Babylon 5

Season 3 Episode 22


Aired Monday 7:00 PM Oct 31, 1996 on

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  • Epic, emotional

    and I needed to hug a pony for support. Such a sad, yet also such a noble fate for Sheridan. Particularly noble in that the Centauri have been rather a menace lately, yet he's willing to sacrifice himself to save their future. Some of the other worlds could take some inspiration from that.

    I'll miss this guy, he was such a nice, kind-hearted leader. In fact that makes me wonder where things go in S4, seeing as it was him who was leading B5's independence. I wouldn't have thought they could just pull in another new captain from Earth Central!

    That moment when a whole load of Shadows pop up around B5, one of those "oh ***!" scenes on a par with, for example, a classic Doctor Who scene involving hordes of Cybermen clmbing out of the sewers.

    And ohhhh dear, Garibaldi (ship and all) appears to have been assimilated by one of those Shadow beasties. It's kind of like when Picard ends up a Borg, but somehow I have a feeling he won't be getting the same happy ending...

    Also, that powerful narration by G'Kar at the end.

    It's just brilliant stuff and it's been a great season. For S1+2 I was sort of "interested but watching it when I get around to it", but S3 brought back an old habit that I feel is unhealthy in one sense, but as healthy as it gets in another - to be so fascinated, so gripped by a story that I had to marathon like a dozen episodes per sitting. I'm more than okay with this.
  • Z'ha'dum

    Z'ha'dum was a really perfect, shocking, and entertaining episode of Babylon 5. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it was full of action, drama, intrigue, and revelations about what it's all really about from the Shadow's perspective. I found this episode very interesting and fun to watch. I thought it was really cool to see what happened to Anna Sheridan. I thought Z'ha'dum was had cool facilities and the massive underground city was spectacular. I really enjoyed the ending of this episode. Sheridan's plan was perfect and it was cool to see he still had a piece of Kosh with him. This was a perfect season three finale of Babylon 5!!!!!!!
  • jump now

    in this season final we see that captain sherdian wife has return to the station to see delenn in sherdian room. anna has come back to take john back to zhadum. sherdian is in total shock to see anna alive. john gets steven to run tests on anna. he finds out that anna has had shadow impants put into her. sherdian tells anna that he will go to zhadum with her if she tells him what had happen to her and the others. as sherdian says hes goodbyes to everyone he leaves a message for delenn declaring his love to her. as he goes to zhadum he has a plan. he takes a bomb with him and deciceds to blow up zhadum.
  • Moment feared...

    I have no words. This is beautiful episode, having every hard piece of decision on it.. bringing all those hints together, having the final stay.. Brilliant.

    I loved the whole thing around Sheridan. The web of lies he thought he found himself and how he dealt with it. I do not only mean Delenn and her thought that Anna would not go with it, but also those shadow agents. Morden, Justine.. all those.. Loved the ending scenes, the jump.. the explosion.

    And if the action on episode is not enough.. G'Kar's words in the end. I think this is probably one of the best ways of ending a season (series ending is probably better but..). The power of those words, amazing.
  • Doom at Z'ha'dum

    Seeing the title of the episode, my first thought was "Oh, this can't be good". A fairly accurate assessment, I think. Sheridan kicked some ass on Z'ha'dum with the White Star, but last we saw he'd just jumped into a bottomless pit. Garibaldi's ship is strapped to a Shadow vessel. When Kenickie said he hadn't come back I thought maybe he went off to Z'ha'dum to look for Sheridan, but I can't tell if he's hitchhiking a ride to the planet and being sneaky, or if he was captured. It looks more like captured, but I'm still an optimist (don't ask me why or how). Hearing the Shadow philosophy is interesting, but my brain is buzzing too much to decide if it makes sense or not. It's brutal and destructive, but "survival of the fittest" has always been the dominant rule of nature. I just don't know if the artificial stimulation of conflict can be said to produce the same results as the gradual evolution of species and society. And I certainly don't believe that the Shadows have the best interests of the universe at heart.
  • Definitely a turning point in the war with the Shadows as Sheridan travels to the home world of the mysterious enemy race.

    Directed by Adam Nimoy (Leonard "Spock" Nimoy's son) with an eye for the characters who drive the show. This episode stands out as both a key episode in the war with the Shadows and as an emotional rollercoaster for the relationship between John Sheridan (Boxleitner) and Delenn (the wonderful Mira Furlan, who was later cast in LOST as the mysterious French Woman). The episodes Special Guest Star does a decent job taking our heroic Captain on his journey into the heart of darkness. This is the best cliffhanger of the whole series and carries over for about four episodes into the next season. Probably a top ten episode of all the ones produced but there are at least five better!