Babylon 5

Season 5 Episode 19

The Wheel of Fire

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Nov 04, 1998 on
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Earthforce orders the arrest of Lyta for financing terrorism against the PSI Corp. Sheridan confronts Garibaldi about his drinking. G'Kar struggles with his growing mass of worshippers.

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Monique Edwards

Monique Edwards


Guest Star

Denise Gentile

Denise Gentile

Lise Hampton-Edgars

Guest Star

Phil Hawn

Phil Hawn

Docking Bay Mechanic on Ladder (uncredited)

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Jeff Conaway

Jeff Conaway

Zack Allan

Recurring Role

Patricia Tallman

Patricia Tallman


Recurring Role

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    • Delenn: Stop staring at me.
      Sheridan: I'm sorry. I couldn't help it.
      Delenn: One would think you have never seen a pregnant half-human half-Minbari before.

    • Lyta: I'll check back with you after two years. If you've done as I ask, if you've created a force I can use against the Corps .. I'll take out that neural block. Then you can deal with Bester. I'll deal with the Corps. We both get what we want.

    • Lise: Life is change. It's a good thing.

    • G'Kar: This is how I've come to be seen by my people. Despite my best efforts, I've become an icon. I didn't understand why or how until I saw this. I realized it's simpler to make a statue to someone who you believe embodies all your better qualities than it is to actually improve yourself.
      Garibaldi: And this saves you from having to think.
      G'Kar: Exactly. For the last year, I've tried to point my people toward the simple truth that we are one, regardless of race. Somehow, that message has gotten twisted so that I have become their idea of the truth personified. Once you turn into this, you can no longer be who you are. You can only be what they want you to be, what they .. expect you to be.

    • Franklin: Look, you have to understand she's a Minbari-Human hybrid. Things aren't gonna work the same.
      Sheridan: Wait. What are you talking about? What is wrong with her?
      Franklin: She's pregnant.

    • Lise: Well, then you may as well give up, because nobody gets it 100% right.
      Garibaldi: I just want to give you a normal life.
      Lise: There is no 'normal life', Michael. There's just life.

    • Sheridan: What could make her turn like this?
      Franklin: Well, let's see. She was, .. adjusted by the Vorlons, dumped by the Vorlons, used as a weapon. Quit the Corps. Lost the only man she ever loved and dedicated herself to finishing his work. Pick one or all of the above. Let's face it, she's pissed.
      Sheridan: Massively.

    • Garibaldi: What .. part of my message did you get? We've been having trouble with the com system, see, and--
      Lise: The most important part. The part that said: 'I need you.'
      Garibaldi: And you came here just on that?
      Lise: What more is there?

    • Lyta: You cannot harm me. You cannot stop someone who's been touched by Vorlons.
      Sheridan: You're not the only one that's been touched by the Vorlons.

    • Lyta: I'm tired of being pushed around, Captain. I do not choose to be arrested. I've done a lot for this place... and just once I think a little gratitude would be in order, don't you?
      Lochley: Lyta, don't force us to--
      Lyta: To what?

    • Lochley: He stopped painting the day he enlisted. But he wanted to paint. He was good at it. And it was killing him not to .. one drink at a time. He didn't see any way out of his life, any way to change it. But the door's always there, Michael. You just have to open it.

    • Lochley: See, the drinking gives a control freak like you permission to let it go, to be angry, to lash out, to lose it.

    • G'Kar: I've never understood that. Why does the universe give us puzzles with no answers?
      Franklin: Payback, maybe?

    • Franklin: Well, apparently your people believe that your presence on Centauri Prime allowed them to attack without retribution. You came through it alive, which they're considering another not-so-minor miracle, and you don't want the power. People love giving power to those they believe don't want it.

    • Sheridan: You have to understand that your problem is not between you and me, you and your job, or any of that. Your problem is between you .. and you.

    • Sheridan: I'm not angry with you. Not now. I was. .. But Delenn has a .. way of looking at things.. No. No, I'm not angry with you. But I am very disappointed, Michael.
      Garibaldi: I'd rather have you yelling at me or angry. Anything but disappointed. I know I failed..
      Sheridan: I didn't say I was disappointed in you because of your failure. I'm disappointed because I didn't pick up on this earlier. Disappointed because you felt that you couldn't come to me about this on your own. When Stephen had his problem a couple of years ago, I didn't step forward and offer my help when I should have. And he damn near died trying to deal with his problem on his own. I have made a lot of mistakes, same as everybody else. But I try not to make the same mistake twice.

    • Lochley: Well, maybe Emperor Mollari will have more of a chance at happiness than Ambassador Mollari ever did.
      G'Kar: I doubt it.

    • Garibaldi: What'd the Vorlons do you, Lyta? Who? What are you?
      Lyta: I've only recently begun to understand it myself. You know the Vorlons used telepaths as weapons during the Shadow War. But what no one stopped to consider was that in a war, you have a certain number of small weapons, a certain number of medium weapons, and one or two big ones. The kind of weapons you drop when you are out of small weapons and the medium weapons, and you've got nothing left to use.
      Garibaldi: Someone like that would .. would be the telepathic equivalent of a thermonuclear device, a doomsday weapon.
      Lyta: (eyes glowing white) Pleased to meet you, Mr. Garibaldi.

    • Sheridan: I tell ya, the next person who acts irrationally, I swear I'm going to shoot myself in the head. (Delenn bursts into the room)
      Delenn: Bastards!
      Franklin: Did she just ...?
      Sheridan: She did.
      Franklin: I'll get the gun.

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    • The title is a reference to King Lear: "You do me wrong to take me out o' the grave: Thou art a soul in bliss; but I am bound Upon a wheel of fire, that mine own tears Do scald like molten lead." Londo's situation is similar to Lear's.