Back at the Barnyard

Nickelodeon (ended 2011)


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  • This show was funny as hell... totally clever & with killer animation

    Freddy hits farmer on the head and knocks him out (when he walks in on the animals as they're leaving him a xmas present)... Otis puts a throw rug over him, pats him gently and says, in Chris Hardwick's best announcer-voice "Sleep well - short, socially awkward man-child!". Then there's Pig's mini-breaks - presenting "Christmas Tips", or some other satirical "instructional" cut-to.

    If you don't like BATB, you're probably a stupid-stinky, clumpy stupid-head (remember when snotty-boy had the glue?) Anyway - you're not necessarily a capital 'L' L-oooser that goes out of their way to rant about an animated Nic-show that's over their head. The humor is generally either slapstick, ala 3-stooges, or very funny, often clever remarks that only a semi-mature, near adult would understand. I think this may explain the haters -- they just don't get all of the clever satire poking fun at .. everyone. And they don't even have to kill Kenny or laugh all ***ed to be funny (i actually like those shows though)...Like Snotty boy says - "Haaa Haa"