Babylon 5

Season 3 Episode 18


Aired Monday 7:00 PM Oct 03, 1996 on

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  • Emotional stuff

    I found the story of Dr Franklin here moving and interesting. It's quite true that he never really seemed to have a story/personality other than "doctor" and now we see that it was intended that way. I'm reminded of Laguna and Julia from Final Fantasy VIII here - falling in love with a singer by staring at them from across a little bar, can be quite effective it seems! - but also sadly rather short lived...

    Whilst the "love at first sight" idea can often be lacking in believability, I thought this was well done, with the two of them falling deeper as they learned more about each other, including her condition. It's quite true that any one of us could go at any time, annd so important to enjoy the time we have (even if that enjoyment is in watching B5 ;))

    It's also nice to see some hope for a tactic with the Shadows. It seems odd that no-one ever discovered this weakness in the past, though knowing B5, I'm sure this will probably be explained in a later episode.

    Kosh II is even more mysterious than the first one! He seems kind of angry, especially with that "eye", as red as a Narn's. I'm sure that'll probably be explained too.
  • Walkabout

    Walkabout was a perfect and action packed episode of Babylon 5. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it was full of character and plot development. Dr. Franklin decides to go on Walkabout and Garibaldi tracks him down to find out whats going on. I thought the singer that Dr. Franklin met was beautiful and talented. Sheridan and the War Council have come up with a plan to test Garibaldi's new intel regarding telepaths and the Shadows. G'Kar is between a rock and a hard place when his people want to conserve their few remaining ships. Surprisingly he comes through in the end. I thought the space battle scenes were awesome and show just how far ahead of its time this show was!!!!!!!
  • Sheridan puts a theory to the test.

    Sheridan puts a theory to the test, that Shadow Ships are vulnerable against telepaths a discovery that was made in the episode “Ships of Tears”. That not the only plot that is going on in this episode because there are two other plots that are started in this episode as well. The B plot is Franklin Walkabout, a journey of self-discovering, which is just starting, to find out who he really is and what are the most important things to him. The C plot a new Vorlon ambassador arrives to the station and so dose Lyta Alexander.

    The A plot and the main plot of this episode is the fact that Sheridan is putting a theory to the test, the telepaths have the ably to at least interfere and at best jam the workings of a Shadow Ship. A valuable asset to the Army of Light fight against the Shadows, that are now attacking openly against the other races. Which is putting the allies of the Army of Light on the defensive, reacting rather then acting against these attacks, which is why many of the other Ambassadors that were at the meeting don’t go on Sheridan’s plan to attack one of these ships openly. So Sheridan goes on the mission with only help of a Minbari Battleship, with themselves have their own telepaths in reserve to help the White Star if the ship gets in trouble and she dose get in trouble.
    While I did like seeing Sheridan taking an offensive stand on the threat that the Shadow presented in this episode, I found the other Ambassadors not taking any action to help Sheridan out a little dishearten. Because this is the guy, that had risked him life, not once, but twice, convinced the Vorlon Ambassador Kosh to do something to help fragile alliance together, at least these people could at least back him up by sending out at least to help Sheridan if he got in difficulty. Now, I understand their reason why they didn’t send any ships to help him because I didn’t want to lose any more ships to these Shadows, but this is in fact war, and in war one will lose ships and people, that is just the nature of the Beast, the best thing that one can do is to reduce the loses and this is what Sheridan was trying to do. If telepaths can stop Shadow Ships to the point where one can destroy the ship, then there will be one less Shadow ship out there can do kill people. This was Sheridan’s plan.
    Now on the positive things on this main plot, seeing that telepaths can with great strain on themselves can stop a Shadow ship dead in its track and Lennier’s line “It not moving,” sums up the feelings of both amazement and shock, that the viewers get when they see a power ship like that stop by the mere mind of a individual who motivated by the feeling of revenge, to paid them back for what they did to first Kosh. After that Sheridan take the edge that he had with this and uses it to destroy the Shadow ship, but a great cost, they have to the power of their jump engines to take that ship out, which they do. When that happen the viewer get the feelings achievement, that they did what they came for, that they did destroy one these ships with the aide of a telepath on board, and how much power much one use to destroy one these ships.
    All is safe, that they can wait until they have enough power to jump out there, but this isn’t true, right before the ship is destroyed, it had enough time to send out a distress signal out despite the best effort of Lyta to stop it from happening. Just what Lyta had warmed them what will happen, happen, four Shadow ships jump out hyperspace to avenge the lost of their ship, without the power to jump nor fight back, the viewer has the feelings of dread. That all of this work that they put into this test was going for not, that these Shadows aren’t going to let them go with the knowledge that they have about their weakest. Just then the Minbari Warship with telepaths in tow comes out of hyperspace, but even with their help, they only have three telepaths to help them out. While, yes the three telepaths do help out, but the only help out with three of the Shadow Ships, with the fourth one getting through the telepathic screen that was put up by the Minbari telepaths.
    Just as it seems that there is no hope at all another jump point forms right above the Shadow ship, and out comes a Narn Cruiser, it is the G’Tok, the Narn Cruiser that Sheridan had protected almost a year ago. Before the Shadow ship can react to this present, the Narn Cruiser open fires on the Shadow ship, stopping it long enough to allow Sheridan to use the remaining power that the weapon has to finally put an end to this Shadow Ship time. While I knew that this scene was coming up from reading summaries from other web sites, but seeing happen on the screen with the background music adding to the feelings, make watching this screen take place better. That while you might think that you are all alone on something, somebody is still out there watching your back and when the time comes that person will do something to help you get out of trouble. To add to this feeling that he isn’t alone another jump point appears right in back of him and out comes ships from the League, the same people that earlier didn’t want to help him. Then seeing the Shadow ship jump back into hyperspace, retreating from a battle, something that haven’t happen before until this episode. One come to the realization that the Army of Light had scored their first major victory against the Shadows, that the war against the Shadows might be a little easier than one thought it would be.

    The B plot, Franklin’s walk to discovery who is really is. I thought that it was nice to see that the good doctor is still around after he walk off the job in the episode, Interludes and Examinations. That his drug problem hasn’t caused him problems physical and mentally, in fact it might of help him for he had fallen in love with a singer, who herself has terminal disease that will at best kill her in about a year. Despite this news Franklin still stay close to her and enjoy her present. This is nice because it give him a yet another reason to stay clean, for who would want to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend that has a drug problem? Not me.

    The finally plot the C plot, this one is about the new Vorlon Ambassador, who arrives on the station after the first Vorlon Ambassador Kosh was killed by the Shadows that were on the station. At first glance, this new Vorlon has a much frightful appear to him, with an encounter suit that appears to be more heavily armored then the first Kosh’s suit was and the red unblinking eye doesn’t help either with his present.
  • the arrival of the new vorlon.

    a breakthrough against the shadows is likely as captain sherdian discovers that they are vulnerable to telepathic interference. he plans to strike against them using a ship protected by a squadrom of shadow dreadnoughts. can sherdian pilot the white star to safety, or will he fall prey to the menace that is raging across the galaxy?. meanwhile dr franklin hopeless addicted to stimuants throws in the towel on his medical career and decamps to the lower depts of the babylon 5 station, to roam at will untill he finds himself. so he deciceds to go walkabout. we also see the captain taking a walk outside the station.
  • Telepaths, vorlons and music..

    I most say, even if there were quite major developments (the telepath idea against shadows and arrival of new Kosh), the storyline that caught me most was Franklin's walkabout. I mean.. I loved the writing, the vision of life that woman had and those songs. I think it was probably the first time we got music with lyrics and those songs were so beautiful.

    Ok. but now to the major developments. For the first time, I think, they have the weapon. They can start to fight back now.. as they have a change.. And is it me or the new Kosh looks angry? I mean, we cannot see him but the way she treated Lyta.. that was... little violent but.. maybe it works like that for them.