Babylon 5

Season 1 Episode 15


Aired Monday 7:00 PM May 25, 1994 on

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  • Mixed

    I felt it could've done without the "random new guy wants to do alien boxing" side of the story. I realise this isn't Star Trek and we're not in some utopian world where people don't hit each other (similar episode of Voyager aside), it just wasn't to my tastes and didn't really have a point to it.

    However great to see continuation of Ivanova's loss and the insights into her and her family, which helped to bump up an otherwise weak episode.
  • TKO

    TKO was a really good episode of Babylon 5. I really enjoyed watching this episode though it was a little heavy with drama. This episode had a lot of character building, action, and drama. I think that viewers could relate easily to the characters in this episode. I thought it was nice to see the personal side of Ivanova. Garibaldi also had some interesting scenes in this episode as well. I liked this episode though not one of my favorites. This episode has good information on characters but is not vital to the overall season's story lines. I look forward to watching more Babylon 5!!!
  • garibaldis old friend comes to babylon 5 for the fight of his life.

    in this episode of babylon 5 tko theres two things happening on the station. first security chief michael garibaldi helps an old friend an unfairly disgraced prize fighter regains his dignity and self respect by coaching him to enter and maybe win a lethally violent alien sporting event on babylon 5. meanwhile lieutenant susan ivanova also meets an old family friend, a rabbi from earth who has come to babylon 5 to give susan a item of her late fathers. but is he the one to help her as she grieves for her dead father. a terrific episode typical of the more intelligent and thoughtful style of the cult hit tv series.
  • This episode did not worked for me

    The story itself is not too bad and I cannot say it was too boring or anything, but if this season has weak episodes, then this is one of them. The Mutai and Gariabldi's friend - they all just look like appearing.. we had never heard nothing of them.. and now this is the part of the episode and somehow everything works out without major surprises.

    More interesting storyline was Susan's one. We knew she had problems with her father but now we get more and more into her past and the char is very well opened for us. And the deep emotion.. that was best part of the episode.
  • Something of a filler episode

    After the highpoint of 'Signs and Portents', this episode was a definite step down in terms of the overall season, and provided little or nothing in terms of character development or the story arc.

    The twin themes of this one are the arrival of a former boxer and friend of Garibaldi and his subsequent fight in a brutal bare knuckle arena called the 'Mutai'; and the simultaneous arrival of a Jewish rabbi to help Ivanova mourn the loss of her father.

    It's not this a bad episode - in fact the level of acting and drama here is high. Its just that there isn't a great deal happening. You could miss out watching this episode and not lose out on anything in the overall story of Babylon5.
  • Garibaldi is surprised when an old friend comes to Babylon 5 to fight in the "Mutai" - a savage alien fighting arena. Meanwhile Ivanova has trouble dealing with her father's death.

    Garibaldi’s friend Walker Smith fights in a dangerous alien tournament known as the Mutai while Ivanova receives a visit from Rabbi Koslov.

    I really loved this episode, this has to be one of my favorites from the first season and has a grade A performance by Claudia Christian. She is absolutely brilliant here especially with her flashbacks about her father that are highly emotional. I can’t really stress how great she is other than this is one my favorites.

    Garibaldi’s friend from the past saves him from being stabbed by a robber. They reunite and Garibaldi’s learns Smith is going to fight in the Mutai which is very dangerious.

    In a way this episode is about love and caring. Garibaldi really doesn’t want to see his friend get hurt but supports him anyway. Ivanova while initially being cold to Rabbi Koslov really opens herself up and starts to put away what happened to her family and her family in one of the most powerful scenes I’ve seen in the series.

  • An old friend of Garibaldi's arrives to enter an alien tournement, while Ivanova is helped to mourn for her father.

    Walker Smith a disgraced former boxer and old friend of Garibaldi’s arrives on the station to try and be the first human to take part in the Mutai, a brutal alien tournament. Ivanova is also visited by a face from the past when a rabbi, who has been a friend of her family for many years, asks her to sit Shiva for her father, as she did not make his funeral.

    This is a filler episode really but it’s not that bad, we are shown a different side to Ivanova as she finally mourns her father’s death. The fight scenes for the Mutai are done quite well. Not really a lot else to be said about this episode not great but not as bad as some people think in my opinion.