Babylon 5

Season 5 Episode 12

The Ragged Edge

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Apr 08, 1998 on
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It looks like the Alliance will get a break in the investigation of the recent shipping line attacks, when a possible witness may have survived the latest attack and taken refuge on the Drazi homeworld. Garibaldi is sent to find him, but the Intelligence Chief's alcohol problem complicates the mission. G'Kar returns to Babylon 5 to discover that his book has been published, and he is now a revered religious figure.moreless

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  • michael drinking starts to cause promblems.

    garibaldi still hiding his drinking promblem. it causes a major promblem when he is sent to the drazi home world to get information for sherdian. there he gets drunk and blows his mission. meanwhile dr franklin hears news that he has been offered a new job on earth which means at the end of the year he will be leaving babyon 5 for good. g'kar has to keep an eye on londo as londo is being keep in the dark about what is happening on centuri prime. the alliance is just letting londo know what they what him to know. and michael gets drunk the middle of the afternoon.moreless
  • The Ragged Edge

    The Ragged Edge was a really great episode of Babylon 5 and I enjoyed watching it as Garibaldi headed to the Drazi home world on a covert mission for the alliance, G'Kar finds all his fellow Narn acting peculiar, while Londo reveals an unknown truth about himself to Delenn, Sheridan, G'Kar, and Garibaldi. I thought this episode was interesting because it ties all the sub plots together a little more and sets up future episodes. It was cool how G'Kar came to accept his new role after talking with a Narn warrior. I also was sad to hear Dr. Franklin's news, and to see Garibaldi spiral down hill. I look forward to watching more episodes!!!!!!!moreless
John Castellanos

John Castellanos

Tafiq Azir

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Mirron E. Willis

Mirron E. Willis


Guest Star

Marshall Teague

Marshall Teague


Recurring Role

Mark Hendrickson

Mark Hendrickson

Narn Acolyte

Recurring Role

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    • Dr. Franklin: Effective January one, 2263, I will be the new head of xenobiological research at EarthDome.

    • G'Kar: In the past we had little to do with other races. Evolution teaches us that we must fight that which is different in order secure land, food, and mates for ourselves, but we must reach a point when the nobility of intellect asserts itself and says: No. We need not be afraid of those who are different, we can embrace that difference and learn from it.

    • Sheridan: Keep an eye on him, G'Kar. He may be our only chance to solve this thing. But I'd rather not do it at the cost of his life.
      G'Kar: An eye is all I have these days.

    • Sheridan: From here on out we tell Londo only what he needs to know and that's all.

    • Ta'lon: (to G'kar) It's not about teaching something, it's about unlearning hatred and unlearning fear. As a warrior, I can not teach them these things. But you can.

    • Tafiq Azir: (to a bald Garibaldi) So, what happened to your hair?

    • Dr. Franklin: Michael. You know, if you've ever got a problem, anything at all you want to talk about, you know where to find me, don't you?
      Garibaldi: I hear you. See ya.

    • G'Kar: Where is my book? It is my only copy!
      Ta'Lon: Yes, that is precisely the point. The Kha'Ri felt that if anything happened to you, the book of G'Kar would never see the light of day, so they ... liberated it.
      G'Kar: Liberated it?
      Ta'Lon: We took it home. Those that read it were very moved by it and they made some copies.
      G'Kar: Copies?!
      Ta'Lon: Just a few, ... for their friends. A few more, ... later few more copies.
      G'Kar: How many?!
      Ta'Lon: That's hard to say, exactly. There was some confusion when it went to the printers.
      G'Kar: Printers?! I've only been gone for a month, Ta'Lon, there can't be that many copies floating around this quickly. How many?
      Ta'Lon: Five or six ... hundred ... thousand.
      G'Kar: What?
      Ta'Lon: I've been told that it will out-sell the book of G'Quan ... Congratulations, citizen G'Kar. You are now a religious icon.

    • Londo: I've always said this about you: Nothing so improves your company like the lack of it. The less they see of you, the more they like you.

    • G'kar: Ta'lon! Ta'lon is that you?
      Ta'lon: It's me, most days, except for those days when I don't feel quite like myself and I suppose I am someone else. But for now, yes, it's me.

    • G'Kar: All my life ... I have been responsible only for myself. When I risk, I risked alone to avoid making others pay the price for my mistakes. They want me to chose them another way. What if I show then the wrong way? What if they come to me not because of the lesson but because of the teacher? I worry Ta'Lon that my shadow may become greater than the message.
      Ta'Lon: If that happens, I give you my word that I will personally kill you.
      G'Kar: This is supposed to put my mind at ease?
      Ta'Lon: I'm a warrior. It's what I have to give.

    • Delenn: Ready?
      Sheridan: Not yet. I've got two dozen more copies of this treaty to sign before the meeting. Who knew that the presidency was 50% panic and 50% paperwork?

    • Londo: He seems very glad to see you.
      G'Kar: Yes, but we weren't gone that long. Less than a month.
      Londo: Well, there you have the key to your popularity: your absence. Go away for a month & they bow. Go away for six months, they'll tear the place apart when you come back. Perhaps you should go away & never come back again. Then your popularity will be so overwhelming, it would blacken the stars.
      G'Kar: Mollari ...
      Londo: I have always said this about you: nothing so improves your company like the lack of it. The less they see you, the more they like you... No, wait. Perhaps you can make some money from this. Ten credits for you not to be there for an hour. 100 credits for you not to be there for the day. And for you not to be there for the rest of your life, well ... they could never afford it.

    • Zack: You okay? You look like crap.
      Garibaldi: Why, thank you, Zack. I think you look pretty cute too.

    • Londo: I thought you were protecting me, looking out for my best interests.
      G'Kar: I am. The warrior in me is watching out for your life. The Narn in me has decided it's your spirit that's in the greatest need of protection.

    • Londo: Ah, good morning, G'Kar! Well, this is a delight. I didn't know you had children.
      G'Kar: Neither did I.
      Londo: Yes, most unsettling when that happens. And in your case, most amusing.

    • Londo: Am I in here?
      G'Kar: Not by name. By description. Na'Tak Burella. It's a colloquialism.
      Londo: Which means?
      G'Kar: Prideful wind catcher.
      Londo: Well, as Mr. Garibaldi says, "I think I'll wait for the movie."

  • NOTES (1)

    • Between the previous seasons and season 5, Jerry Doyle, who played Michael Garibaldi, progressively lost his hair. The statement by Tafiq Azir to Michael, "So, what happened to your hair?" can be considered a inside joke on Jerry Doyle.