Back at the Barnyard

Nickelodeon (ended 2011)


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Created by Steve Oedekerk, Back to the Barnyard is the new spinoff on Nickelodeon based on the movie: Barnyard. The series features some of the old characters from the movie as well a few new characters.

The series won 2 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Special Class Animated Program and Outstanding Writing in Animation.

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  • Could've been cool but has too many issues

    I for one enjoy fun and goofy shows and especially love shows with animals but this falls short on so many levels. First of all there are too many stupid characters (especially the people), plots, and really deviates from the movie it was based on. (I mean whatever happened to Daisy and her son? I know that Daisy makes a cameo but that's doesn't do her justice. So much of the show's humor seems forced with too many characters being just comic relief, while some serve no real purpose at all. What really bothered me in the movie and in the show still is that there are 'male' cows. Male cattle are called bulls, steers, and even oxen and don't have udders. Cows or the female cattle have them. You don't need to be an animal expert to know that. Sure the creators said it was a joke but if it really meant that little to them or they honestly thought it was truly that funny then they should've given the male humans busts and the female humans beards if simple accuracy meant that little to them. Portraying genders accurately shouldn't be too much to ask for. I wonder if Nick would've allowed it. For a while I mistook Freddy as some sort of dog or other canine instead of a ferret. The pacing and morals of this show are often forced and too many unlikable characters. Not the worst Nicktoon but pretty lame and falls short in too many ways.moreless
  • It fun to watch regardless of the appearances.

    I enjoyed this show very much. It displays many absurd but laughable concepts. Really fun to watch.
  • This was very good.

    I hope one day it returns.
  • its great

    i wouldn't call it the best show but it was made before icarly was so its great
  • Pure Entertainment

    Thoroughly enjoyed this witty little tooney. By history, I find cartoons annoying, but not this one.

    Bring it back.
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