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Baccano! - Shounen, Supernatural, Action, Adventure, Comedy (May contain bloody violence, bad language & mild nudity) ...

Many search for the secret to eternal life, but in 1711 a group of alchemists find that much sought after prize. The group of alchemists had to summon a demon to find the secret to obtaining eternal life, which the demon gave them. What the demon did not tell them was the threat that being close by one another posed. Slowly, the alchemists had to flee from each other and scatter across the world to keep alive... Set in the 1930s, each of the stories in the series involves several unrelated plots intersecting and crossing each other as events spiral farther and farther out of control. Immortal alchemists, mafia operated speakeasies, and many other elements of pulp fiction mashed together for a world straight out of the movies. ________________________ Opening Theme: "Gun's & Roses" by Paradise Lunch Ending Theme: "Calling" by Kaori Oda

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  • Some thoughts about the anime.

    I just finished watching Baccano! and I have to say, it was a great ride. Baccano! is like a puzzle game that in the beginning you are given only a few of the pieces, so you can't really tell what the whole picture shows, but as you continue, the pieces come together and you are in front of something trully remarkable. The non-linear storytelling was really unique and drawed my attention in the first place. The constant change in timelines was exciting and made the story even more interesting. Of course, the storyline on the train was the best, as it had a bunch of characters with very different motives and backgrounds interacting in the same place. The cast of characters was HUGE, and if you consider that the anime is only 16 episodes long, the creators did a great job spliting the screen time each character had. Of course, that leaves you with the desire to see more of them, either individually ( their past, especially about the immortals) or interacting with each other (a lot of the character didn't even meet). And that's the only problem I had with this anime. It has such potential that 16 episodes seem too few. Of course, some of these characters are realistically ridiculous (Isaac, Miria, Jaccuzi, Ladd), but hey, this is anime! Also, a minor complaint I have about the plot is that I wanted to see more of Huey Laforet, what his past was and what happened to him (I know that the light novels continue the story but I' m talking about the anime here). When i watched the 13th episode (the last episode of the anime) I was a little disappointed because at that point I had figured out what was happening in the 3 basic timelines and it didn't have a big moment to really excite me. But the OVAs did a very good job getting rid of that feeling and gave the anime a better conclusion, showing in the last scene Carol and the Vice President and their conversation about the story not really having an ending. Another thing that bothered me a little was the excessive use of gore and violence. Don't get me wrong, I like the realistic use of violence in movies and series but I think sometimes in Baccano! it was overused for no reason. So, that's that! Off to other animes now!moreless
  • Different Lives, Different Destinations, Endless Stories.

    The people we pass by everyday all have stories, sometimes whenever we either bond with someone or even become friends it's not just by choice but by design as if most to all your life the choices and actions you've made have lead you up to this one or many people now currently in your life.

    This is one of my personal top ten favorate animes and one of the best supprises I've been looking for. I can't really say too much about this anime since discovering things for yourself is actually one of the best things about this show.

    This show has a lot of things going for it, the animation is great the background animation is probably the most impressive to me cause it both captures decades long gone but also it's not static it's actually lively there is constant movement and even depth which at times made me wonder whats going on at the other end of town.

    The story telling format is similar to films like "Pulp Fiction" and "Memento" both which tell their stories in a non linar format. I'll admit I always loved this format in storytelling because it adds a great amount of intrigue and depth to both story and characters. And there are lots of characters in this show but trust me after sticking with watching this show for a while you'll get to know who is who, how their connected and actually care about some of them. My favorates are Issac and Mira whom are both essentric airheads but their hearts are always in the right place and they do take actions that do have fruitful results. There are lots of things happening and rolled in one that can really take you by supprise and interst you even more, just when you think you have it all figured out think again because there is another twist. You have alchamy, action, romance, ganster crime, noir, martial arts, slasher horror, comidy, fantasy, it's just a crazy and exausting mix but it all blends in perfectly like throwing in different fruits to make a tasty fruit drink; it further demonstrates how different generes can make a beautiful combo.

    But also the show has a participator sense because it's a puzzle that might require more than one watch in order to uncover more. In a way were the detectives thoughout the whole show, the way the story is told is very much similar to how detectives put together facts and stories they get from multiple sources. Were presented with stories that happens at different places and points of time and were figuring out how and why certain things happened but most of all what it's all leading up to. And it's really is a rewarding feeling watching though the whole show, which is a feeling I don't get much, sometimes whenever certain shows lead to a conclusion I wind up dissapointed sometimes because it was all build up but no significant pay off for my efforts of observation.

    As an old saying goes, "Everything happens for a reason."moreless
  • In the early 30's, countless characters all become connected on one fateful train ride. In Baccano!, you'll come across everyone from members of the mafia, to immortal alchemists, to your everyday common theif.moreless

    Baccano! is easily one of the most unique shows I've ever had the pleasure of seeing. Everything about it is interesting and new. The number of characters and the wild connections they all share, the multiple and extremely impressive fight scenes, the way the time period randomly shifts back and forth between three years totally catching you off guard, the cruel scandals involving alchemy and immortality, it's enough to make you take a step back and simply appreciate the effort put into making this series down-right amazing. The first episode is completely mind blowing with all the confusion and commotion, but it definitely leaves you wanting more. The amount of characters alone is overwhelming, yet at the same time it's a really fun concept. The excitement only increases from then on. You'll absorb so much information in a single episode, not even a mere minute is wasted. No fillers, so much hysterically bizarre humor, infinite intriguing characters, a well written and interesting plot, Baccano! has everything going for it. This series raised the bar, and that's not an easy thing to do with only 13 episodes and 3 OVA's. Everyone should be watching this! It's way too alluring and addicting to even consider passing up. Go watch it now!moreless
  • This is a brilliant and very original anime. An absolute must for fans of the genre.

    The show is set in the early 1930's and centres around the exploits of a group of people currently on a train traveling across America. This group includes gangsters, immortals, serial killers, thieves and children. The story is told out of order with different parts of the story happening in the wrong order. It also tells the back stories of each of the characters and the ways in which their past actions have lead to this current situation. In short if you liked the style of pulp fiction you will like this.

    The characters are brilliantly crafted and the plot is brilliantly constructed so that each character interacts with the others in the past to direectly or indirectly affected the other characters. The animation is very good and the voice talent is excellent.

    All in all this is a personal favourite of mine and should be appreciated by more people.moreless
  • A bunch of immortals against one bad immortal alchemist, a gang of killing fanatics plus the mafia in crisscrossing timelines adds up to a bloody story all in thirteen episodes plus three DVD bonuses.moreless

    Absolutely fantastically made story although there actually wasn't much to tell. (spoiler alert!) The anime was jumping times from 1930's to 1931 and 1932. There were multiple storylines going at once in different places at different times. The first episode was completely confusing, leaving me going "What the heck is going on?". But I got hooked on afterwards. I'm used to reading confusing books with multiple storylines so it was not much of a challenge for me to grasp all the plots at once but I had trouble trying to remember names and faces of all the characters. There are approximately twenty main characters and about ten other more important side characters. I didn't really remember all of them until halfway through the series. Although the theme isn't exactly original, it was very well done and fairly exciting with lots of action and gun shooting. This series should definitely be on your to watch list if you haven't watched this yet.moreless
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    So many great characters!But I could only have 5 choices.You can't have Isaac without Miria, and vice versa, so that made it easie...
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