Babylon 5

Season 3 Episode 17

War Without End (2)

Aired Monday 7:00 PM May 23, 1996 on

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  • Epic, amazing

    This is how you do time travel episodes. But not only that, have you ever seen such closure for a character, and so many threads neatly traced back to previous episodes... hints and foreshadows that you didn't even know existed.

    Brilliantly written, with of course plenty of new mysteries introduced for us (those of us watching it for the first time) to ponder. A fitting exit for the one who was (btw, Zathras is great!)
  • War Without End (2)

    War Without End (2) was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Babylon 5. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it was full of drama, action and intrigue. This episode picks up where the last one left off with Sheridan, Delenn, Ivanova, Marcus, Sinclair and others embarking on a dangerous and life changing mission throug time. I found this episode to be very engaging. I enjoyed seeing Londo's vision come to fruition in an unexpected way which makes sense. I also thought the origin of Valen was interesting. I really enjoyed watching this episode which moves the series forward. I look forward to the next episode!!!!!!!
  • Greatest secrets..

    Amazing episodes. It was stunning by every bit of it. The story - what a great thing those writers came out.. and the whole story of Sinclair. When the start of Season 2 left quite many questions unanswered, then now we got stunning conclusion. And I loved those lookbacks and the hints dropped before.. and how they all reacted when the realize.. I think that was stunning twist of the episode. If there was conclusion to Sincair's storyline, then there was also amazing conclusion to Babylon square episode. We saw what happened, how those things happened, having old and new pieces together, making amazing results.

    One of the best episodes!
  • As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be...

    Are you fraking kidding me?! I mean, I had a little inkling that that's what they were aiming at, but to actually see it was something else. Sinclair is Valen. Geez. It was kinda cool to see all the future/past Babylon 4 stuff that they set up in 'Babylon Squared' "resolved", but of course they had to go and set up new weird time stuff, what with Sheridan and Delenn bouncing around time like Billy Pilgrim. If you look at the inspiration for the title "As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end.", it's kinda depressing. It's not a new war, it's the same war, the universe has always been at war. I don't know if that connects in at all with Kosh's "I have always been here", but I suspect things in the series are going to be very interesting, and a lot more complicated than I originally expected.
  • we discover who valenn is?.

    in the concluding part of the ultimate babylon 5 adventure, captain sherdian has hurled into a temporal rift where he makes amazing discoveries about his own future and that of the war against the shadows. time is running out for the crack squad attempting to engineer babylon 4 retrival into the safety of the past the great machine cannot maintain the time warp indefinitely and the strain is starting to tear apart the mighty station. as the story hurtles towards its astonishing end, one of the greatest mysteries of the last 1,000 years is solved, the origin of the minbari god valenn.
  • The best episode since Babylon 5 began!

    This was the most revealing episode since Babylon 5 began.We finaly learn who is Valen and who was the Minbary who first won the war between Shadows.I believe the most importand thing in this episode was the connection between the pilot episode/movie "In The Beginning (1998)" and season 1 episode 20 "Squared".
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