Babylon 5

Episode 5

The Lost Tales : Voices in the Dark

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Jul 31, 2007 on

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  • Another enjoyable instalment from the pen of J Michael Straczynski. Buy it and we may be lucky enough to get some more.

    The first thing: don't believe the box when it says 'an original movie'. This is not a movie but rather two separate episodes of around half an hour each.

    I was really excited about 'The lost tales' and couldn't wait to go out and buy it. But then I heard from friends who watched it before me that it wasn't so hot, so I went in with lowered expectations accordingly.

    But in fact I found it really enjoyable. Admittedly the firstmost scene is a bit shaky, the low camera angle and darkened room really gives the production a 'low budget' feeling from the get-go. But in fact this is the nadir over with right at the beginning: almost every subsequent scene is better. Admittedly all the live action scenes are very obviously stagebound (and the casting is a bit thin with only about two people other than the stars appearing, even virtually no extras), but countering that the SFX are excellent; better than the original series, as technology has improved over the past decade. And anyway the real reason to watch this is not the filming of course, but the writing and the characters. About five minutes in and already we were back in the familiar JMS rhythm - thoughtful stories, moral dilemmas and characters making progress on their individual life journey, all with liberal sprinklings of humor. Speaking of characters, this dvd (hopefully the first of many) brings back two B5 characters, Sheridan and Lochley, and one from Crusade (Galen) and they pick up right where they left off. It also introduces two new intriguing characters - an Earth priest in the first segment, and a Centauri prince in the second. The interplay between the priest and Colonel Lochley was particularly fine and reminded me strongly of Lochley's characterisation from such S5 episodes as Day of the Dead and Tragedy of Telepaths.

    Overall I give this release 8/10 and would encourage everyone to go buy it so that we can have some more.

    The extra features: I enjoyed the interviews - nice to see Bruce and Tracy and they clearly had a great time during filming. The JMS diaries are OK, although the sock puppet joke gets old quickly. But it's worth sticking to it for the SFX segment.