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Created by Steve Oedekerk, Back to the Barnyard is the new spinoff on Nickelodeon based on the movie: Barnyard. The series features some of the old characters from the movie as well a few new characters.

The series won 2 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Special Class Animated Program and Outstanding Writing in Animation.

  • It is such a bad, bad show I dont even know how it lasted longer than a year

    The adults are stupid, the plots are too simplistic and it truly is worth 2 dozen headaches. This is sadley the tip of the poblems with this show. The closest likable characters are Freddy, Mrs. Nora Beedy and her husband Nate. The only reason why I can picture people liking Freddy is out of sympathy like Beavis and Butthead. The world they are in is unsympathetic and/or uncaring to thier mental problems like Freddy. With the 2 Beedys, it`s a back and forth on who you end up rooting for. One acts uncaring and we feel sorry for the spouse when they get in dilemas. Another Nicktoon that falls flat on its face.moreless

    This show really appealed to me. The movie I really didn't find memorable, but this cartoon managed to get my eyes glued to the screen. Otis, Abby, Freddy and Pig were some of my favorites and even though the jokes were feeling kind of forced, it feels more like well done slapstick than random scenes. Also like Ed, Edd n' Eddy, it seems to treat the 4th wall as if it's nonexistent. Love this show.moreless
  • Refreshing; Charmingly Cynical

    This show was canceled waaay before it should have been. At a glance, it's just another subpar kid's cartoon like Johnny Test or the new Spongebob. But Back at the Barnyard has a quality to it that most kid's shows lack severely: it's self-aware, and people who don't see that take themselves too seriously. I'll elaborate after the synopsis.

    The show revolves aro
  • A decent show tethered to a lackluster movie

    If you haven't seen the movie, you're not missing out on much. Unless you are from the ages of five to twelve, you are bound to find it confusing, stale, and not very pleasant to the eye. On the other hand, the show seems to have its head in the right place, and though with the weight of the movie the show comes off of tied to its feet, it is stuck to the ground.

    The movie had a few major flaws: mixed messages, boring humor, and horrible pacing. One minute we're seeing a cow surfing on a giant ice cube, next thing we know a bunch of wolves kill a local barn animal. Though, without a plot, "the original party animals" provide a filling bit of humor (all be it a bit forced) and originality. It is as if they were meant to just be silly, crazy animals with no real rhyme or reason other than being barn animals, but being stuck to the characters we knew in the show, it does not feel right. These characters came out of a major conflict, and it's as if no-one even remembers it at the slightest.

    With a show as funny, witty, and feel-good as this, it's a shame that it wasn't just some original idea. It wins no prizes, but it doesn't deserve to be put to the slaughter, either.

    Plus, Weird Al makes an appearance. I felt like I had to throw that out there.moreless
  • This show sucks too much forced humor

    THIS SHOW SUCKS SOO MUCH. Why did I watch this show when I was younger??? WHY?? I'm older and i'm now just noticing how unfunny and boring this is. And the episodes are freaking horrible. They reuse the same animals but different characters! IT's so cheesy and annoying I can't stand it anymore. This is #2 of my worst shows list.

    Heres what I feel:

    Plot: Seriously?? So boring

    Charcaters: These characters are very very very annoying. I can't describe how annoying they are. Otis is annoying and unffuny who is somehwat selfish, Pip is an annoying Rat with a fake latino accent , Abby is a Sandy Cheeks rip off, Pig is a fat pig who cracks lame jokes, and Peck is a Eugene (from hey arnold) ripoff. Also, the only unhateable character is Freddie, yet the characters treat him like crap in 89% of the episodes. I feel bad for Wanda Sykes for wasting her time on this.

    Humor: Good god I never saw that many unfunny, cheesy, and forced humor in one show.

    Animation: IT SUX

    So overall, IT SUX

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