Back at the Barnyard

Season 1 Episode 5

Hypno-A-Go-Go / Fowl Play

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Nov 24, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • Hypno A Go-Go/Fowl Play

    Here's my review of this episode: Hypno A Go-Go: 10/10

    When Otis were watching a movie, he'd in mistake, hypnotized himself, when a guy in the movie said that Otis have to do exactly as he says, the Guy said that when he hears a bell, he'll kill the farmer, when Abby sees it, she has to rescue the Farmer, The Farmer didn't even know about that, so he didn't like what abby did. Anyway, Abby, Pip and all the other animals except for bessie has to help him stop being hypnotized, by making a fake doll of the farmer. Then, he isn't in hypnotized anymore! oh yeah, Pig came up 2 times with his "Viewer Mail" thing.

    Fowl Play: 9/10

    After the night Freddie ate Peck, he's in law and gets expelled from the barnyard. Otis and Pip tries to find proofs that Freddie isn't guilty. pig have to distract Ms. Beady. otis found out that Freddie isn't guilty. Finally, Peck comes back. Peck was in a bush and tried to moisture his skin.

    I Liked Hypno A Go Go, Fowl Play too. Both were good. 10/10!
  • It was okay.

    Saving Mrs. Beady is about her being put in a hospital after she said the "talking cows" crashed her car. She was put in a mental institution for people. Otis and the gang including Peck, Pig, Freddy, Abby, and Bessy, are going to try to break her out. This was an okay episode to me. It could have been a lot better in my opinion. She wound up getting broken out. Really thanks to Otis and Freddy. Freddy was pretending to be a doctor and Otis was pretending to be a surgeon. Overall, I give this episode a could've been better 8.2.
  • Mrs. Beady is out of control.

    Mrs. BEady cracked me up when she was yelling, the policman calling her sir. Why??? Police calling her names now that's not right. What about Pip and others telling otis "Bad" news. It's jsut a hostpital what was risking life to get to her? Well I mean really. Why would Abby need a driving lesson anyway?? I don't get it. She also said "what does this button do?" I mean other than that I don't know why a Cow needs driving lessons? Do you know? Well they should not of gone to the hostpital becasue Mrs. Beady was okay to go.