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  • Season 3
    • No episodes have been added for this season of Back at the Barnyard.
  • Season 2
    • Aliens!!!
      Episode 33

      While creating a fake alien news story to scare away Mrs. Beady, Otis accidentally attracts actual space aliens bent on conquering Earth! Otis tries to stall them at the barnyard while he tries to find their weakness.

    • Paging Dr. Filly
      Episode 32

      When the animals get self-help author Dr. Filly to counsel Freddy and Peck, he has everyone reverse roles, with chaotic results.

    • Plucky and Me: Otis finds a giant chicken egg and decides to hatch it so they can have a fifth for polo. Only the giant chicken turns out to be a dinosaur! The animals immediately want to get rid of it, but Otis has paternal feelings and begs the animals to give him a chance. They relent, but the dinosaur quickly grows 1000 times its size and falls in love with Mrs. Beady! / Pig of the Mole People: Pig's mole subjects (from when he was Emperor of the Mole People for 45 minutes) have sought him out to return as their Emperor and defend them from Eric the Terrible, a verbally abusive worm.

    • 9/26/11

      Four Leaf Otis: The animals wake to discover that a leprechaun has stolen the Farmer's entire St. Patrick's Day potato crop! As they try to catch the Irish stereotype, the leprechaun uses his whimsical magic and transforms the animals into shamrocks and corn beef sandwiches. Realizing they'll never catch the trickster, Otis decides to cut out the middle man and steal the leprechaun's gold. / Cop Cow: After breaking the cop's toe, the town is left lawless and Otis is sworn in as Sheriff. First order of business; deputize all his friends! The animals are soon faced with a mysterious masked doughnut bandit terrorizing the city. Otis follows the clues and realizes that the doughnut bandit is actually Pig! He's just been wearing a ski mask to disguise he's an animal while shopping for doughnuts and using gun to gesture with.

    • Clown and Out: While trying to escape Snotty Boy, the animals run over Snotty's clown father. His dad survived, but has lost a lot of hilarity and Pig takes him into surgery. Otis disguises himself as Snotty's father to distract him while he recovers. Only Snotty comes to love and admire Otis in a way he never did for his lame clown father. Otis has to think fast before he ruins this miserable family. / Clan of the Cave Cow: After bumping his head during a freak ski accident, Otis is mistaken for a prehistoric cave cow and taken to a laboratory for research. Otis loves all the attention and snacks, but hates that the scientist wants to dissect his brain to find out what makes him tick. Meanwhile, the animals find the cave cow, mistaking him for Otis.

    • Treasure Hunt
      Episode 28

      To get the animals off the farm, the Canadian crows forge a treasure map and make the animals believe that each of them wants the treasure for himself. The animals race against each other to find the treasure, leaving the barn available for corn-plundering.

    • Clonedemonium: An evil scientist threatens to mass-market the animals' adorable mini-clones as pets! / Hickory Dickory Donkey: When a beautiful she-donkey takes an interest in Pip, Bessy suspects ulterior motives and follows them on their dates, causing the other animals to accuse her of being jealous.

    • Mission: Save Bigfoot / Mrs. Beady Takes a Holiday is the twenty-sixth episode in the second season of Nickelodeon's Back at the Barnyard. All of the animals trek to the top of a mountain to locate Bigfoot's home. Then the animals trick the meddlesome Mrs. Beady into taking an unplanned vacation. However, Otis and the other barnyard animals soon realize life is not as exciting when she is not around.

    • A Catfish Called Eddie: Otis' old pal Eddie comes to the Barnyard for a visit, and Pip smells a rotten fish. Beady and the Beasts: Mrs. Beady take up residence in the Barnyard when her mother-in-law comes to visit.

    • Puppy Love / Rodeotis
      Puppy Love: The animals try to stop Duke's sister from marrying his archenemy. Rodeotis: The farmer rides in a rodeo to prove his love for a rodeo queen.
    • Robo Peck / Arcade of Doom
      Robo Peck:
      : The gang fixes up an injured Peck and makes him bionic, but soon he goes berserk.

      Arcade of Doom:
      : When Otis spots a brand new ZBox 360 in the prize booth, he charges the animals with collecting the 10,000 tickets to win it for the barnyard. Everything's going great until Snotty Boy and his pals show up and set their sights on the same ZBox.moreless
    • 1/2/10
      Get Bessy:
      After questioning where Bessy goes to every time she calls them morons, the animals decide to spy on her and find what appears to be her robbing jewelery. To prevent her from going to jail, they decide to rob the next house for her. Little do they know the house belongs to Weird Al Yankovic.

      A Beautiful Freddy:
      Freddy becomes a genius after being electrically shocked, so the animals have him try out as a contestant on a big million-dollar trivia game show. However, when his smarts begin to wear off, his friends will have to keep sending him more painful shocks.moreless
    • Otis convinces his college buddies Donner and Blitzen to stop by the barnyard on Christmas Eve. During the visit, Otis accidentally gives Santa a cup belonging to Freddy who is sick. When Santa gets Ferret Fever and can't finish his rounds, Otis and the animals vow to make toys and deliver them by midnight to save Christmas!moreless
    • 11/14/09
      Mr. Wiggleplix: When Otis accidently murders Pig's imaginary friend, Mr. Wiggleplix, Otis is forced to pretend to be Mr. Wiggleplix to keep Pig from falling into a deep depression. The plan goes well…until the real Mr. Wiggleplix shows up. Chain Gang: Otis and his friends are mistaken for jewel thieves who wear animal masks and are put in a chain gang. They escape and try to hunt down the real crooks while still wearing their chains.moreless
    • Halloween Special
      Episode 19
      In a bid to collect the most Halloween candy and win a prize, Otis tops off the animals' trick-or-treat candy with a handful of candy from a hallowed-out tree, that legend says belongs to masked psycho Hockey Mask Bob. As the animals enjoy their Halloween spoils back at the barn, the real Hockey Mask Bob shows up and starts kidnapping them one by one! Otis is left alone to face-off against the masked psycho.moreless
    • Endangered Liaisons:
      The animals claim the farm as a protected habitat and disguise Freddy as a spotted three-toed ferret

      The animals must stand in for injured football players in a game.
    • 2/6/10
      When Peck is pummeled to bits at the Science Fair by one of the kid animals??? projects, the animals make him bionic. Everyone loves the new robot Peck until Otis cooks a frozen pizza in him, causing him to go haywire and wreak havoc in town. Otis turns himself into a robot to battle Peck.Duke learns out that his kid sister, Stamps, has become engaged to his arch-enemy Baxter!moreless
    • 10/8/09
      Free Shmoozy: The animals liberate a show whale from a water park Man's Best Fiend: Otis convinces the farmer to get Duke a playmate.
    • 2/6/10
      When Otis spots a brand new ZBox 360 in the prize booth, he charges the animals with collecting the 10,000 tickets to win it for the barnyard.When the Farmer falls in love with a rodeo queen, Otis slaps on some horns, tosses the farmer on his back and rides around so she thinks the Farmer???s a rodeo stud and invites the Farmer to ride in her rodeo.moreless
    • 10/7/09
      Kind Cud: Otis is knocked out and wakes believing that he is King Cudenhotep IV Everett's Treasure: The animals find an old safe in the barn that belonged to Everett's onetime owner.
    • 10/6/09
      Iron Otis: Otis disguises himself as a TV chef to save Peck from being cooked. Too Good to Be Glue: The animals mistakenly create a super glue and sell it.
    • Barnyards and Broomsticks: While on a camping trip, Otis is scared by Pip's campfire story The Barn Buddy: The animals buy a discount home security system.
    • Snotty & Snottier
      Snotty & Snottier
      Episode 13
      When Snotty's even more maniacal cousin, Phlegmy Boy, comes to town, the animals are forced to help Snotty if they plan to get rid of Phlegmy.
    • Kids in the City
      Kids in the City
      Episode 12
      After hearing one of the stories Abby and Bessy are telling the kids, Otis and the gang decides to take the kids downtown, after telling Abby and Bessy they're going truffle hunting. When the kids get lost, and Officer Fred finds them, the gang decides to rob a fruit stand (disguised as a bank). When the kids mistake the gang as a real gang of robbers, what will Otis and his pals do?moreless
    • Little Otis
      Episode 11
      Otis orders a clone of himself to do the tiresome chores he's supposed to do.
    • Lord of the Beavers
      Pip does an excellent job when he takes over as leader of the barnyard after Otis injures himself. An enraged Otis then decides to become the leader of a beaver den.
    • Dream Birthday
      Dream Birthday
      Episode 9
      The animals, feeling sorry for the farmer's birthday being forgotten, decide to throw him a party and tell him that it's all just a dream. However, the farmer gets carried away.
    • Happy Animal Fun Time
      Otis lies about having to celebrate a sacred tribal holiday called "Bovinalia" in order to avoid going to a lame concert with Abby.
    • Cupig
      Episode 7
      Otis finds a love letter that Pig wrote to his favorite pastry treat, Flaky Tarts, but thinks that Abby wrote it to himself.
    • Udderado
      Episode 6
      The animals decide to turn the barnyard into a wild west theme park and hire someone to play the bandit. Suddenly, a real bandit arrives and plans to pillage the town.
    • Find out what really happens when the farmer's away! Join Otis, the carefree party boy cow, and his pals Pip, Freddy, and Pig, as they pursue nothin' but a good time...down on the farm!
    • Bling My Barn
      Episode 5
      The animals audition for a home improvement show after Otis accidently blows up the barn. Thanks to Pig dressing up as an adorable baby, they win and get to have their barn "blinged".
    • Abby & Veronica
      Episode 4

      Abby's formerly-lovable cousin Veronica comes to visit, but she now turns out to be a manipulative bombshell who takes advantage of Abby's friends.

    • Anchor Cow
      Anchor Cow
      Episode 3

      The animals take over the local news after the head anchor, Hilly Burford, is crushed by a giant cheese curd made by Otis.

    • Buyers Beware
      Buyers Beware
      Episode 2
      When the animals see the farmer putting up a "Buyers Welcome" sign, they think he's selling the barnyard and try to scare off all the buyers, until they find out the farmer's last name is Buyer and that he's going to have a family reunion.
    • 2/25/09
      Wild Mike attends one of Otis' parties, but wanders off and ends up with the producers of "American Barnstand."
  • Season 1