Babylon 5

Season 4 Episode 3

The Summoning

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Nov 21, 1996 on



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    • Marcus: Anyone special waiting for you back home?
      Ivanova: No, not anymore. You?
      Marcus: Someone. She doesn't know it yet.
      Ivanova: That's a strange way to pursue a relationship.
      Marcus: I suppose so. Ah... I want this thing to go right. I want it to be special.
      Ivanova: Oh. A romantic! I don't think I've felt that way since the... first time!
      Marcus: That's what I'm talking about.
      Ivanova: You mean you don't... you haven't...
      Marcus: Yes.
      Ivanova: You're a...
      Marcus: Exactly.
      Ivanova: With anyone?
      Marcus: Never met the right person before.
      Ivanova: Wow. I thought the First Ones were rare! Well, I hope she appreciates it.
      Marcus: So do I.

    • Vir: Remember, what I said before, there must be another way? I was wrong. Kill him!

    • Ivanova: (attempting to speak Minbari) Added both engines at full... high power. hatrack ratcatcher to port weapons... brickhat lingerie!

    • Garibaldi: We could barely stop the Shadows, how do we stop them and the Vorlons?
      Lyta: I don't know. All I know is that unless you do stop them, it won't matter who wins and who loses, because none of us, not a single world in 70 light years in any direction, will live to see it.

    • Sheridan: Since the Shadows are ready to strike back at any time now, we are caught in the middle again.

    • Lyta: This latest incident, everything that's happened lately, it's convinced the Vorlons that their only alternative is to destroy the Shadows and anyone touched by them. Like an infection, you have to... cut it out.
      Franklin: And any healthy tissue that's cut out along the way.. well, that's okay, because it's all for a good cause.

    • Delenn: Why the wars? Why the fighting? If each side agreed to respect the other..
      Sheridan: I don't know who started it first, Delenn, but somewhere along the line they both decided that their way was the right way, the only way, and we've been caught in the middle ever since.

    • Sheridan: When most of the First Ones left, two of them, the Shadows and Vorlons, stayed behind. Their job was to keep an eye on the younger races, help them along, but .. they couldn't decide or agree on what had to be done. The Vorlons believed that strength comes through order and discipline, the Shadows believe in promoting evolution through conflict, starting wars.
      Lennier: Those are diametrically opposite positions.
      Sheridan: Exactly. Now, at first there was a balance between the two sides. They abided by rules of engagement, respected each others positions, but that changed over time.

    • Sheridan: We can end this. Not just for now, not just for the next thousand years, but forever.

    • Marcus: I'm picking something up.
      Ivanova: A unicorn? .. Sorry.

    • Kosh: Would you know my thoughts? Would you?

    • Lyta: While I was carrying you, you felt cold, hard. What are you hiding from me?
      Kosh: Your work for now is done here. Go. Sleep.
      Lyta: I have a right to know. I've done everything you asked. I let your people modify me, enhance my telepathic abilities so I'd be more suited to carry a Vorlon around in my head, because I believed. Kosh, the real Kosh wasn't like this. I think in some level he cared about us, about me. With you it's as if I'm being used and then thrown away when I'm not needed anymore. Dammit! I have earned some respect! And I have earned some answers!
      Kosh: Respect? From whom?

    • Delenn: I thought he would welcome the chance to strike at the Shadows.
      Lyta: I think the Vorlons have plans of their own. There's .. there's something going on.. Something they haven't told us yet.
      Delenn: Do you have any idea?
      Lyta: No, and frankly, I'm afraid to ask. I don't think that they care about what happens to us anymore, Delenn. I think their game just got bigger than that.

    • Delenn: He can't force you to live like this, can he?
      Lyta: Yes, he can.

    • Cartagia: Silence! Silence! Where's the joy in that, really? He's so insubordinate, I can't have him challenging my authority that way.

    • Cartagia: Damned! Damned! Damned silence. He refuses to bow, he refuses to drink.
      Londo: Majesty!
      Cartagia: Did you know we assigned one of our best pain technicians -- pain technicians, they used to be called torturers, ever since they got organized it's 'pain technicians' -- Why are you here? One of our very best torturers, I felt certain he would break him. Two hours he worked, not a sound. I said: 'Give me a cry, rin-tintsy. Give me a shout, a whimper, a scream.' Silence! So, I got to it myself. You can't leave these things to others, they never get it right! And well, you can see for yourself. If I didn't know better, I would say he was a mute. Silence! I'm beginning to understand what you're going through with this G'Kar. How you put up with this at all, I have no idea.
      Londo: He was a small burden.

    • Vir: I can't believe it. Did you see him?
      Londo: I was right there, Vir. I saw him.
      Vir: How can you see G'Kar like that and feel nothing?
      Londo: I feel, Vir. I wish that I didn't, it would make this all much easier. We must play along until the time is right.
      Vir: I don't know if G'Kar can survive that long.
      Londo: He will survive. He must. For my sake as well as his own.

    • Ivanova: What's next on the list?
      Marcus: Sector 87/20/42. At least a dozen ships have reported seeing something rather godlike in the area, and since neither you nor I were there, it must be one of the First Ones.
      Ivanova: You are having delusions of grandeur again.
      Marcus: Well, if you're gonna have delusions, you may as well go for the really satisfying ones.

    • Delenn: Tell the crew: 'Anyone who laughs will answer to me personally.'

    • Sheridan: The Ambassador is correct I went to Z'ha'dum. I've seen the face of the enemy. They're not gods, and they're not indestructible. I've fought them and I've killed many of them, and I've survived. There is a way out of this. A way to stop this insanity once and for all. Now Delenn's fleet is a start. Now we have to build on it. Together we will form the largest fleet in history. Not just for a battle, but to change the shape of the galaxy. Not just for ourselves, but for our children and our children's children. You tell your governments that the only man to survive Z'ha'dum sends this message: we can end this! Not just for now, not just for the next thousand years but FOREVER! I stand before as PROOF that it can be done! We can fight and we can WIN but ONLY if we do it TOGETHER! -- Can I count on you?! -- Can I count on you?! WILL YOU STAND TOGETHER?!

    • Drazi: Captain? We're sorry. We thought you were dead.
      Sheridan: I was. I'm better now.

  • Notes

    • Cinzia Zanetti, Ron Pipes, John Vulich, John Wheaton, Mike Measimer, Gabriel De Cunto, Rob Sherwood, Liz Dean and Fionagh Cush were nominated for the 1997 Emmy Award for "Outstanding Makeup for a Series" for this episode.

    • Outside of "The Gathering" this is the first regular episode to feature all the cast members listed in the opening credits. Each previous episode had always been missing at least one.

    • The reason Garibaldi is standing way in the background when Sheridan returns is because Jerry Doyle thought he was finished with the episode, and wouldn't be back until the next week, so he had his head shaved. Then he found out he was supposed to film one more day. So to avoid any continuity issues, they put him way in the back.

  • Allusions

    • Biblical Reference: G'Kar is whipped 40 times.
      G'Kar is whipped 39 times because 40 would kill a Narn. The is most likely a reference to Deuteronomy 25:1-3 in the Old Testament which warns against whipping a man more than 40 times. Whipping someone more than 40 times will cause one to lose the respect of one's brethren.

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