Babylon 5

Season 3 Episode 16

War Without End (1)

Aired Monday 7:00 PM May 16, 1996 on

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  • War Without End (1)

    War Without End (1) was a really superb and entertaining episode of Babylon 5. I enjoyed watching this episode because it had an interesting story full of surprises and familiar faces. This episode deals with time travel and we finally find out what really happened to Babylon 4. With a disturbing and haunting message from Ivanova in the future, the Ranger's Council begin to enact a plan that will hopefully save them all before it's too late! I enjoyed seeing more of the White Star in action. This episode has some character and lots of plot development. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
  • Time travel gives me a headache

    OK, so they have to go through a rift in time to 6 years ago, protect Babylon 4 from the Shadows, bring it two years forward to sync up with season 1 stuff, then steal it and bring it 1000 years in the past, so that the Minbari and Vorlons and all them won't lose the last war to the Shadows, so that Babylon 5 won't be destroyed 8 days in the future. *sigh* To quote Capt. Janeway "Time travel - from my first day on the job as captain, I swore that I would never let myself get caught up in one of these God-forsaken paradoxes. The future is the past, the past is the future ... it all gives me an headache." Zathras is back, which is a lot of fun, because he has some hilarious lines. And Sinclair is back and only slightly less cryptic than Kosh was.
  • One of the best episode

    I adored this one. It had all the best ingredients to make stunning episode. It has Sinclair back and.. it was stunning to see him again. Loved the first season when he was around. And the way he is back.. with all the mysteries going around, the thing he and Delenn knowns.. just look to the Marcus face when they talk.. so suspicious..

    Then.. it has a stunning storyline - time travel, Babylon 4, big war in the past, possible destruction of B5.. It is just like.. all the good things you can wish in one episode. And as it is two parter.. I am sure, we get all the major things next part.. but this one was also amazing.. building the excitement, setting the scenario.. Brilliant.
  • the return of sinclair.and what happen to babylon 4.

    part one of the ultimate babylon 5 adventure! altered by a mysteries 1,000 years old message. the babylon 5 team are plunged into the adventage of several lifetimes. harnessing the awesome power of the great machine on epsilion 3, an elite squad led by captain sherdian is hurled into time to save babylon 4- babylon 5 ill-fated predecessor and hence secure the future of the galaxy and victory over the shadows. as the fabric of time itself is warped, ghost past present and future must be confronted incluing shocking revelations about the fate of londo mollari, vir cotto and sherdian himself.
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