ivanova: It was heading for the Rim. To the exact place where ambassador G'Kar told us an ancient enemy was gathering its forces.
      Sheridan: Z'ha'dum.
      Ivanova: You think it's a coincidence?
      Sheridan: A few weeks ago I probably would've said 'yes'. But now, 'no'. Something is going on, Commander.
      Ivanova: I know. Between you and me, it's scaring the hell out of me.

    • Ivanova: You've got a plan?
      Sheridan: Try not to get killed.
      Ivanova: Brilliant.

    • Markab Ambassador: The forces of darkness do not move openly. They work through others, use others. When the darkness was defeated long ago, they scattered, hid themselves away in secret places and waited. Now, the dark hand is reaching out and recalling them from their sleep.

    • Mariah Cirrus: What else have I missed?
      Franklin: Noh. The usual. The good times, and the bad times, the revelations, the revolutions. Outbreaks of hysteria, the parade of scandals, promises, constitutions, and the occasional war. The last big ones were against the Dilgar, which we won, and against the Minbari, which.. Well, that's a long story.

    • Garibaldi: You were about to accuse the Centauri Ambassador of being in league with the devil, which may not be far from the truth

    • G'kar: Take my advice and go back to the time you came from. The future isn't what it used to be.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Actor Dwight Schultz's appearance is another cross-cast from Star Trek. Schultz appeared in both Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager. He is best known for his work in The A-Team.