Babylon 5

Season 3 Episode 5

Voices of Authority

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Feb 01, 1996 on
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Delenn decides its time to try to contact some of the first ones and enlists the help of Draal, while Babylon 5 is assigned a political officer.

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  • "You're going somewhere we've all been before"

    Oh, cheeky Trek references!

    It would seem that Earth (is there an Earth? Or is there just some kind of dome where it used to be?) is becoming comically evil. It's like the stuff that conspiracy theorists dream up. Maybe part of it was the overacted evil purring of the wicked witch though :P

    It's all thoroughly going down the pan!

    Also. Marcus <3

    I could get used to this character. In fact I could come to like him. A lot~moreless
  • Voices of Authority

    Voices of Authority was a really great episode of Babylon 5. I enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character and plot development. The Earth Government has appointed a new political officer to Babylon 5 and she is quite the believer. I thought her character was very interesting and that the multiple story lines of this episode had a lot of character development, action, drama, intrigue, and moved the season forward. I wish we could have learned more about the first ones that Ivanova contacted on her mission aboard the WhiteStar. It was cool to see Draal again, and it was witty how Ivanova impressed him. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!moreless
  • Ann Coulter in Space

    The Ministry of Peace and NightWatch are really beginning to annoy me. Actually, they remind me a lot of the Imperial Order in Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series, especially in Faith of the Fallen which I just finished rereading yesterday. Odd timing. That chick they sent to be the political officer is a frelling viper. 80% of the things she says make me want to strangle her. ...ohmigod, I get it! It's the Adventures of Ann Coulter in Space. Kenickie the Security Officer is starting to bother/worry me. But Ivanova continues to kick serious ass, with her comments to Draal about surprises, and the way she used shame and reverse psychology to enlist the help of those First Ones. Ivanova rules. Marcus had some good lines too. I'm liking the back and forth chatter between those two.moreless
  • Preparations...

    ... for coming war.. So, when couple of last episodes have been developments of chars and building the route for future, then this one develops the main storyline.. And it does it by developing it to quite scary direction. I mean, Nightwatch has been hunting everyone for some times but this.. The conversation Sheridan and that political officer had in Open Air.. If things are going like that on Earth.. that's scary. And other people are getting closer too. G'Kar suspects something and Zack.. he also has some moral dilemmas between what he thinks is right and what he is told.

    And ofcourse.. we had the First Ones storyline.. a big lead from there.. I mean, they met some.. they got the proof what they had all suspected.. It is all going to get very intense..moreless
  • susans finds out the truth about what clark had done.

    the search for new allies continues as the battle against the shadows gets desperate. using the colossal great machine on epsilon 3 susan ivanova locates the first ones powerful creatures that walked the space between stars when the universe was young and the fought the shadows many times in the past. its up to ivanova and marcus to travel the sigma 957 distants point in the galaxy to make contact. meanwhile captain sherdian must negotiate the velvet clutches of a beautiful nightwatch officer sent to winkle out his secerts by seducing him. garibaldi also confronts zac about his loyalty to him or nightwatch.moreless
John Schuck

John Schuck


Guest Star

Shari Shattuck

Shari Shattuck

Julie Musante

Guest Star

James Black

James Black

Security Guard #1

Guest Star

Joshua Cox

Joshua Cox


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • While uncredited for his work in this episode, Ed Wasser provided the voice of Mr. Morden as he conspired with then-Vice President Clark to assassinate President Santiago.

    • As of this episode, the ending credits use the same music as used in the opening.

    • Continuity: When the Draal image is talking to Ivanova about her using the machine, they are both standing right in front of it. The image disappears and Draal removes himself from the machine without even a long enough pause to stop talking. But Ivanova then comes walking up from well offscreen as though she magically moved across the room.

  • QUOTES (22)

    • Draal: I have checked the data records of the great machine running the planet below. It contains information which might help in your search. Reports of encounters with alien forces beyond description, stories of vast and nameless forces that prowl the ruins of ancient cities. Each report carried with it a warning: do not approach. To quote a human phrase, it gives me the screaming willies.

    • Draal: (stepping out of Great Machine) Hmm, I must remember to dust myself once and awhile.

    • Zack: Women like a guy who looks trim, neat. You gotta be sharp. I look like I'm wearing a circus tent. Any minute now, a little teeny car with sixteen clowns in it is coming flying out of my butt.
      (Garibaldi's communicator beeps)
      Garibaldi: Garibaldi's fashion express, go.

    • G'Kar: I told you I could help. The Book of G'Quan. Read it. We'll talk afterwards.
      Garibaldi: I don't read Narn.
      G'Kar: Learn.

    • Walkers of Sigma 957: When it is time? Come to this place. Call our name. We will be here.

    • Ivanova: This is the White Star to departing ship. I just want to say I appreciate your response, and I fully understand. The Vorlons said that you wouldn't be up for a fight like this. In fact, they said in the last war... they carried you, did most of the work, while you took most of the credit for it. They said that if you got involved in this one, you'd just get hurt. Come to think of it, we've got the Vorlons. We don't need much more help. Do we? I mean, the Vorlons are really pretty close to perfect.

    • Ivanova: Zog? What do you mean zog? Zog what? Zog yes, zog no?
      Marcus: It's leaving. My guess is zog means no.
      Ivanova: Like hell. I am not letting them leave here without saying yes.
      Marcus: Really? And how do you propose stopping them? Perhaps a big red and white sign with the word 'Stop' on it? I'll put a bucket on my head and pretend to be the ancient Vorlon god Booji.
      Ivanova: That's it!
      Marcus: Fine, I'll get a bucket.

    • Marcus: The Minbari taught me: 'Claim victory in your heart and the Universe will follow.'
      Ivanova: Fine, great. Claim victory in your heart and up your ...

    • Marcus: I think you just hit a nerve. The Vorlons must owe them money or something.
      Ivanova: At least it tells us that they understand our language. They're just not willing to speak to us in it.
      Marcus: Who knew they were French? Sorry.

    • Julie Musante: With our basic freedoms at stake, no response can be too extreme. There maybe some minor and temporary abridgments in the traditionally protected areas, of speech and association, but only until this crisis is over.

    • (after having popped in holographically on Sheridan with a beautiful nude woman attempting to seduce him)
      Sheridan: I can't leave without an explanation. She'll be all over me.
      Ivanova: Looks to me she's already all over you.

    • Draal: All life forms are connected. Look for the path. Look for the path.

    • Draal: Well, here we are. If you just plug yourself in to the matrix, we'll take it from there.
      Ivanova: Ahm, it's ... ahm ... occupied.
      Draal: Oh, yes, of course, my mistake. I spend so much time out of my body, I sometimes forget where it is. If you'll excuse me.

    • Julie Musante: I'm here to protect you.

    • Sheridan: Poverty?
      Julie Musante: It's the same.
      Sheridan: Crime?
      Julie Musante: Yes, there is some, but it's all caused by the mentally unstable. And we've just instituted correctional centers to filter them out at an early age.
      Sheridan: Prejudice?
      Julie Musante: No, we are just one happy planet.

    • Julie Musante: Earth doesn't have homeless.
      Sheridan: Excuse me?
      Julie Musante: We don't have the problem. Yes, there are some displaced people, here and there, but they've chosen to be in their position. They're either lazy or they're criminal or they're mentally unstable.
      Sheridan: They can't get a job.
      Julie Musante: Earth-gov has promised a job to everyone that wants one. So, if someone doesn't have a job, they must not want one.

    • Draal: I asked for Captain Sheridan.
      Ivanova: He's busy.
      Draal: I don't like surprises.
      Ivanova: Really? I love them myself. I mean, to me everything is a surprise. You're a surprise, this place is a surprise. You see this? Paper-cut, hurts like hell. Anybody else would be upset, but to me it's just one more wonderful surprise. I mean, I even surprise myself sometimes. Now, I guess there's nothing wrong me surprising you? Right?
      Draal: Hahhahaha. I like you. You're trouble.
      Ivanova: Well, thank you. It's the nicest thing anybody has said about me in days.

    • Draal: Delenn tells me that you are going to try contacting the First Ones. It is a magnificent idea. A daring, and splendid idea. In doing so you will see things no human has seen before. It will be fun. Assuming you are not vaporised, dissected, or otherwise killed in an assortment of supremely horrible and painful ways. Exciting, isn't it?

    • Delenn: According to legend, some went to sleep in secret places, deep beneath their ancient cities, where no one can bother them. The rest walk among the stars, on errands we can never hope to understand, barely aware of our existence.

    • Delenn: Wars are won or lost before they are fought. The preparation, attitude, strategy, and the selection of proper allies. In the growing war against the Shadows, maybe there are some allies we have not approached yet. Many times over the last million years the Shadows were fought to a stand-still by the First Ones, races immeasurable older than our own. After the last war, a thousand years ago, we believed the first ones went away forever, passing beyond the galactic rim, where no Human or Minbari has ever ventured. But the Vorlons remained, it is possible that some of the others may still be around.

    • Ivanova: Anything else you need.
      Sheridan: Glass of whiskey, a gun, and two bullets.
      Ivanova: Understood.

    • Ivanova: Good Luck Captain, I think you are about to go where everyone has gone before.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Julie Musante: (Minipax) rewrote the dictionary.
      This is another allusion to George Orwell's 1984. In this book the ministry of truth (minitrue) controlled the media and made a new language, "newspeak."

    • Ivanova: Good luck, Captain. I think you are about to go where everyone has gone before.
      This quote by Commander Ivanova is a reference to the opening monologue of Star Trek "... to boldly go where no man has gone before."