Bachelor Father

ABC (ended 1962)




Episode Guide

    • Bentley and the Finishing School
      Bentley and the Finishing School
      Season 2 - Episode 1
      Bentley meets Julie Corey, the daughter of a friend of his and notices how polite and proper she is and realizes Kelly doesn't quite meet that same standard of social graces. Bentley learns about a finishing school that Julie attended and begins thinking of sending Kelly there. However, Kelly doesn't like the idea at all but agrees to go to the school anyway but little does Bentley know that it is a plot that Kelly has concocted and has enlisted the aid of Peter to outwit her uncle.moreless
    • A Crush on Bentley
      A Crush on Bentley
      Season 4 - Episode 5
      A client's daughter and friend of Kelly develops a crush on Bentley. Bentley uses the occassion to try to reconcile the girl's parents, who are seeking a divorce.
    • Bentley and the Great Debate
      Bentley and the Great Debate
      Season 4 - Episode 29
      Bentley, Kelly, and Kelly's schoolmate, Raymond, stand up for an unpopular high school basketball coach. The coach's fate is to be determined in a public debate between shy, awkward Raymond and the team's star player, Marty Braden.
    • The Law and Kelly Gregg
      The Law and Kelly Gregg
      Season 5 - Episode 14
      Kelly has decided she has no aptitude for law, much to Bentley's distress. Until she meets the attractive brother of a local attorney and becomes involved in convincing a reluctant witness to testify.
    • Bentley and the Revolving Housekeepers
      Bentley becomes concerned about Kelly's inability to take care of her belongings and feeling that she needs a little feminine interaction; Bentley hires a housekeeper to help straighten her out. However, Bentley fails to reckon with the resistance Kelly and Peter can put up with, but it turns out that Bentley is the one that becomes fed up with the latest housekeeper, Mrs. Farrell, who totally insinuates herself into every facet of Bentley's home life and begins to interfere in his love life.moreless
    • Bentley and the Big Board
      Bentley and the Big Board
      Season 4 - Episode 12
      On Bentley's advice, Peter invests money in the stock market but as soon as he does, the bottom drops out of the market.
    • Waiting Up for Kelly
      Waiting Up for Kelly
      Season 1 - Episode 15
      Kelly is excited about going out on her first real date with a boy but Bentley is anything but excited and is worried about what could be on the mind of her boyfriend. Despite this, Bentley lets her go out with him to the school dance and she promises to be back at a reasonable time. However, Bentley spends the entire night at home with a lady friend, worrying and then becomes frantic when Kelly does not arrive home at 11:15, this prompts him to scour the neighborhood in search of his missing niece.moreless
    • Bentley Leads a Dog's Life
      Bentley Leads a Dog's Life
      Season 2 - Episode 3
      Everyone has plans for the same weekend: Bentley decides to take a weekend vacation to Mexico while Peter plans a trip to San Francisco for a birthday party and Kelly is excited about plan to go to the mountains. However, everyone's plans hit a snag when they realize they have forgotten about Jasper, the family dog. After mulling over options and initially against it, Kelly agrees to have Jasper placed in a kennel, but this simple solution turns goes awry when Jasper unexpectedly runs away.moreless
    • Dear Bentley
      Dear Bentley
      Season 4 - Episode 13
      Kelly is coming up in the world when she begins working on a column of advice on teenage problems. Bentley thinks she's a little presumptuous because Kelly has her own problems.
    • Bentley and the Combo
      Bentley and the Combo
      Season 3 - Episode 18
      Kelly informs Bentley that the high school combo, slated to play at an upcoming dance, is sadly in need of organization. Bentley tries to solve the problem by talking his friend Chuck into helping the orchestra.
    • Hilda Rides Again
      Hilda Rides Again
      Season 4 - Episode 32
      Hilda the housekeeper is back helping out at the Gregg household. This time she's lovesick for her regular boss's car-loving chauffeur, so Bentley coaches her on the finer points of auto mechanics to win his love.
    • Curfew Shall Not Ring Tonight
      Curfew Shall Not Ring Tonight
      Season 5 - Episode 40
      Kelly, no longer engaged, moves into a Malibu apartment with long-time friend Ginger. They're under the watchful eye of house mother Miss Sharkey and three boys next door anxious to make a good first impression.
    • Kelly and the College Man
      Kelly and the College Man
      Season 3 - Episode 25
      Kelly's latest romance shocks Uncle Bentley after she becomes bored with her high school friends and begins dating an older man.
    • Bentley and the Lady Doctor
      Bentley and the Lady Doctor
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      Bentley and Peter are both getting fed up with Kelly not cleaning her bedroom. After begging and pleading with her, Bentley becomes convinced that he needs the assistance of a psychiatrist in teaching Kelly responsibility. The doctor he chooses turns out to be a breathless beauty and he decides to discuss his problems with her over a candlelight dinner. Meanwhile, Bentley soon lets things get out of hand when the mess begins to spread from Kelly's bedroom to the whole house.moreless
    • The King's English
      The King's English
      Season 5 - Episode 2
    • Bentley's Clubhouse
      Bentley's Clubhouse
      Season 1 - Episode 19
      Uncle Bentley has gotten used to coming home from work and finding the house filled with Kelly's friends. However, when her friends begin exhibiting a lack of discipline, their mothers begin to refuse to allow their daughters to visit the Gregg household. This leads Bentley to invite the mothers over to explain the situation and soon he finds himself coming home everyday to a group of mothers who are looking for socialization, but now Bentley has another problem, the fathers are not willing to take this lying down.moreless
    • Kelly's Idol
      Kelly's Idol
      Season 3 - Episode 5
      Kelly decides that Howard is not very suave and sophisticated. So she decides to change him into the likeness of Uncle Bentley.
    • Peter Falls in Love
      Peter Falls in Love
      Season 1 - Episode 17
      Spring has sprung and love is the air and Bentley is in for a bumpy ride as Peter has fallen in love and has been spending all his time with his girl, while Kelly has an eye for a boy and even Tramp has been hanging out with a neighbor dog, Bentley finds himself loveless. So Bentley decides to call Barbara a woman whom he certainly would end up with marriage. Meanwhile, Bentley begins interviewing new secretaries as Vickie has announced her engagement.moreless
    • Bentley and the Majorette
      Bentley and the Majorette
      Season 3 - Episode 21
      Kelly and her friends are practicing hard for an upcoming drum majorette contest but Uncle Bentley notices that one of the teenagers doesn't seem to be interested in rehearsals.
    • Bentley and the Teenage Siren
      Bentley and the Teenage Siren
      Season 2 - Episode 4
      Kelly loses her self-confidence when a teenage siren, Valerie, moves to the neighborhood and becomes the center of every boy's mind at school. Bentley does his best to try to make Kelly feel attractive but Kelly and the other girls at school decide to retaliate and decide to blackball Valerie. Meanwhile, Bentley encounters Valerie's father, a braggart, at the gulf club, who sheds some light on Valerie's situation and Bentley soon encourages Kelly to befriend Valerie rather than make her an enemy.moreless
    • Bentley's Big Case
      Bentley's Big Case
      Season 2 - Episode 8
      Bentley is asked by a wealthy client to represent his wife in a minor car accident that resulted in a dented fender. However, Bentley soon realizes that there is a lot more at stake, when he learns that Peter is on the opposing side, acting as his own counsel and refusing to settle for the $18 in damage or back down from his principles. Meanwhile, Kelly has a tough choice when she is torn between standing up for an unpopular girl or running for club president.moreless
    • Bentley's Aunt Caroline
      Bentley's Aunt Caroline
      Season 2 - Episode 15
      Concerned over Kelly's lack of discipline, Bentley decides she needs a woman's guidance. He sends for his Aunt Caroline, whom he hasn't seen in twenty years and who he remembers as being very traditional and motherly, but her arrival only complicates Bentley's problem when Bentley learns that she has become very worldly and adventurous and she invades the Gregg household and sets out to turn Kelly into a sophisticated woman. Meanwhile, Bentley begins to plot the best way to get his aunt to leave.moreless
    • Uncle Bentley Loans Out Peter
      Uncle Bentley Loans Out Peter
      Season 1 - Episode 12
      Uncle Bentley has been busy wining and dining a movie star, Liza Lane who just adores Peter so when she asks if she can borrow him for a couple of days, Bentley agrees to lend him to her. However, with Peter gone, Bentley soon realizes just how much he has come to depend on Peter. Meanwhile, Bentley secretly plans a candlelight dinner with a new client and with Peter away hires a replacement to serve but everything goes awry as the replacement he hires turns out to be part of Liza's revenge plot.moreless
    • Bentley and the Talent Contest
      Bentley and the Talent Contest
      Season 1 - Episode 9
      Kelly has been busy with ballet lessons, piano lessons and tennis lessons and when Bentley learns that a talent contest is being held at Kelly's school he encourages her to try out. However, after speaking with each one of her instructors, he discovers Kelly is lacking talent in all of those areas. Kelly quickly tries to come up with a talent but she becomes convinced she has none. Meanwhile, Bentley must deal with the competitive fathers of Kelly's "talented" classmates.moreless
    • Pinch That Penny
      Pinch That Penny
      Season 5 - Episode 19
      Jack Benny's famous valet, Rochester, spends a week in the Gregg household and teaches Peter how to save money. Peter, however, is unwilling to drop an avocado in order to pinch a few pennies.
    • Woman of the House
      Woman of the House
      Season 1 - Episode 16
      Kelly begins to take a larger role in the household and becomes a regular little homemaker, complete with cooking meals. Meanwhile, Uncle Bentley's latest client is Ronnie Burns; son of George and Gracie Burns and Kelly and her friend Ginger are dying to meet him. Kelly manages to get Bentley to agree to bring him over for a dinner that she is going to prepare but her plans may be dashed when Bentley's plans change and he forgets all about Kelly's dinner.moreless
    • Hilda the Jewel
      Hilda the Jewel
      Season 4 - Episode 7
      As a favor to a client leaving on a business trip, Bentley hires the client's Swedish housekeeper, Hilda, to help Peter with the household duties. But Hilda's overbearing ways soon create havoc.
    • A Man of Importance
      A Man of Importance
      Season 3 - Episode 34
      Peter decides to become a man of importance when his girlfriend gives him the brushoff. Bentley hatches a plan to boost his ego.
    • Bentley Meets the Perfect Woman
      Bentley Meets the Perfect Woman
      Season 3 - Episode 30
      Bentley meets the perfect woman but the young lady is dubious about his qualifications and has some interesting ideas about turning him into the perfect man.
    • Bentley, Man of Steel
      Bentley, Man of Steel
      Season 2 - Episode 16
      Bentley falls for the charms of a lovely girl who operates a health club. He is so impressed that he starts exercising with barbells and eating health foods, hoping to capture the young lady's admiration. It soon turns into a competition when another man enters the scene trying to snatch her affection as well. However, Bentley's rigorous new lifestyle begins to take its toll on him and he decides to fall off the health food wagon.moreless
    • Kelly's Mad Crush
      Kelly's Mad Crush
      Season 2 - Episode 7
      Bentley has a meeting with his client, Ronnie Burns who believes that an ex-girlfriend, Lorraine, is stalking him and not only that but also has her jealous ex-boyfriend Fred is after him as well looking for revenge. Meanwhile, Kelly is invited out to dinner with Bentley and Ronnie and she comes down with a massive crush on Ronnie and talks of nothing else and fails to realize reality when she herself encounters Lorraine. Meanwhile, Bentley and Peter do their best to try to break the love spell that has come over Kelly.moreless
    • Decisions, Decisions
      Decisions, Decisions
      Season 2 - Episode 10
      Kelly finds herself in a bind when she gets two separate invitations to attend the prom. As Kelly begins debating which boy should like to go with, she asks Bentley's advice. He soon finds himself being the person to turn to for advice, Peter turns to him with stock market advice and Kitty turns to him for wardrobe advice, but he becomes convinced he is cursed when all advice that he gives turns out to be bad. Meanwhile, Kelly's decision goes awry and she just may find herself without a date for the prom.moreless
    • Peter's China Doll
      Peter's China Doll
      Season 4 - Episode 26
      Peter wants to adopt a little Chinese girl, but is rejected by the adoption board because he is single, causing him to go wife-hunting. Meanwhile custody is awarded to a couple, the Lees. But Peter is unwilling to let her go.
    • Bentley and the P.T.A.
      Bentley and the P.T.A.
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      Wealthy Hollywood attorney, Bentley Gregg's world is turned upside down when his niece, Kelly, moves in with him putting a cramp in his love life. Meanwhile, Kelly is anxious for her Uncle Bentley to become active in the PTA at her school. However, Bentley has other things on his mind like a series of dates with a glamorous Italian actress who he is trying to get to sign an important contract. Soon Bentley finds himself juggling obligations and it may just be too much.moreless
    • Bentley and the Dog Trainer
      Bentley and the Dog Trainer
      Season 3 - Episode 2
      Bentley's dog, Jasper, decides a neighbor's prize winning camellias are even tastier than dog biscuits, which leads the neighbor to threaten a lawsuit.
    • Uncle Bentley and the Matchmaker
      Uncle Bentley and the Matchmaker
      Season 1 - Episode 20
      Bentley has a friend, Joe Browning, whose wife Irene, is a non-stop matchmaker who makes it her goal in life to get Bentley married. After a few failed attempts, Irene secretly plots to have an attractive woman move in next door to Bentley and play hard to get and her plan seems to work, when Bentley falls head over heels for her. However, Bentley begins to have second thoughts when the idea of children enters the picture.moreless
    • Bentley's Prospective Son-in-Law
      Bentley's Prospective Son-in-Law
      Season 1 - Episode 18
      Uncle Bentley meets Kelly's latest boyfriend, Howard, and Bentley quickly finds that he can't get him out of his hair. It seems everywhere Bentley turns, there is Howard and Bentley tries to come up with a way to get rid of him but in the end he decides to pretend to like him in a ploy for Kelly to lose interest. Bentley's plot works, however, Kelly decides to keep Howard around solely because she believes Bentley likes him so much.moreless
    • Bentley and the Social Worker
      Bentley and the Social Worker
      Season 1 - Episode 13
      Bentley decides that it is time for Kelly to have some stability in her life and he decides to officially adopt her. Convinced that it will be a simple legal matter, Bentley is not quite prepared when he learns a social worker appointed by the court will drop by unannounced to witness the home life of the child. So Bentley, Kelly and Peter camp out waiting to impress the social worker. However, Bentley's not being able to control Kelly and also his "bad" habits may be his undoing.moreless
    • Uncle Bentley and the Aunts
      Uncle Bentley and the Aunts
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      Kelly is trying to get into a prestigious girls club, "The Lucky 13s" and she is stunned when a girl on the board votes against her. Later, Bentley learns the reason behind the rejection is that the member who voted against Kelly has an aunt who dislikes Bentley. Bentley sets out to right a wrong, convinced that he must have wined and dined and then jilted the aunt, but trying to determine which aunt is which, is the trick.moreless
    • Bentley and Peter's Teacher
      Bentley and Peter's Teacher
      Season 2 - Episode 5
      Bentley gets fed up with Peter leaving him notes and messages that he cannot decipher and insists that Peter take a night course in English. Although hesitant at first, Peter enrolls in night school but soon Peter goes overboard and takes as many courses as he can and begins to neglect his housework. Bentley becomes resentful of Peter's teacher, Miss Cutler, whom Peter raves about, that is until Bentley meets her and she catches his romantic eye.moreless
    • A Sister for Kelly
      A Sister for Kelly
      Season 1 - Episode 14
      Bentley gets fed up when it seems everyone is playing matchmaker for him and fixing him up with every single woman in town. Bentley is caught off guard when Kelly joins the bandwagon and begins matchmaking and she plots with her friend Ginger to pair Bentley up with Ginger's single mother and all goes well. Bentley hits it off with her and Kelly and Ginger have hopes of becoming sisters. However, after all their attempts Kelly makes realizes Bentley does not love her and the girls begin plotting to break them up.moreless
    • Bentley, the Proud Father
      Bentley, the Proud Father
      Season 2 - Episode 14
      Kelly has a crush on a boy who suddenly takes an interest in a young bubbly girl who giggles at the drop of a hat. This convinces Bentley that Kelly should try to become more popular with boys and try to alter her personality. Meanwhile, Bentley joins a committee to put together a school carnival and Bentley becomes determined to get Kelly named the queen of the carnival and finds himself competing against a fellow father who is also determined to win.moreless
    • Bentley and the Kleptomaniac
      Bentley and the Kleptomaniac
      Season 2 - Episode 11
      Kelly has been content with life since moving in with Uncle Bentley, however she quickly realizes, Bentley has been putting too much time and effort into her life and wants to discourage Bentley from checking up on her every move, so she decides to give him something big to worry about. She pressures her boyfriend, Howard, into taking objects from the Gregg household, creating the impression that the young man is a kleptomaniac.moreless
    • Bentley's New House
      Bentley's New House
      Season 3 - Episode 27
      Bentley's latest case is Sense vs. Sentiment when he wants Kelly and Peter to throw out all of their useless keepsakes.
    • Peter, the Medicine Man
      Peter, the Medicine Man
      Season 5 - Episode 39
      Both Peter and his niece, Blossom, come down with tonsillitis. Peter has trouble accepting his need for surgery, so Bentley comes up with a solution with the help of the cast of Peter's favorite television show.
    • Marry Thy Neighbor
      Marry Thy Neighbor
      Season 5 - Episode 35
    • Boys Will Be
      Boys Will Be
      Season 5 - Episode 37
      Bentley becomes a "godfather" to several at-risk youth, including a boy who aspires to a legal career. When one of the boys steals a judge's prized golf trophy, Bentley convinces them to solve their problems without violence and holds a trial in his living room.
    • How Howard Won His "C"
      How Howard Won His "C"
      Season 5 - Episode 18
      Bentley coaches Howard in the art of fencing to help him win a letter, gain confidence, and impress Kelly.
    • Jasper the Second
      Jasper the Second
      Season 4 - Episode 1
      Loveable Jasper is gone so Kelly and Peter want another dog, but Bentley doesn't feel loveable, he says no.
    • Uncle Bentley Keeps His Promise
      Uncle Bentley Keeps His Promise
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      Kelly has her friends over and the fact that Bentley is acquainted with numerous famous people and movie stars comes up in conversation and not wanting her friends to think she is all talk, she promises that Bentley will be able to get singing teen idol, Ronny Mann to make an appearance at a party that she will be giving. This leads Bentley to attempt to produce the young singer to avoid a big letdown for Kelly but trying to get a hold of the singer proves to be a challenge.moreless
    • Bentley, the Homemaker
      Bentley, the Homemaker
      Season 1 - Episode 10
      Uncle Bentley becomes concerned when Kelly suddenly begins to spend all of her free time with the Fuller family. Bentley gets fed up with Kelly constantly raving about Mr. Fuller and all the great things he does to entertain. Bentley soon turns it into a competition and sets out to wins Kelly's attention himself and he turns to Kelly's favorite comedian Jack Benny for a little assistance but even Jack Benny may not be able to break the Fuller spell.moreless
    • Bentley and the Motorcycle
      Bentley and the Motorcycle
      Season 2 - Episode 17
      Kelly's friend Ginger is ecstatic when she announces that she is going steady and Howard decides he wants to go steady with Kelly and he asks Bentley for permission to go steady with her but he refuses on the grounds that Kelly is too young to be held down to one person. However, Kelly later comes home with the news that a boy has asked her to go steady and Bentley adamantly refuses to let her especially since it is the same boy who ran him off the road with his motorcycle and whom Bentley considers a juvenile delinquent.moreless
    • Bentley Takes it Easy
      Bentley Takes it Easy
      Season 5 - Episode 36
      A week of relaxation is getting on Bentley's nerves.
    • Parents Night (a.k.a.) Cyrano De Bergerac
      Kelly urges her Uncle Bentley to try out for the leading role in a forthcoming production of Cyrano De Bergerac that is being put on by the PTA. Bentley allows himself to be persuaded but during the rehearsals he argues with the leading lady, Diana Webster, and walks out on the play. Having second thoughts, Bentley tries to patch things up with Diana, but she refuses to even take his calls and Bentley finds himself pushed out of the play completely but an emergency on opening night may be what Bentley needs to get back in.moreless
    • Kelly's Graduation
      Kelly's Graduation
      Season 5 - Episode 1
      Kelly is chosen as class valedictorian. Bentley is taking the joy out of it by telling her what to say, what to wear, and where she should go to college. Her teacher tries to get him to ease up.
    • A Man Among Men
      A Man Among Men
      Season 4 - Episode 25
    • Kelly and the Free Thinker
      Kelly and the Free Thinker
      Season 5 - Episode 4
      Kelly's enthralled by a boy who enjoys contemplating his own existence. Frustrated, Howard and Bentley team up to give him a taste of his own philosophical medicine.
    • Bentley and the Travel Agent
      Bentley and the Travel Agent
      Season 3 - Episode 31
      Bentley visits a travel agency and loses his head when he schedules a resort vacation for Kelly, a visit to San Francisco for Peter and in a final burst of inspiration, a fishing trip for a couple of friends.
    • Bentley Swims Upstream
      Bentley Swims Upstream
      Season 4 - Episode 24
    • A Party for Peter
      A Party for Peter
      Season 5 - Episode 5
      To impress a girl who works at the supermarket, Peter maneuvers to get her idol, Frankie Laine, to sing at his birthday party.
    • Drop That Calorie
      Drop That Calorie
      Season 4 - Episode 40
      Bentley is furious when Kelly and Peter start an expensive new exercise regimen. Anger turns to enthusiasm when he meets the beautiful young woman who runs the program.
    • Bentley and the Counterspy
      Bentley and the Counterspy
      Season 4 - Episode 27
    • Bentley's Barbecue
      Bentley's Barbecue
      Season 4 - Episode 39
      Kelly wants an expensive new barbecue for an upcoming party, but Bentley wants to save money and build one for her. Meanwhile, he begins feuding with a neighbor over an expensive new sprinkler system.
    • Kelly's Charge Account
      Kelly's Charge Account
      Season 4 - Episode 33
      Kelly becomes the first in her social club to have a charge card at a local department store. Her friends' fathers seek revenge on the overly permissive Bentley.
    • Bentley Builds a Pool
      Bentley Builds a Pool
      Season 4 - Episode 34
      Bentley unwittingly becomes the new "Pied Piper of Beverly Hills" when he builds a fancy new swimming pool to attract Kelly and her friends.
    • Bentley's Mad Friends
      Bentley's Mad Friends
      Season 4 - Episode 31
      Bentley decides that every time that he, Peter, or Kelly lose his temper, that person needs to bathe Jasper. Kelly and Peter decide to trick Bentley into losing his temper, but not before Jasper is the cleanest dog in town.
    • Bentley Slays a Dragon
      Bentley Slays a Dragon
      Season 4 - Episode 35
      Bentley convinces Cousin Charlie to give Peter, suffering from a lack of confidence, a position of authority with the local Purple Dragons.
    • Bentley and the Nature Girl
      Bentley and the Nature Girl
      Season 4 - Episode 30
      Bentley wants nothing to do with the Great Outdoors - at least until he meets the lovely young leader of Kelly's nature group. He's soon embroiled in romance, a professor's honor, and the search for a rare bird in the hills surrounding Los Angeles.
    • Peter Plays Cupid
      Peter Plays Cupid
      Season 4 - Episode 28
    • A Favor for Bentley
      A Favor for Bentley
      Season 4 - Episode 36
      Bentley is opposed to favors with strings attached. But he finds himself caught in such a web when he asks a movie star client to appear at Kelly's school.
    • Kelly Gets a Job
      Kelly Gets a Job
      Season 4 - Episode 37
      Kelly wants a new formal evening gown, but Bentley won't buy one. So Kelly takes a job.
    • Never Steal An Owl
      Never Steal An Owl
      Season 5 - Episode 6
      Howard finds himself in serious need of Bentley's help after he is accused of stealing a rival college's stuffed owl mascot.
    • Bentley's Catered Affair
      Bentley's Catered Affair
      Season 5 - Episode 7
    • On the Old Camp Ground
      On the Old Camp Ground
      Season 5 - Episode 26
    • Strictly Business
      Strictly Business
      Season 5 - Episode 25
    • Will Success Spoil Jasper?
      Will Success Spoil Jasper?
      Season 5 - Episode 24
    • The Hong Kong Suit
      The Hong Kong Suit
      Season 5 - Episode 23
    • A Visit to the Bergens
      A Visit to the Bergens
      Season 5 - Episode 27

      After paying a visit to the home of famous ventriloquist Edgar Bergen, Bentley agrees to let Peter fill in as Bergen's temporary housekeeper, then Peter decides to make the arrangement permanent after a disagreement with Bentley over Peter's expensive purchases. Meanwhile, The Bergens' old housekeeper, who can't work without watching TV, goes to work for Bentley.

    • The Richest Cat
      The Richest Cat
      Season 5 - Episode 28
      During a fierce thunderstorm a cat wanders into the Greggs' basement where she gives birth to kittens. Bentley and neighbor Cal Mitchell believe that the cat is heir to a fortune, so each wants to be the one to care for the cat and kittens.
    • The Twain Shall Meet
      The Twain Shall Meet
      Season 5 - Episode 29
      When a Chinese tradition keeps Mei Lan from seeing her boyfriend Leo Toy, Kelly and Peter try to arrange a secret meeting for the young couple - right under disapproving Bentley's nose.
    • What Men Don't Know
      What Men Don't Know
      Season 5 - Episode 34
      Bentley advises Kelly to take an interest in her fiance's hobbies, which leads to chilly relations between the engaged couple when Kelly embarrasses Warren at a dinner party.
    • Blossom Time at the Greggs
      Blossom Time at the Greggs
      Season 5 - Episode 33
    • Kelly's Engagement
      Kelly's Engagement
      Season 5 - Episode 31
      A recent law school graduate has his heart set on joining Bentley's law firm. He meets Kelly and they quickly become engaged. Bentley, however, suspects he has ulterior motives and quickly puts him to the test.
    • Bentley Goes to Bat
      Bentley Goes to Bat
      Season 5 - Episode 30
    • Summer Romance
      Summer Romance
      Season 5 - Episode 22

      Bentley and Peter are off to Yellowstone National Park after receiving a letter from Kelly stating her plans to marry a young man who is studying to be a park ranger.

    • Bentley and the Homebody
      Bentley and the Homebody
      Season 5 - Episode 21
    • Blossom Comes to Visit
      Blossom Comes to Visit
      Season 5 - Episode 20
    • Bentley and the Time Clock
      Bentley and the Time Clock
      Season 5 - Episode 11
      Peter's colorful Cousin Charlie has formed a new union, "The Benevolent Society of Chinese Houseboys."
    • Star Light, Star Not So Bright
      Star Light, Star Not So Bright
      Season 5 - Episode 10
    • Peter's Punctured Wedding
      Peter's Punctured Wedding
      Season 5 - Episode 9
      Peter is about to get married as a result of a pre-arranged marriage contract signed at his birth. His intended bride, however, has fallen for someone else: Peter's Cousin Richard.
    • House at Smuggler's Cove
      House at Smuggler's Cove
      Season 5 - Episode 8
      Detective Bentley is on the case. A client's former home is allegedly haunted, and this is preventing reasonable real estate offers.
    • Birth of a Song
      Birth of a Song
      Season 5 - Episode 12
      Recording artist Penny Patterson needs Bentley's help to break her contract legally then doesn't seem to be in a hurry.
    • Divided House
      Divided House
      Season 5 - Episode 38
    • Deck the Halls
      Deck the Halls
      Season 5 - Episode 13
    • Gold in Them Hills
      Gold in Them Hills
      Season 5 - Episode 17
      Peter is ready to get rich when he purchases five acres of premium commercial land right in the middle of a ghost town abandoned decades ago after the gold rush.
    • Kelly and the Yes Man
      Kelly and the Yes Man
      Season 5 - Episode 16
      Kelly wants to be nominated for sophomore class vice president. She has no trouble promising favors from the men in her life, who she has neatly wrapped around her finger. At least until Bentley's pride is at stake.
    • How to Throw Your Voice
      How to Throw Your Voice
      Season 5 - Episode 15
    • Rush Week
      Rush Week
      Season 5 - Episode 3
    • There's No Place Like Home
      There's No Place Like Home
      Season 4 - Episode 23
      The Greggs are back from their trip to European tour but they still have that continental air. As if that isn't enough, Bentley has reels of movies of the trip.
    • Encore in Paris
      Encore in Paris
      Season 4 - Episode 22
      Before returning home from Europe, Kelly, then Peter, and finally a reluctant Bentley find romance blossom, then abrubtly fizzle. As Bentley puts it: It's not love; it's Paris, a state of mind.
    • The Greggs in Paris
      The Greggs in Paris
      Season 4 - Episode 21
    • Bentley Plays Cupid
      Bentley Plays Cupid
      Season 3 - Episode 13
      Bentley plays cupid when he learns that his secretary and his friend Chuck are dating. Bentley suggests they get married, but Chuck insists that he won't wed until Bentley does.
    • Bentley and the Brainy Beauty
      Bentley and the Brainy Beauty
      Season 3 - Episode 12
      Bentley encounters a young lady who feels that he ought to live a more purposeful life. She prescribes an active schedule for Bentley.
    • Bentley's Double Play
      Bentley's Double Play
      Season 3 - Episode 11
      Bentley is going to direct Kelly's high school play, "The Courtship of Miles Standish." Peter wants to play the part of John Alden but Bentley refuses to cast him.
    • A Key for Kelly
      A Key for Kelly
      Season 3 - Episode 10
      Bentley is shocked when his niece, Kelly, asks him for her own house key. He firmly refuses to let her have one.
    • Kelly's Secret
      Kelly's Secret
      Season 3 - Episode 14
      Bentley is mystified by Kelly's strange behavior and he questions her about it. Kelly shocks her uncle with the news that someone in her high school class is getting married.
    • Bentley Goes to Washington
      Bentley Goes to Washington
      Season 3 - Episode 15
      Bentley decides to accept a job in Washington, D.C. and announces to Kelly and Peter that they are leaving California.
    • Kelly, the Politician
      Kelly, the Politician
      Season 3 - Episode 16
      Nominated for president of the student council, Kelly plans a hard hitting campaign.
    • The Fortune Cookie Caper
      The Fortune Cookie Caper
      Season 3 - Episode 24
      Peter turns businessman by selling homemade fortune cookies to restaurants and helping in the operation is Kelly who is acting as an assistant.
    • Bentley, the Model Citizen
      Bentley, the Model Citizen
      Season 3 - Episode 22
      A neighbor asks Bentley to join him in a protest to the city about the location of a traffic signal. Bentley is willing until he meets a pretty girl who favors the present location of the signal.
    • Bentley and the Bartered Bride
      Bentley and the Bartered Bride
      Season 3 - Episode 19
      Peter receives a picture of a lovely girl from a marriage broker and falls madly in love.
    • Bentley, the Gentleman Farmer
      Bentley, the Gentleman Farmer
      Season 3 - Episode 17
      For a school project, Kelly and Howard must grow something in the garden. In a generous mood, Bentley offers to help them.
    • The Rescue of Rufus
      The Rescue of Rufus
      Season 3 - Episode 9
      Rufus, a dog belonging to a friend of Kelly, is accused of biting a man. Kelly persuades Bentley to defend Rufus in a court hearing.
    • Kelly, the Golddigger
      Kelly, the Golddigger
      Season 3 - Episode 8
      Kelly develops a warped attitude about money after she has dated a millionaire. To teach her a lesson, Bentley decides to play the part of a fortune hunter.
    • Bentley, the Star Maker
      Bentley, the Star Maker
      Season 2 - Episode 13
      Kelly's boyfriend, Howard is always hanging around and Bentley reasons that if Howard's singing career took up more of his time, Bentley would see less of him. So Bentley decides to give Howard's career a push.
    • A Phone for Kelly
      A Phone for Kelly
      Season 2 - Episode 12
      Bentley staunchly refuses Kelly's plea for a second telephone in the house. But Kelly is determined to make him change his mind.
    • Bentley's Economy Wave
      Bentley's Economy Wave
      Season 2 - Episode 9
      Bentley decides to place the household on a stringent budget, but with very unhappy results.
    • Bentley and the Babysitter
      Bentley and the Babysitter
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      When Kelly asks permission to babysit, Uncle Bentley refuses, claiming she's too young. But Kelly persists and finally Bentley relents and even looks in on his niece during her first assignment.
    • Bentley and the Beauty Contest
      Bentley and the Beauty Contest
      Season 2 - Episode 19
      Bentley takes an avid interest in a beautiful Peruvian girl and helps her to win a talent contest. But he encounters unexpected complications in his campaign to woo her.
    • Bentley, the Hero
      Bentley, the Hero
      Season 2 - Episode 20
      A girl who has her heart set on breaking into pictures decides that Bentley is just the man to help her. The girl begins by pretending to drown so that Bentley can save her.
    • Peter Meets His Match
      Peter Meets His Match
      Season 3 - Episode 1
      When Peter falls in love the entire Gregg household suffers. Bentley learns that Peter's lady love is employed by the neighborhood supermarket and he offers to give him pointers on how to win the young lady's affections.
    • Bentley and Grandpa Ling
      Bentley and Grandpa Ling
      Season 3 - Episode 7
      Eccentric Grandpa Ling, a relative of Peter's comes to visit. Bentley discovers that Grandpa has a habit of taking things he likes and leaving an item he considers of equal value in exchange.
    • East Meets West
      East Meets West
      Season 3 - Episode 6
      Peter decides he needs a television set in the kitchen so that he can watch his favorite western show. But Bentley firmly refuses to grant Peter's wish.
    • Bentley and the Gullible Guitarist
      Kelly plans a party hoping to take advantage of her friend's talents. Bentley, realizing that he and others are serving as Kelly's means to an end decides it's time to teach her a lesson.
    • The Case Against Gisele
      The Case Against Gisele
      Season 3 - Episode 3
      Bentley, Kelly and Peter visit Gisele MacKenzie on a movie set. While they are there Peter trips and later his cousin talks him into suing Gisele.
    • Kelly, the Career Woman
      Kelly, the Career Woman
      Season 3 - Episode 26
      Kelly becomes a career woman when she volunteers to help Uncle Bentley in his law office. However, she impedes not speeds up due process of the law.
    • Bentley, the Stage Mother
      Bentley, the Stage Mother
      Season 3 - Episode 28
      Kelly wants to be an actress but Uncle Bentley responds with a blunt "No." However, the true spirit of ambition prevails.
    • Bentley Cracks the Whip
      Bentley Cracks the Whip
      Season 4 - Episode 11
      Bentley is greatly concerned about the household finances, so everyone, including himself, receives a weekly budget. Naturally, Bentley runs into immediate trouble when his date decides she wants Cherries Jubilee.
    • Kelly, the Matchmaker
      Kelly, the Matchmaker
      Season 4 - Episode 10
      Kelly begins meddling in the love lives of her friends and members of the Gregg household. When her plans begin backfiring, Bentley enlists the help of a budding actor to teach her a lesson.
    • How to Catch a Man
      How to Catch a Man
      Season 4 - Episode 9
      Kelly goes to great lengths to try to get a date with a boy in school, but Bentley tries to discourage her. He thinks the boy should be the one to do the asking.
    • It Happens in November
      It Happens in November
      Season 4 - Episode 8
      Bentley is dead set against using his home as a polling place on Election Day, but one look at an attractive lady from the election board is enough to change his mind. He learns an important lesson in democracy when his service at the polls threatens a lucrative deal with an important potential client.moreless
    • Bentley and the Lost Chord
      Bentley and the Lost Chord
      Season 4 - Episode 14
    • Ginger's Big Romance
      Ginger's Big Romance
      Season 4 - Episode 15
      With Kelly's help Ginger starts dating a boy named David, but David is more interested in Kelly.
    • Bentley the Angel
      Bentley the Angel
      Season 4 - Episode 16
      Peter's Cousin Charlie cons Bentley into becoming producer of a play at a Chinese theater.
    • The Greggs in London
      The Greggs in London
      Season 4 - Episode 20
      While Bentley pursues the beautiful young heiress who led him through her family's historic mansion, Peter is locked in battle with a proper English butler. No winners are declared until the egg foo yung is served.
    • The Greggs in Rome
      The Greggs in Rome
      Season 4 - Episode 19
      The Greggs arrive in Rome where Bentley is to oversee production of a movie on behalf of a client, the producer. When production is threatened, Bentley's business acumen allows him to extend their tour.
    • Bentley Goes to Europe
      Bentley Goes to Europe
      Season 4 - Episode 18
      Bentley is going on an all-expenses-paid business trip to Rome, accompanied by Kelly and Peter. But lacking a birth certificate, Peter needs Grandpa Ling to swear that he was born in San Francisco in order to obtain a passport. Unfortunately, with time running out, Grandpa Ling can't seem to remember exactly where Peter was born.moreless
    • Bentley and the Woodpecker
      Bentley and the Woodpecker
      Season 4 - Episode 17
      A woodpecker is keeping Bentley awake. The bird disappears, and when Kelly finds him with a slingshot, she thinks he killed it. A surreal dream sequence shows Bentley in jail. But the bird was only nesting and now has babies.

    • Peter Gets Jury Notice
      Peter Gets Jury Notice
      Season 4 - Episode 6
      Peter is eager to serve on a jury to impress his girlfriend, Linda, but is disqualified because Bentley serves as counsel on the case which Peter's jury is to hear. It turns out that both Peter and Linda were witnesses in the case, and they are called to testify on behalf of Bentley's client.moreless
    • Mystery Witness
      Mystery Witness
      Season 4 - Episode 4
      Kelly is involved in a minor traffic accident, and the woman she says was at fault decides to sue the Gregg family. A witness to the accident, meanwhile, is very reluctant to offer his testimony.
    • The Fishing Trip
      The Fishing Trip
      Season 3 - Episode 23
      Bentley's friends seem to have dandy times with their sons so this gets Bentley thinking about making Kelly a companion.
    • Bentley and the Beach Bum
      Bentley and the Beach Bum
      Season 3 - Episode 35
      Kelly is fascinated by a young man who spends all his time at the beach.
    • Bentley and the Blood Bank
      Bentley and the Blood Bank
      Season 3 - Episode 33
      At a Red Cross pep rally, Frank Curtis launches into a wild account of his wartime exploits. His own story a ringing success, he decides to create a similar aura of heroism for Bentley.
    • The Very Friendly Witness
      The Very Friendly Witness
      Season 3 - Episode 32
      A local "chanteuse" refuses to help Bentley with an important client unless he agrees to take her to a major society event. Unfortunately, he already has a date.
    • The Woman's Angle
      The Woman's Angle
      Season 3 - Episode 29
      Kelly is back to work in Uncle Bentley's office. This time it's because she doesn't want to be treated like a child.
    • Where There's a Will
      Where There's a Will
      Season 3 - Episode 36
      Bentley is about to read the will to a late client's relatives when the lights go out. When they come on again, the will is gone.
    • Bentley's Birthday Gift
      Bentley's Birthday Gift
      Season 3 - Episode 37
      Kelly is for an idea for Uncle Bentley's birthday gift so a friend of Bentley's suggests a surprise birthday party instead and offers to help select the guest list from Bentley's little black book.
    • The Blond Issue
      The Blond Issue
      Season 3 - Episode 20
      Kelly wants to bleach her hair blond to impress a new boyfriend but Bentley won't allow it.
    • Trial Separation
      Trial Separation
      Season 4 - Episode 3
      Bentley is dating an industrial psychologist, who offers advice that leads to Peter demanding a trial separation from the household. Peter joins Cousin Charlie's placement agency while he and Bentley struggle to reconcile without losing their pride.
    • Bentley and His Junior Image
      Bentley and His Junior Image
      Season 1 - Episode 11
      Bentley gives his permission to Kelly to go out on a date. Then he learns that she plans to go out with the son of a friend of his.
    • Kelly Learns to Drive
      Kelly Learns to Drive
      Season 4 - Episode 2
      Bentley attempts to teach Kelly how to drive, but his overanxious teaching is making her nervous and discouraged. Howard and her driver's ed teacher, an attractive woman, lend a helping hand.
    • Kelly's Tangled Web
      Kelly's Tangled Web
      Season 4 - Episode 38
      Bentley grounds Kelly for breaking a date under false pretenses, then finds himself in a position of having to do the same.
    • Bentley and the Wedding Bells
      Bentley and the Wedding Bells
      Season 2 - Episode 6
      Ruby Polk, the wife of an important client decides that Bentley would be the ideal husband for her plain niece, Lucille. Ruby soon begins playing matchmaker doing everything that she can to get the two of them together. However, Lucille only has eyes for another man and Bentley does his best to get Lucille together with her true love and not let Ruby ruin her happiness. So he plans a secret wedding at his home but Bentley gets an unexpected crasher, Ruby.moreless
    • A Date with Kelly
      A Date with Kelly
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      Kelly is in awe of her Uncle Bentley and asks him to take her out on the town on a real "grownup" date and Bentley promises her that he will take her out to a fancy restaurant. Meanwhile, Bentley learns of an important attractive lady client has come to town and he gets so wrapped up in business that he completely forgets his promise and making it up to Kelly may be a little bit harder than he thinks.moreless
    • Bentley Versus the Girl Scouts
      Bentley Versus the Girl Scouts
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      Bentley has been living a double life: by day he is Uncle Bentley and by night after Kelly goes to sleep he is Bentley the ladies man. When Kelly plans to attend a weekend outing with her Girl Scout troop Bentley reluctantly agrees to escort Kelly to the meeting place and once there encounters glamorous Miss Hesselroth, Kelly's scout leader, whom he quickly begins to wine and dine. However, Kelly becomes concerned when she learns Miss Hesselroth is engaged to another man.moreless
    • Bentley the Organizer
      Bentley the Organizer
      Season 2 - Episode 18
      Bentley is planning a trip to New York and is planning on taking Kelly and Peter with him. Beacuse he is planning on an extended stay he decides to rent his "bachelor pad" and hires a realtor to find someone to rent. However, when plans change, Bentley finds himself without a place to stay when the family who is renting his California home refuses to leave which forces Bentley, Kelly and Peter to find a way to force them out.moreless
    • Kelly, the Home Executive
      Kelly, the Home Executive
      Season 5 - Episode 32
      Warren's parents are visiting California. He raves about his mother's cooking in front of a very sensitive Kelly, who knows nothing about the culinary arts. She is determined to learn, and exiles Peter from the kitchen.