Back at the Barnyard

Nickelodeon (ended 2011)


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  • Well, it is a fun show to watch.

    I can totally understand why a lot of people hate Back at the Barnyard. I must admit the movie was waaayyy better. But this show does get laughs out of me. This show is about Otis and his other barnyard friends who go on adventures by dressing up as humans and partying at the barnyard. Now it is (of course) entertaining and fun for kids to watch. And its actually appropriate for all ages. But it does have flaws. Let's get started with the animation, its in CGI and it does feel stiff at times, unlike the movie, and the artwork is a bit too colorful and bright. Next is the characters. Good ones 1st for this review. Pig is that fat pig who's still really funny. I mean, (I forgot what they were called) but Pig was dressed up as a doctor and made me laugh real hard (Especially when that duck (forgot his name) was hurting all the barnyard animals, that was my favorite episode). Now just know that I only know the names of the main characters, this show has been of the air since November of 2011 and they only show reruns at noon on Nicktoons. Pip the ferret was my favorite, he was probably (by far) the funniest and most hilarious character on the show! You can't go 1 minute without laughing at how funny he is! Same thing with Peck, the chicken. Otis I have to admit is pretty annoying, and to @tigerkitten030 male cows do have udders, but not as big as a female cow's udders. And he always plays with his udders a lot which is kinda creepy. Bessie is always too harsh to Otis. Eugene is the fat kid with that weird hair and he is by far the worst character of the show (and the movie too) He always abuses animals, pushes them, he's a very selfish, fat, and idiotic! And Abby is not on the show. Which stinks because she was a great and friendly character on the movie. And what about Otis's father Ben, who died in the movie? I miss him, he was my favorite character, this show would be so much better if some of the characters from the movie were on the show. The acting is the same. Overall I recommend you give this show a chance and choose whether you enjoyed it or not. This show is pretty descent, and funny, but has flaws and needs improvement. Although it has ended now which I think was best for this show, I don't know why I thought it was best, but whatever... Overall grade: (7/10) B
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