Babylon 5

Episode 5

The Lost Tales : Voices in the Dark

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Jul 31, 2007 on

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  • two very different storylines one quite spooky ,complex and deep the other is derivative and woefully predictable

    okay it probably unfair to lump these two together in a single review but here goes

    lockley (now a colonel but still in a blue uniform?)
    asks a catholic priest to journey to B5 to help out with a little possesion problem.
    i love some of the ideas in this ep.
    The theological debate ,the idea that the priest can stop the decay of faith by allowing him to remain possessed or do his duty and countinue to watch his relgion wane.
    the final revalation about the demons true intentions were inspired.

    one or two bugs
    they seem to expect that the age of space and science has lead to a decay of faith.
    not sure i accept that ,im think there are a multitude of reasons for this.
    the idea that heaven is space ??
    dont buy it for a second
    lockley contacting others in earth force in case the demons try the same trick again .That would be an interesting conversation

    okay the second instalment
    galen appears to sheridan and shows him a devasting attack on a planet(er is this a call to arms or babylon 5?)
    he tells he can prevent it by killing the 3rd in line to the centuri throne.A young man with a fasination with alien technology.
    as the time of the assasination draws near sheridan wimps out(shock horror)and instead invites the future devastor of worlds to live with him in tuzenor in the hopes of changing his destiny.
    galen appears hints that it was his plan all along and goes again .the end

    Nice to see sheridan again
    and thats all the positive things i can think of quantum space??
    made from vorlon technlogy??
    then how come they only used hyperspace in the show
    if they had this technology in this era
    why didnt they use it in the "sleeping in light" ep set 15 years later

    the virtual set of new york looked really fake
    though the clips of the battle were quite good

    all in all totally pointless and unoriginal
    if i could give this a seperate mark id give it a generous 3 out of ten