Babylon 5

Season 2 Episode 14

There All the Honor Lies

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Apr 27, 1995 on
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Sheridan is assaulted by the Minbari Lavell, and is forced to kill him in self-defense. But a Minbari who witnessed the incident claims Sheridan assaulted Lavell - and everybody knows Minbari do not lie.

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  • Interesting

    Interesting little cover-up, in a sense, for the benefit of the Minbari. It's the kind of thing that makes you proud of Sheridan, but makes you wonder if it'll come back to haunt everyone later!

    Nice to almost get a little bit of a hint of personality with Kosh. If the mysterious portrayal of the Vorlons is designed to be frustrating, it's succeeding!
  • There All the Honor Lies

    There All the Honor Lies was a really great episode of Babylon 5. I really enjoyed watching this epiosdoe because it had a lot of interesting developments for characters and story lines. This episode had a little more focus on the Minbari which was cool to learn a little more about their culture. I also enjoyed the scenes where Sheridan was being taught by Ambassador Kosh of the Vorlons. I thought what Kosh chose to show Sheridan was really cool and truly beautiful. I thought the figurines of the crew and ambassadors at a new Babylon 5 gift shop added some classic humor to the episode. I look forward to watching more episodes of Babylon 5!!!!moreless
  • Beauty in the dark...

    Oh.. This episode was most of everything else than Kosh and his little lesson in the dark but that storyline and that some seconds of perfect beauty really touched me and made this episode such a pressure for me. It was so beautiful.

    So, mainly it was about Sheridan being accused of killing minbari without reason. All that somehow little cooled Sheridan vs minbari is back. I did not find the storyline too interetsing, more like reminding that they are not over it, keeping ground hot but while doing it they dive into the minbari never lie thing what is much more interesting and really eyeopening.

    And we have poor little teddy bear spaced.. :(moreless
  • watch out at the end of the show for the flying teddy bear

    i enjoyed this episode of babylon 5 there all the honor lies. i liked how they put in a gift shop on the station and it has dolls of all the cast. like the teddy bear that is meant to be captain sherdian and the londo dolls that are'nt properly epuipped. i found it funny. there is also a promblem with captain sherdian as he stands accused of murder and the wintess is a minbari who intent on destroying the captain. he wants revenge for the destrution of their flag ship during the war. and vir londos aid could be sent home.moreless
  • For some reason, Babylon Five never disappoints me. While I was not overly interested in the plotline dealing with Sheridan supposedly killing the Mimbari, I found other aspects of the show very interesting.moreless

    For some reason, Babylon Five never disappoints me. While I was not overly interested in the plotline dealing with Sheridan supposedly killing the Mimbari, I found other aspects of the show very interesting. That is how the show tends to work out for me. Some greatness, some average, and a little bad in every episode.

    I rather enjoyed learning more about Kosh. He has stepped far to the forefront in the last episode or two. His lessons with Sheridan are always puzzling and fulfilling.

    I also rather liked learning more about the Minbari, but in a more subtle way. Before now we did not know how much honor means to them. That they only lie to protect the honor of others. Delenn is realizing how greatly she is separated from people. Although, I honestly liked her more as a full Minbari. Lennier, took a larger role in this episode, something I found quite nice.

    Oh, I have some information concerning the "John Sheridan" Teddy bear. Peter David (the writer of this episode) sent J. Michael Straczynski (the creator/head writer)that exact teddy bear as a gift, for accepting David's second script of the season. JMS, however, does not like cute things. So, JMS wrote the scene at the end of the episode dealing with the bear and then inserted it into David's script for daring to send him something cute. I did think that was pretty funny, spacing a teddy bear.moreless
Julie Caitlin Brown

Julie Caitlin Brown

Guinevere Corey

Guest Star

Sean Gregory Sullivan

Sean Gregory Sullivan


Guest Star

Vincent Duvall

Vincent Duvall

Centauri Envoy

Guest Star

Neil Bradley

Neil Bradley

Minbari #3

Recurring Role

Jonathan Chapman

Jonathan Chapman

Minbari #2

Recurring Role

Mark Hendrickson

Mark Hendrickson

Human/Alien Customer

Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (5)

    • Londo: Well, well. How many drinks does that make for you now, hmmm?
      Vir: Two. (holds up four fingers)
      Londo: Vir, drowning your problems.. Two? In all this time?
      Vir: I like nursing my drinks.

    • Londo: (about the Mollari doll) It's a mockery. It doesn't even have any, er, attributes.
      Sheridan: Attributes?
      Londo: Do I have to spell it out for you?
      Sheridan & Ivanova: Ooohhhh!
      Ivanova: I see. So you feel as though you're being symbolically cast..., in a bad light.

    • Keffer: Negative, Babylon Control. I don't see a... (breaks off as a teddy bear hits his cockpit)
      Control: Zeta One, have you encountered unidentified object? Can you describe it?
      Keffer: Negative, Babylon Control. I don't think so. Not on a bet.

    • Sheridan: Find that Minbari witness. He'll back me up, I'm sure of it.
      Garibaldi: Description?
      Sheridan: Bald, with a bone on his head!

    • Ivanova: Another lesson?
      Sheridan: Yeah.
      Ivanova: What this time?
      Sheridan: Beauty .... in the dark.
      Ivanova: Ah, must be working. You're starting to talk just like a Vorlon.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Julie Caitlin Brown, who plays lawyer Guinevere Corey, portrayed Na'Toth in season one.

    • Not only is there a Londo figure in the station store, but, if you look closely on the shelves of items (better seen on the DVD), you can see there are boxed G'Kar figures as well. Unlike the prop Jurasik has, these were solid resin casts made by Andrew Wright. The same molds were later used to make the statues of G'Kar that his unintended prophets would later be sporting in Season 5. Both the Londo and G'Kar props were eventually offered on eBay by JMS.

    • The teddy bear was a gift from Peter David's wife for Straczynski. The shirt had "Baberlon 5" written on the front, with "JS" on the back for Joe Straczynski. But Straczynski doesn't like "cute" so he re-wrote how they got rid of the gift shop to include Sheridan's dislike for the bear. Not one to allow the honor of his wife go unsullied, or to let a perfectly good opportunity for a joke go unused, Peter David had the very same bear appear on the short lived tv series Space Cases, for which Peter David was a writer. In the episode "Who Goes There?," the bear is found floating in space by the crew, and when one of the cast asks "What kind of dope would toss a perfectly good Earth bear into space" it is later revealed that the bear was a victim of "the evil Straczyn empire."