Babylon 5

Season 1 Episode 8

The War Prayer

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Mar 09, 1994 on

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  • Got to love Londo

    The things that guy comes out with never cease to amuse me XD

    It's quite ironic, as one of the things that put me off the show years ago was "those weird guys with the weird hair".

    Pretty average though otherwise. I felt that it committed the sin of making the characters look stupid - Ivanova for not actually realising that her ex was a bigot in the first place, and him for just so easily falling for the ruse that the commander of the B5 station of all people would be one as well. To his credit he did do that little "test" but it was too little too late. It was just too easy, really, and left me wondering what the point of the episode was.

    It wasn't bad though, entertaining enough.
  • The War Prayer

    The War Prayer was a really great episode of Babylon 5. I enjoyed watching this episode because it show cased how character driven this series is. The actors really make the show what it is and they are easy to relate to. I thought this episode also showed how this series can take a serious situation or message and make it relatable to viewers. The special effects and make-up departments are doing a great job. This series is definitely a cult classic in the scifi genre. This episode was entertaining and fun to watch. I look forward to watching more Babylon 5!!!!!
  • A story to thought about...

    Very thought provoking episode as the topic covered is not only a futuristic problem - it, in different forms, exists here in Earth nowadays too. And the way the should how old friends can change so much with years and you can never know what the other person might be possible to do. That was really well chosen storyline.

    Also I liked those two Centauri youth and Londo, the way he discovered that things on different perspective - it doesn't mean that when you have used to follow old traditions and accepted life with them, that there is no way others good find their way out of them and have happiness.

    beautiful episode.
  • Showing that the problems of the 21st Century are still around in the 23rd...

    This episode revovles around the notion that Babylon 5 is far from being a utopian society which has 'solved' all the problems of our current day. A group of pro-Earth supremacists are active on the station, attacking a Minbari poet and, later, a pair of Centauri lovebirds.

    In a typical Babylon5 twist, it turns out that the leader of the pro-Earthers is an old flame of Ivanova's (what is it with the Babylon 5 command staff and their!!) Ivanova and Sinclair combine to bring down the pro-Earther, although the acting from Sinclair doesn't really convince - they let him infiltrate the group when it is blindingly obvious that he is bluffing. And poor old Ivanova - won't she ever get any happiness in her life?

    The other bit of this episode that I enjoyed was Londo ranting at Vir and his friends over the value of love ... 'Love!!!... What does LOVE have to do with marriage?'. You've gotta love that. And Londo showing Vir a picture of his three wives 'Pestilance...Famine...Death' was just so funny.

    Good character development for Londo and Ivanova, and an insight into the reality of life on Babylon 5. Not great - but another solid episode that builds for later.
  • the war prayer.londo tell vir about his three wives.

    there are alot of episodes which feature londo and vir and they are very good together,some scenes are very funny.there is a scene in this episode the war prayer that i found quite amusing. londo "love?pah overated here,look theses are my three wives,pestilence, famine and death,do you think i married them for their personalities?.their personalities could shatter entire plants.!arranged marriages everyone,but they worked out.they inspired me.knowing that they were waiting at home for me is what keeps me here....75 light years away. i found this scene very funny.just the way londo tells vir about his wives then shows us a picture of them was funny.
  • Didn't really like this one

    This episode focuses on the Babylon 5 command staff trying to stop a group of pro-earth terrorists who are attacking aliens all over the station. Things get complicated when Ivanova discovers that her ex is leading this group and she and the commander go undercover to stop them.

    I’m not a big fan of this episode, as I don’t really feel that it advances the show at all there was a little bit of character development from Ivanova and Londo but that was about all. The ending seemed a little bit rushed and I thought Malcolm let Sinclair in on his operation far too easily. Probably the worst episode so far which is a shame considering it followed on of the best.