Babylon 5

Season 5 Episode 2

The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Jan 28, 1998 on
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Londo collapses from a heart attack, and must battle with his guilt in a dream state. Delenn learns that Lennier is planing to leave Babylon 5 to join the Rangers.

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  • The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari

    The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari was a superb episode of Babylon 5. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had a lot of character development for Londo and Lennier. This episode was very entertaining as Londo confronted himself in a dreamstate after collapsing from a heart attack. I thought every thing that was explored was deep and had meaning. Londo fought to stay alive, and in the end he survived, as previous prohpechy would indicate. I thought it was an interesting choice for Lennier to join the rangers. I look forward to watching the next episode of Babylon 5!!!!moreless
  • lennier joins the rangers

    this is another good episode in which we see londo standing in the docking bay with vir arguing with secruity chief zac allen about his shippment of alchcol he then staggers back and drops his bottle and colaps onto the floor. while in med lap the dr franklin tells vir that he has suffered a heart attack. a severe cardiac crisis plunges ascendant centauri emperor mollari into an eerie dream that forces him to confront his flawed past. the only way for him to live is to confront his own demons and to say sorry to the one person he feels guilty for g'kar.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (4)

    • In Londo's dream, Sheridan's clothing changes from an Earthforce uniform to a an Earthforce uniform without the jacket, to his "rebirth" uniform, to a ranger uniform and finally a white robe. These were all of the costumes that Sheridan had worn throughout the series and an image of his role to come.

    • At the beginning, when Vir is taking Zack further away to talk to him, Londo opens the case and takes out a bottle of Brivari. He immediately sniffs it and takes a sip without even opening the bottle.

    • When Steven explains Londo's condition to Sheridan, he says that Centauri have a "bipulmonary system." In medical terms, "pulmonary" refers to the lungs, not the heart. The word "bicardial" would've been better suited here.

    • This episode was originally titled "The Very Long Night of Susan Ivanova," before Claudia Christian left the show. When she did, the episode was re-named and the script re-written to fit to Londo's perspective.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • G'kar: You're not sorry for what you did. You're just sorry that you got caught.

    • Londo: What's wrong with me?
      Vir: What's wrong with you is you.

    • Sheridan: We're all dying Londo. Twenty years, fifty years, a hundred years, doesn't matter. What matters is what we do while we're waiting around. How we live out the seconds in between.
      Londo: Well, I have not done very well in that regard, have I?
      Sheridan: No, you haven't.

    • Londo: You have that vacant look in your eyes that says "hold my head to your ear, you will hear the sea."

    • G'Kar: You're wrong, Mollari. Whether it was me or my world, whether it was a total stranger or your worst enemy, you were a witness! It doesn't matter if they stopped. It doesn't matter if they'd listen. You had an obligation to speak out!

    • Londo: The dream is prophecy.
      Vir: Prophecy is a guess that comes true. When it doesn't, it's a metaphor. You could put a gun to your head tomorrow and pull the trigger, and then the dream is just a dream, and the prophecy is just a metaphor, and so are you. You're out of time, Londo. Turn around.

    • Vir: I don't believe this. What is it with this place? I mean, last week someone tries to assassinate Sheridan, and now someone tries to poison Londo. My God! What is wrong with you people? Don't you have anything else better to do? Why don't you get a hobby? Read a book or something?

    • Lennier: I was going to tell you tonight, Delenn, after dinner.
      Delenn: ... Why?
      Lennier: Because ... bad news improves on a good meal. Valen said ...
      Delenn: Lennier.

    • Vir: As Mr. Garibaldi would say "It's been one hell of a day."
      Lennier: Yes. A hell of a day.
      Vir: And a hell of a year.
      Lennier: A hell of a five years.
      Vir: A hell of a life.
      Lennier: You win.

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