Babylon 5

Season 2 Episode 20

The Long, Twilight Struggle

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Oct 19, 1995 on

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  • Deeper and deeper

    That's how I can best describe it, it's just all going deeper and deeper into the darkness and further up the creek!

    Solid stuff, I really felt for G'Kar. And I was all the more impressed by his response to being ejected - I was kind of expecting that to be the moment that he snaps and wraps his hands around Molari's throat... instead he managed to remain the bigger man in defeat and simply spoke of how freedom would ultimately prevail. Great character.
  • One of the most powerful episodes

    This is an episode I can never forget.. It stills gives me shivers when I watch it because of all that powerful scenes, the way emotions is delivered and that amazing dialoge. I think this is an episode what proved for me what kind of great char G'Kar is. I mean, he had shown is greatness before, but he has changed so much with two years and he is no loger the char he was, and those words on the council room.. That look - it was just so powerful scene.

    And other powerful scene was the one with Mollari aboard that ship, looking down to the Narn.. having those reflections.. and again, what a look. There was no words on that scene, only the music, but you did not needed them.. you could read all that from his face. Brilliant.

    So.. Overall. It was amazing episode with all the things we love on this show.
  • The Narn-Centauri war comes to a brutal terrible conclusion.

    The Narn-Centauri war comes to a brutal terrible conclusion.

    I had hoped to write these reviews (this one and the next two) a few days ago when the episodes were still fresh in my head. However, that did not happen. So the reviews I am about to give are going to be second rate. I’m just going to try to reflect on a few key points, because that’s about all I can manage right now, sad, I know.

    Londo finally understands how over his head he has become. It was bad enough before when the Shadows were killing one outpost at a time. But this is much worse. Now Londo must contact his allies to destroy the better part of the Narn military while the Centauri launch an offensive against the Narn home world using mass drivers. Mass drivers are basically small asteroids launched from outer space to the surface of the planet, and are banned by most races in the galaxy. We get to see a first have view of Londo's horror as the mass drivers pummel Narn back into the Stone Age.

    To back track a little, during the discussion between Refa and Londo where they determine their plans of attack they are both cloaked in shadows. It stays like this until Londo says that after the upcoming attack, he wont be contacting the Shadows anymore. At that point, Refa is still in shadows while Londo can be plainly seen.

    We also get the first proof that the Shadow vessels can be harmed, as the Narns damage one of the Shadow ships.

    The other important aspect of this episode, is Draal (the Minbari who runs the computer in the planet around which Babylon 5 orbits) tells Sheridan that he is willing to help fight the coming war against the Shadows. Also, Draal mentions that other people help him run the planet. One of which is a being named Zathras, which could be the same person as the Zathras that appeared in the season one episode, Babylon Squared.
  • The Long, Twilight Struggle

    The Long, Twilight Struggle was a perfect and classic episode of Babylon 5. I enjoyed watching this episode as Refa manuvered Londo into a plot to destroy the Narn Home World. This episode had a lot of plot development as we met new allies and saw more of the mysterious Ancient Shadows. I really enjoyed the space battle scenes and how the Centauri are looking more and more like the Roman Empire. Londo is becoming more dark each time we see him. It was hard to watch G'Kar go through this episode. I thought it was cool that Draal introduced himself to Sheridan. I thought it was about time Sheridan met the rangers. I look forward to watching more episodes of Babylon 5!!!!!!!
  • the shadows begin there attacks.

    after a long period of war,the narn are has fallen before the unstoppable might of the centauri imperial fleet,assisted by the gigantic black shawdow dreadnoughts.they have one hope a strike desperation as it would leave narn utterly defenceless.if the plans were to be discovered the narn would face total annihilations.meanwhile as the galacxy-wide carnage escalates ambassador delenn reveals to captain sheridan a precious secrect: babylon 5 is no longer the last best hope for peace.babylon5 is the last best hope for peace.babylon 5 is the last best hope for victory. THE LONG,TWILIGHT STRUGGLE. and now it begans, the fight to survive.
  • The Narn-Centauri War comes to a dramatic conclusion as the lives of two people are forever changed.

    We see the end of the Narn-Centauri War as the Narn homeworld is bombed with mass drivers, resulting in unconditional surrender. Everything about the episode was brillant:
    There was the score used as the entire Narn fleet was being wiped out by the Shadows. This was cut with G'Kar praying, each time his words increasing in speed and desperation.
    There was the image of G'Kar with all candles flickered out as he stopped praying right after all of the Narn ships were destroyed. He psychically knew that all hope was lost for the war.
    There was the look of Londo's face when he saw his ships bombing the Narns back to the Stone Age. That look spoke volumes. This made the following scenes of him addressing the council even more painful as he is hardened due to Centauri policy. Despite his hesitation, and suspicions of Lord Refa using this war for his own image, Londo is going along in full force, becoming a prisoner of his own destiny and one step forward towards his tragic demise.
    There was a now numbled, citizen G'Kar as he is forced to soak up his pride and painfully ask Sheridan for sanctuary. This is a far cry from the G'Kar we knew from "The Gathering" or even most of Season 1.
    There was the levity from Delenn as she takes Sheridan to meet Draal for the first time. Her "Abso-fraggin'-lutely damn it!" was priceless.
    There is also the revelation that Zathras from "Babylon Squared" is a resident of the Great Machine. This paves the way for "War Without End"
    Like Londo says "things are spiraling out of control". This makes for dramatic television. One of the best episodes of the series.
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