Babylon 5

Episode 5

The Lost Tales : Voices in the Dark

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Jul 31, 2007 on

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  • Surprisingly excellent. Restored my faith in a continued B5 franchise.

    I was worried at first that the Lost Tales would be a complete and utter disgrace to the B5 legacy (like Legend of the Rangers was), but i'm glad my worries were dismissed within the first five minutes of viewing. This "minidouble" episode is at least as good as the best episodes of the original series, and quite possibly even better than any of them.

    the first part of the episode even managed to turn around my loathing for non-scifi themes in sci-fi shows completely around, as the acting and dialogue were absolutely brilliant.

    The second part, while not quite as good as the first, was amazing. JMS hasn't lost his touch in writing brilliant dialogue, as it dealt with a very serious theme, and at the same time had several hilarious snappy comments.

    I can only hope for many more installments in this continuation of the B5 saga.