Babylon 5

Episode 5

The Lost Tales : Voices in the Dark

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Jul 31, 2007 on

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  • Good to see B5 again.

    It is good to have something from the B5 universe that doesn't stink (eg: Rangers spin-off). However, it did left much to be desired.

    I don't know. Maybe trying to replay a character part you played so long ago is not easy for actors. I found most of the recurring performances unconvincing. Galen was well played, but for the rest, it definitively could use some brush-up.

    My main complain was the time lost explaining while the other characters weren't there. If that was really necessary, make a sequence at the end of the dvd, telling us where the were. But don't stop the storytelling to do that.

    About that I missed the most, it was a sense of purpose. The whole B5 original arch was a single story with many branches. Some events were hinted at the epilogues, like the telepath war, the Drak war (Crusader?), and one that devastated earth "500 years ago". The rest was smalltalk, and unfortunately, that is what we are getting.

    Don't get me wrong. I've bough the DVD, and will by the next one (if it ever sees the light of the day), but mostly because I still hope for some good stuff that is not smalltalk. Maybe we will get it.

    For those who are reading this and feeling depressed, there is some good stuff on this DVD. The effects were well made. The StarFury sequence on the second episode was very nicely done. There are some minor inconsistencies (humans getting Vorlon technology they left behind?!?!), but they don't spoil the fun.

    If you are a B5 fan, you should get this DVD. If you are not, better go look for something else to watch.
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