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  • One of the best Nicktoons

    I don't give a crap what anyone says about Barnyard, this little show was the funniest cartoon I've ever seen on Nickelodeon. Me and my family laughed like idiots at this show. So many amusing characters, plots, and best of all, rapid fire jokes that actually worked. Chris Hardwick does a mighty fine job as Otis and almost anything his character says is funny because of the perfect comedic timing. Absolutely a funny show. And it's absolutely stupid, but it's that good type of stupid. I'd put it up with The Simpsons, Spongebob, and Gumball in terms of laughs. Good stuff.
  • The Movie adapted from a Show

    This is called Back at the Barnyard the same name that brought you from the movie?
  • Could've been cool but has too many issues

    I for one enjoy fun and goofy shows and especially love shows with animals but this falls short on so many levels. First of all there are too many stupid characters (especially the people), plots, and really deviates from the movie it was based on. (I mean whatever happened to Daisy and her son? I know that Daisy makes a cameo but that's doesn't do her justice. So much of the show's humor seems forced with too many characters being just comic relief, while some serve no real purpose at all. What really bothered me in the movie and in the show still is that there are 'male' cows. Male cattle are called bulls, steers, and even oxen and don't have udders. Cows or the female cattle have them. You don't need to be an animal expert to know that. Sure the creators said it was a joke but if it really meant that little to them or they honestly thought it was truly that funny then they should've given the male humans busts and the female humans beards if simple accuracy meant that little to them. Portraying genders accurately shouldn't be too much to ask for. I wonder if Nick would've allowed it. For a while I mistook Freddy as some sort of dog or other canine instead of a ferret. The pacing and morals of this show are often forced and too many unlikable characters. Not the worst Nicktoon but pretty lame and falls short in too many ways.
  • It fun to watch regardless of the appearances.

    I enjoyed this show very much. It displays many absurd but laughable concepts. Really fun to watch.
  • This was very good.

    I hope one day it returns.
  • its great

    i wouldn't call it the best show but it was made before icarly was so its great
  • Pure Entertainment

    Thoroughly enjoyed this witty little tooney. By history, I find cartoons annoying, but not this one.

    Bring it back.
  • Back at the barnyard series rocks !

    This series rocks. everyone should watch Otis, Pig, Pip and all other farm animals are amusing. This series requires a restart on Nickelodeon. It was very amusing. as for the critics who are against this series curse them. Back at the barnyard requires a restart. If the Nickelodeon team care's about the viewers of it's channel then they will surely restart the series.
  • It is such a bad, bad show I dont even know how it lasted longer than a year

    The adults are stupid, the plots are too simplistic and it truly is worth 2 dozen headaches. This is sadley the tip of the poblems with this show. The closest likable characters are Freddy, Mrs. Nora Beedy and her husband Nate. The only reason why I can picture people liking Freddy is out of sympathy like Beavis and Butthead. The world they are in is unsympathetic and/or uncaring to thier mental problems like Freddy. With the 2 Beedys, it`s a back and forth on who you end up rooting for. One acts uncaring and we feel sorry for the spouse when they get in dilemas. Another Nicktoon that falls flat on its face.

    This show really appealed to me. The movie I really didn't find memorable, but this cartoon managed to get my eyes glued to the screen. Otis, Abby, Freddy and Pig were some of my favorites and even though the jokes were feeling kind of forced, it feels more like well done slapstick than random scenes. Also like Ed, Edd n' Eddy, it seems to treat the 4th wall as if it's nonexistent. Love this show.
  • Refreshing; Charmingly Cynical

    This show was canceled waaay before it should have been. At a glance, it's just another subpar kid's cartoon like Johnny Test or the new Spongebob. But Back at the Barnyard has a quality to it that most kid's shows lack severely: it's self-aware, and people who don't see that take themselves too seriously. I'll elaborate after the synopsis.

    The show revolves aro
  • A decent show tethered to a lackluster movie

    If you haven't seen the movie, you're not missing out on much. Unless you are from the ages of five to twelve, you are bound to find it confusing, stale, and not very pleasant to the eye. On the other hand, the show seems to have its head in the right place, and though with the weight of the movie the show comes off of tied to its feet, it is stuck to the ground.

    The movie had a few major flaws: mixed messages, boring humor, and horrible pacing. One minute we're seeing a cow surfing on a giant ice cube, next thing we know a bunch of wolves kill a local barn animal. Though, without a plot, "the original party animals" provide a filling bit of humor (all be it a bit forced) and originality. It is as if they were meant to just be silly, crazy animals with no real rhyme or reason other than being barn animals, but being stuck to the characters we knew in the show, it does not feel right. These characters came out of a major conflict, and it's as if no-one even remembers it at the slightest.

    With a show as funny, witty, and feel-good as this, it's a shame that it wasn't just some original idea. It wins no prizes, but it doesn't deserve to be put to the slaughter, either.

    Plus, Weird Al makes an appearance. I felt like I had to throw that out there.
  • This show sucks too much forced humor

    THIS SHOW SUCKS SOO MUCH. Why did I watch this show when I was younger??? WHY?? I'm older and i'm now just noticing how unfunny and boring this is. And the episodes are freaking horrible. They reuse the same animals but different characters! IT's so cheesy and annoying I can't stand it anymore. This is #2 of my worst shows list.

    Heres what I feel:

    Plot: Seriously?? So boring

    Charcaters: These characters are very very very annoying. I can't describe how annoying they are. Otis is annoying and unffuny who is somehwat selfish, Pip is an annoying Rat with a fake latino accent , Abby is a Sandy Cheeks rip off, Pig is a fat pig who cracks lame jokes, and Peck is a Eugene (from hey arnold) ripoff. Also, the only unhateable character is Freddie, yet the characters treat him like crap in 89% of the episodes. I feel bad for Wanda Sykes for wasting her time on this.

    Humor: Good god I never saw that many unfunny, cheesy, and forced humor in one show.

    Animation: IT SUX

    So overall, IT SUX

  • Can do without the forced humor and mean spirited gags

    Back to the Barn Yard seems ok, but most of the plots do not make sense, and they are so insane to the point that it is upsetting at times. Forced humor---on some episodes when there is a scene that says "the next day" and Otis is the narrator, he would some times throw in jokes that are so forced and unnecessary that it's not funny. I think one joke was like "I'm Lonely! Lonely people don't have lives". Unnecessary. Some episodes make me laugh, but the overall mean spirited, forced jokes (and insanely bizarre episodes) is not what I like to laugh at or enjoy on occasion. And I can't stand that fake accent the mouse has. Has to be the worst latino wanna be accent yet.

    And the cross dressing can become annoying, too.

  • Refreshing in a Dry Wasteland of Current Television

    I'm a big fan of Back at the Barnyard. The show has a very talented voice cast that I can appreciate (Chris Hardwick as Otis, Rob Paulsen as Peck, Cam Clarke as Freddy, Jeff Garcia as Pip, Tino Insana as Pig, and many others). The voice actors really DO make this show very enjoyable to watch. Just the fact that Rob Paulsen, Jeff Garcia, and Steve Oedekerk are back together on a TV show (last one being Jimmy Neutron) shows that Nickelodeon can put together an all-star team to try and make a funny show. BatB is one of the funniest shows on television and is refreshing when they make such crappy animated shows now.

    I see some very negative reviews here. The show has some crude humor and can be quite slapstick, but it's not mean. There are several running gags on the show that may be a bit hard for non-BatB fans to understand, but if you follow the show you will giggle and crack up many times watching their episodes. Chris Hardwick does an awesome job as Otis, and his constant obvious remarks are quite hilarious. For example, if he's hit with a book (Paging Doctor Filly) he'll yell "Book pain!". Or when he is about to be hit with an anvil (Dummy and Dummier) he'll scream "Ah, unexpected anvil!". It's things like that that make the show funny. Sometimes the humor is very subtle, but if you're paying attention to what's going on and ESPECIALLY the dialogue, you'll find the show very funny indeed. I also like the montages they have (Science montage in Too Good To Be Glue) and they running gags/characters like Professor/Admiral Exposition or Bigfoot.

    Overall, the show is very clever and the characters are very unique and I can't help but laugh at every episode despite the fact I've seen them all many times before. Plus, Eugene (aka Snotty Boy) is just awesome. Him and Freddy the Ferret are the weirdest of the characters but I love them to death. The show picks on popular culture and common cliches, which is a hard thing to pull of sometimes. However, BatB really does a good job making me laugh.

    Back at the Barnyard really influenced my style of humor/animation. It's a shame that Nickelodeon cancelled it and I only hope they can bring it back. Best Nickelodeon show around.
  • Great Show!

    This is an edit to my last review. I've been watching a lot more episodes and personally think that the amount of hate this show is receiving is ridiculous. I'm personally impressed that a Dreamworks movie spin-off did as well as this show did, considering how bad the others are (Monsters vs. Aliens, Kung-fu Panda and Penguins of Madagascar). This show is funny for many reasons, the biggest being that it's constantly making fun of various TV show cliches. An example of this is the one where they make a circus and Abby's afraid to do her acrobatic act because of a previous accident. You see Abby looking at a picture of a horse falling that she was supposed to catch with dramatic music playing, and then Pip says, "Where did you get that picture?" They also make fun of TV narrators with that guy who says stuff like "10 seconds after the previous event, this happened!"

    I think this show was great. It was unfortunately cancelled, and what for? Oh yeah, to make room for crappy shows like Marvin Marvin. Well, that's Nickelodeon logic for you. At least I can still watch it on Nicktoons.

    It was cancelled because of planet sheen at 2011 and the last episode was titled "Aliens"
  • I would like to see new shows

    Back at the barnyard is the best television show I ever saw please bring it back.
  • great show!!!

    Back at the Barnyard is funny in so many ways. the show shows otis (a talking cow) who has such funny dialog. like for example whenever he gets hurt he says something like "pain!" . hilarious! and most episodes have a funny plot/twist that makes it enjoyable to watch. the characters are funny and never should have ended. the only reason i give it a 9.5 instead of a 10 is because of freddy. he has the IQ of a can of soda, and he always gets stuff wrong in life. but aside from that, this is one of the funniest cartoons i've ever watched, and still watching it now as a teenager.
  • Its okay

    I thought it was okay nothing real special really.
  • Creative little concept

    Well you see this is a kind of show you have to look at and see some episodes are dull others are funny sometimes it is hard to see basically people hate it due to not being their cream of their crop but this is a kind of show that you have to see for yourself

    comedy-8 (sometimes they break the 4th wall and make some disgusting jokes but yet funny)

    plot-8.5 (they can get sad and stupid but yet you have to look at it deeply)


  • Well, it is a fun show to watch.

    I can totally understand why a lot of people hate Back at the Barnyard. I must admit the movie was waaayyy better. But this show does get laughs out of me. This show is about Otis and his other barnyard friends who go on adventures by dressing up as humans and partying at the barnyard. Now it is (of course) entertaining and fun for kids to watch. And its actually appropriate for all ages. But it does have flaws. Let's get started with the animation, its in CGI and it does feel stiff at times, unlike the movie, and the artwork is a bit too colorful and bright. Next is the characters. Good ones 1st for this review. Pig is that fat pig who's still really funny. I mean, (I forgot what they were called) but Pig was dressed up as a doctor and made me laugh real hard (Especially when that duck (forgot his name) was hurting all the barnyard animals, that was my favorite episode). Now just know that I only know the names of the main characters, this show has been of the air since November of 2011 and they only show reruns at noon on Nicktoons. Pip the ferret was my favorite, he was probably (by far) the funniest and most hilarious character on the show! You can't go 1 minute without laughing at how funny he is! Same thing with Peck, the chicken. Otis I have to admit is pretty annoying, and to @tigerkitten030 male cows do have udders, but not as big as a female cow's udders. And he always plays with his udders a lot which is kinda creepy. Bessie is always too harsh to Otis. Eugene is the fat kid with that weird hair and he is by far the worst character of the show (and the movie too) He always abuses animals, pushes them, he's a very selfish, fat, and idiotic! And Abby is not on the show. Which stinks because she was a great and friendly character on the movie. And what about Otis's father Ben, who died in the movie? I miss him, he was my favorite character, this show would be so much better if some of the characters from the movie were on the show. The acting is the same. Overall I recommend you give this show a chance and choose whether you enjoyed it or not. This show is pretty descent, and funny, but has flaws and needs improvement. Although it has ended now which I think was best for this show, I don't know why I thought it was best, but whatever... Overall grade: (7/10) B
  • Different....

    When i was younger i thought this show was kinda funny, Now i think it's a little werid. I mean, For kids this could be a hit but it is a bit different. I think it is an OK show but i don't watch it everyday or anything, Although i haven't saw it in a long time now, So I don't know about the new episodes or anything changed, So i may like it more if the theme changed around sometimes and for there to be more characters and ideas. I do sometimes watch it, I'll admit I do think it's kinda funny sometimes. And i guess that the weridness is what makes it funny, Still don't LOVE the show though.
  • Can This Get Wrose, Oh no it Can't, They Ended it, Lets Celebrate That!

    This show is just messed up. A flying bigfoot? Seriously, nobody cares about a flying bigfoot, and who made that up, bigfoot himself? No! Bad bad BAD jokes! Its just jokes they repeat over and over and over again.

    The movie was good, it wasn't weird, it was pretty sad that his dad died. If I had to rate the movie it would be a 8.5. Then when they started the show, it got wrose and wrose. I don't think they were trying after that if anyone has noticed.

    The characters got stuipder and ruder as the show came to a end. This show became a major downfall and everyone I'm sure is glad to ended. Yippie.
  • Jimmy Neutron Got Cancelled For This Crap!

    This Show Is Just not funny not at all!And I Know Why Nick Turned Horrible Because That Fat A** Cow ate it! This is one of the new lame nickelodeon shows that should have never aired! Here is my review:

    Plot/Storyline-10 The Plot and The Storyline are the only reasons Why I will Sometimes watch this show!

    Humor- 1.0 Not Funny!!!!

    Action/Adventure-4.0 No Action

    Romance- 5.5 A little bit Otis + Abbey = Love

    Total-4.0 I don't Recommend This To Jimmy Neutron Fans!Even Though It Was Made By The Same Person!

    B.A.T.B Sucks! B.A.T.B Sucks! B.A.T.B Sucks! B.A.T.B Sucks!B.A.T.B Sucks!B.A.T.B Sucks!B.A.T.B Sucks!B.A.T.B Sucks!B.A.T.B Sucks!B.A.T.B Sucks!B.A.T.B Sucks!B.A.T.B Sucks!
  • this is SO WEIRD!!!

    How can a male cow have udders??? I know its a cartoon and anything can happen, but really?? And many more weird things happen in this obnoxious cartoon....
  • So Hilarious it's hard to hate.

    Back at the Barnyard may have some similiar elements in each episode that makes the show flawed and somehow dull, however, you have to admit it was pretty clever in its run, and most importantly it was absolutely hilarious. Characters were incredibly annoying but it was the kind of annoying that you could laugh at. Although it isn't the best nicktoon, definately not as great as Invader ZIM or others, Back at the Barnyard is decent, and hey, it's better than the crap Nickelodeon has nowadays.
  • This show was funny as hell... totally clever & with killer animation

    Freddy hits farmer on the head and knocks him out (when he walks in on the animals as they're leaving him a xmas present)... Otis puts a throw rug over him, pats him gently and says, in Chris Hardwick's best announcer-voice "Sleep well - short, socially awkward man-child!". Then there's Pig's mini-breaks - presenting "Christmas Tips", or some other satirical "instructional" cut-to.

    If you don't like BATB, you're probably a stupid-stinky, clumpy stupid-head (remember when snotty-boy had the glue?) Anyway - you're not necessarily a capital 'L' L-oooser that goes out of their way to rant about an animated Nic-show that's over their head. The humor is generally either slapstick, ala 3-stooges, or very funny, often clever remarks that only a semi-mature, near adult would understand. I think this may explain the haters -- they just don't get all of the clever satire poking fun at .. everyone. And they don't even have to kill Kenny or laugh all ***ed to be funny (i actually like those shows though)...Like Snotty boy says - "Haaa Haa"
  • I always forget to rant about this one!

    The movie of this also sucks. And this a million times!

    Plot: Otis, is a talking cow. His friends are talking too. He really loves the farmer of their farm and he always gets what this farmer wants, or protect him. His friends are talking too, the humans could hear or see them talking, so they must be careful at all times so no humans can see them while they're talking. I like that one, most of the cartoons have talking animals, they don't care about it.

    Characters: Really out of place. Characters are annoying because they lack humor. And sometimes trying hard. The only character I liked, is Peck. Voices are okay.

    Humor: Bad as I said above. I didn't laugh that much. They're just too noisy.

    Art: They have a strange, the animation is fine.

    Overall: 1.5 Can be better, but they always fail to give out a good joke.
  • I can forgive the fact that this is a show aimed at kids, but it doesn't excuse the numerous bad things about this show

    Creating spin off shows based on movies is like playing Russian Roulette, it's just very risky. In the case of Back at the Barnyard, the creators lost. Based on the movie, Barnyard The Original Party Animals, Back at the Barnyard continues the story of Odis and the rest of his barnyard friends. I have seen the movie and it wasn't too bad, but did it honestly need a spin off show at all. Going into it, I kept my mind clear of negative thoughts and figured it would be somewhat decent, but after sitting through an hour of this show, I couldn't believe what I saw. Most of the characters are annoying and very obnoxious, nobody is funny, and everyone often seems to be self centered. The only good characters in this show were Freddy the Ferret and Peck the chicken, they did give me a few laughs. The animation is stiff most of the time and doesn't flow smoothly, and the artwork is too colorful. The stories are rather bland and there is very little creativity to them. The humor in this show is just pitiful and there are no real funny moments in most of the episodes. Overall, a very poor attempt to cash in on a decent kids movie, and while I will forgive the face that this show is aimed at kids, it does not excuse the fact that this show is just terrible, the characters are annoying, the animation is stiff, the stories aren't interesting, and there is very little humor. Sorry all you fans of the show, but I advise sticking to the movie than this show.