Babylon 5

Season 4 Episode 5

The Long Night

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Jan 30, 1997 on

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  • Vir grows up.

    Holy sh*t, Vir killed the Emperor! He had some great scenes, and the heart to heart between him and Londo towards the end was fantastic. You didn't see much of Londo's regret out in the open in the first three seasons, so having him come out and say it like that was pretty powerful. It was kinda funny to see that other Narn try and get into a pissing contest with G'Kar. And things are about to get really interesting in the war with the allied forces picking a fight with both the Vorlons and the Shadows to trick them into fighting each other. I was trying to take that sacrificial Ranger seriously, but all I could see was his character on 'Malcom and the Middle' and I couldn't.
  • Fantastic

    One of most brilliant episodes. First of all.. the whole storyline at Narn. It was just.. not huge but.. enormous. The whole Londo vs G'Kar.. where they have been and where they are now.. heading together.. to help each other.. and the scene on the throne room.. that was powerful but most powerful scenes were to come.. I mean.. Vir being the one.. who killed Emperor. That was one brilliant move.. and the scene between Londo and Vir.. reflecting on their past and future.. that was just.. so beautiful. In some way, I started to think that Vir and Lennier.. they do not get not much attention but in the end, they are hurt and abused most by others..

    And then.. if I thought that scene was brilliant.. I have no adjectives to the scene with G'Kar and narns on throne room. Amazing writing.. Amazing.

    And ofcourse it had beautiful ending.. that poem I love.. and with whole Erricson storyline.. and fleet.. and.. brilliant epispode
  • The Long Night

    The Long Night was a really superb episode of Babylon 5. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had a lot of action, drama, character and plot development, and awesome space scenes. This episode is essential to Londo's future and Vir's as well. I thought it was very interesting how things worked out. I also enjoyed the last scenes of G'Kar on Narn when the others were acting like vengeful animals and questioned his ability to understand what they have been through and more. His response was perfect! I thought it was awesome that Sheridan amassed the larges fleet ever of non aligned ships. The Vorlons and Shadows have been moving around each other and now Sheridan is going to engage direct contact between them. I look forward to the next episode!!!!!!!
  • the fight begins

    the long night. a terrible price must be paid by a few brave souls to lure the vorlons and shawdow battle fleets into open conflict for the first and last time.the place:coriannis 6. the price of failure:6 billion innocent lives on the first day, followed by contless billons sherdian plots his enemies downfall,lvanova and lorien scount the galaxy for help from the surviving first ones, beings so anicent they walked the space between stars when the galaxy was young,beings as old as the vorlons and the shadows.the risk take seems tiny to what londo must do if he is to finally dispose of the evil cartagia.he has a cunning plan.