Babylon 5

Season 4 Episode 2

What Ever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Nov 14, 1996 on

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  • the new friendship of g'kar and londo.

    in this episode what ever happen to mr garibaldi,everyone is moring the loss of sheridan.they think he is dead but he is alive,stuck on the shadow world.garibaldi is still missing persumed dead as well.g'kar has left babylon5 to look for mr garibaldi.while looking for garibaldi he gets into a fight.marcus is there to help him out.theres a funny scene between marcus and g'kar.after marcus leaves g'kar is captured and brought back to centauri prime.there he is praraid in chains.the emperor slowly totures g'kar.with londo looking on helpless.we soon see the friendship of g'kar and londo.with londo hatching a plan to free g'kar and freeing his home world of the evil emperor.