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    clone Otis and clone Abby are back and they want to party with the animals, but as clones never sleep, Otis clones the gang for them to have firends, but when an evil scientist kidnaps them to clone them and sell them as pets, Otis and the gang must rescue them.

    Hickory Dickory Donkey

    After a donkey falls for Pip, Bessy starts to wonder why does she like that guy. Everyone thinks she is just jealous and while she IS she also discovered Donkey is using him to make her boyfriend love her again

    Clown and Out

    After Snotty's dad returns, Snotty refuses to go with him as he thinks his father's a loser. So the animals knock him out and Otis poses as Snotty's dad, to make him think he's cool and make Snotty leave forever. Trouble starts when the real dad wakes up and goes to find his son.

    Clan of the Cavecow

    Snowboarding, Otis trips with the frozen body of a cavecow, freeing it, and the animals take the cavecvow back to the barn. Meanwhile the scientist that were deforsting the ice take Otis back to the lab, and he enjoys it as they give him free food and vide games, but when the cavecow wrecks chaos on the barn he has to choose between his friends and luxury. And some scientific test may help him decide too.

    Four Leaf Otis

    The gang goes to searching for a leprechaun to get the gold and buy nice stuff, but the leprechaun is one tricy, mischevous evil fella.

    Cop Cow

    After the police cheif injures himself, Otis fills in, enjoying the benefits with the gang, with everyone helping, and PIg bringing the donuts. But when a donut thief is lurking the town, the team must go to work. turns out later Pig was the thief as he used a mask so noone discovers he is a farm animal.

    Plucky and Me

    The gang finds and egg and deicde to keep it, but when a T-Rex comes out, everyone but Otis wants to get rid of him. Otsi must make a decision when "Plucky" grabs MRs. Beady and climb to the top if the barn. a la king kong

    Pig of the Mole People

    Remember the time everyone went on an adventure fighting the mole people, and Pig became king but they rebeled against him after he abused of his power? Well the mole people are back, seeking help from Pig, after an evil earthworm is threatening ther town

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