Back at the Barnyard

Season 1 Episode 3

Chez Pig / The Right Cow

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Oct 13, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • It was ok......

    Chez Pig: The animals open a restaurant that features Pig's fabulous truffle pies; however, Pig quits after he sees the greed that ensues after the cafe becomes a success with humans.

    The Right Cow: A test pilot chimp named Bingo arrives at the barnyard with plans to take over, and he sends Otis and Pip into outer space.

    This episode was pretty average for the Barnyard series. It was funny in some ways, dry and unappealing in other ways. It wasn't my favorite in the series nor was it the least favorite of mine. It was kinda just in the middle. Get it?
  • Chez Pig was great, but The Right Cow...not so great.

    Chez Pig: In this episode, Otis suggests that they should make money by converting the barn into a restaurant and selling Pig's truffle pies to humans to make money. But Pig quits making pies for money when the animals get too greedy, and in the same time, rich man Max Fripplefoot visits the barnyard and wants to taste the pie and buy the recipe, but the problem is that Pig had quit and Otis doesn't know the secret formula for the pie. Watch this episode to find out what happens. Rating: A

    The Right Cow: This episode isn't very good. A monkey called Bingo arrives at the Barnyard by a spaceship and hangs out with the animals, but his plan was to dominate the barnyard by sending Otis out to space with his spaceship. I didn't like this episode because Bingo was really evil and annoying, putting Otis and Pip in danger to rule the barnyard. Rating: C

    Overall Rating: B
  • Well Chez Pig was almost...

    If I were the animals I would give that man the wrong recipe becasue Pig could still make those pies. Buyt if that's the way they want the storyline. Then I guess I got to blab about the other part of this episode then. It was cruel becasue that monkey was a meanie oof doing that to the barnyard of kidnapping Otis and being a meanie evil monkey. I don't know why he would do such a thing. I mean really. But that monkey should be gone from the barnyard! i didn't like this. I felt mad at that monkey. He should be a prisoner.
  • Chez Pig was amazing.

    There were two parts to this episode. There was Chez Pig and The Right Cow. I liked Chez Pig better. In Chez Pig, Otis has an idea. Convert the barn into a restuarant for selling pies for one night. They all agree, but it turns out to be 3 weeks they have the barn as a restuarant. A rich person named Max Fripplehoot comes along and wants to taste the pies. Pig quits as chief, but comes back and gives Fripplehoot a good pie. He offers a billion kagillion dollars to the animals but Otis turned it down. Overall, I give these two a 9.1.