Back at the Barnyard - Season 1

Nickelodeon (ended 2011)


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  • Duke is sprayed by Skunky and taken to the vet for his treatment. While there, he brags to a Beagle about how great his life is on the barnyard. The beagle switches their charts, paints himself to look like Duke and goes to live at the barnyard. The animals have a blast with the new fun Duke until the real Duke arrives back at the barnyard, but will the animals choose the right one?moreless
  • Pig Amok/Sun Cow
    Episode 23
    When Pig starts acting crazily to his barnyard friends, he explains that the behavior is caused by his hormonal need to return to his spawning grounds and marry. The animals accompany him to his birthplace and meet his bride, the rude and mean-spirited Brunhilda. It's up to Otis to go through the ancient ceremonial challenges to free his friend from a life of marital woe.moreless
  • When Mrs. Beady decides to run for Mayor, Otis realizes he has to run against her or face her anti-talking animals policies. Posing as glad-handing candidate Ned Bovine, Otis runs a spirited campaign that quickly devolves into a festival of mud-slinging. The negativity turns off the electorate and creates an opening for the independent candidacy of Bigfoot. When Freddy gets depressed over his lack of talent, Otis and the others decide to make him a ventriloquist dummy. When the dummy comes to life and tries to do away with the other animals, Freddy gets blamed for the attempts. In the end, Freddy saves everyone from the dummy using his one true talent -- dislocating his bones!moreless
  • 0.0
    Otis is forced to take over teaching the kid animals after he injures their teacher in a scooter stunt gone wrong. Not big on book-learnin', Otis tosses away the lesson plan and decides to teach the kids how to have fun. But when the kids take his teachings too far and they blast the silo into the sky with the animals in it, Otis and the kids use book smarts to save the day. Otis becomes the county's new crop-dusting ace, but freaks out his friends/flight crew with his hot-dogging moves. When he almost crashes, he spirals into a morass of guilt and vows off flying forever – just as a swarm of locusts is headed to town! Otis has to face his fears and fly a plane called Ol' Death Trap to save the county.moreless
  • The animals go Bigfoot hunting, but Abby finds on capturing him that he's harmless and deserves to be sheltered from humans at the barnyard. Otis reluctantly agrees, but soon grows jealous over the attention Abby is paying Bigfoot.
  • 0.0
    Otis gets a letter from his childhood bully saying he's "coming" for him. Otis freaks remembering all the beat-downs at his bully's hands. With the help of his friends, Otis decides to confront the bully. When the bully arrives, the animals are surprised to find the bully is just a little duck. They soon find that the little guy can pack a wallop. Otis loses the saloon in a game of Fizbin to Chubs Malone, the head of the Gopher Underground. Otis discovers Chubs cheated and decides to cheat back, but gets caught. Otis confronts the gopher with proof that he cheated, too, and asks for one honest game. Otis loses again, but ends up saving Chub's life, canceling his debts.moreless
  • Chronicles of Barnia
    Episode 15.2
    Snotty Boy thinks he's stumbled into the magical realm of Barnia!
  • Snotty's New Pet
    Snotty's New Pet
    Episode 13.2
    Pip's been ensnared in one of Snotty Boy's mouse traps!
  • Meet the Ferrets
    Meet the Ferrets
    Episode 12.2
    Freddy's freaking because his parents are coming and he's got a BIG secret!
  • Dead Cow Walking
    Dead Cow Walking
    Episode 9.2
    After a misunderstanding, Otis starts to live life like he only has one week left!
  • Animal Farmers
    Animal Farmers
    Episode 7.2
    The animals try on the Farmer's hat and find farming to be more than they expected!
  • Lights! Camera! Moo!
    Lights! Camera! Moo!
    Episode 7.1
    After destroying Duke's safety film, Otis makes his own movie where he does every part after his friends quit.
  • The Barnyard Games
    The Barnyard Games
    Episode 6.1
    The animals stage a Barnyard Olympics, with Otis letting Abby the cow compete out of the kindness of his heart. She whips him in event after event.
  • Fowl Play
    Fowl Play
    Episode 5.2
    When Peck mysteriously disappears, Freddy's appetite might be to blame...
  • The animals' Saturday night dance parties keep being ruined by the farmer, who comes in to listen to sad music and cry about his former wife. Otis and the gang decide to go online and get him a girlfriend so they can party again. Their ad is answered by Ivana Sugardadski, who sweeps the farmer off his feet. All's well until the animals learn that Ivana intends to take the farmer for all his money! The animals dress Pig up as an Italian billionaire to con her off the barnyard. / The animals accidentally get Mrs. Beady committed to a mental institution, which makes Otis happy until he hears what happens to people in those places. He vows to spring her, but when she sees them, she starts ranting and raving. The doctors decide to remove her brain. Otis, Pip, Pig and Abby disguise themselves as surgeons to spring her from the O.R.moreless
  • 2/24/09

    Otis breaks the farmer's video game console and the gang need money to replace it. They then decide to earn it as British babysitters, but end up taking care of Snotty Boy. But they must do so quick, before the Beadys arrive.

  • Cowdyshack
    Episode 33

    The animals bribe the groundskeeper of a golf course, Crazy Louie to let them play a round. But when Pig accidentally knocks out Louie's tooth, Otis decides the win money for a new tooth in a tournament.

  • Save the Clams
    Save the Clams
    Episode 32

    Otis takes in a clam that Abby rescued from a nearby café. However, the clam is a rude and demanding house guest and, to make matters worse, it reproduces many partygoing clams.

  • The Right Cow
    The Right Cow
    Episode 3.2
    A test pilot chimp named Bingo arrives at the barnyard with plans to take over, and he sends Otis and Pip into outer space.
  • Doggelganger
    Episode 31

    When Duke is sent to the vet after being sprayed by Skunky, he brags about barnyard life to a beagle named Baxter. Upon hearing this, Baxter switches places with Duke and takes his place at the barnyard as the new, fun Duke.

  • Chez Pig
    Chez Pig
    Episode 3.1
    The animals open a restaurant that features Pig's fabulous truffle pies; however, Pig quits after he sees the greed that ensues after the cafe becomes a success with humans.
  • The Sun Cow
    The Sun Cow
    Episode 30

    Otis' new Kobe cow neighbors declare him the reincarnation of the Sun Cow. At, first Otis enjoys this royal luxury until he finds out that the Sun Cow has to get served at Cap'n Kabuki's Steak House.

  • Pig Amok
    Pig Amok
    Episode 29

    The barnyard gang accompanies Pig back to his homeland, where he encounters his mean-spirited bride Brunhilda.

  • Cowman: The Uddered Avenger, Part 2

    With the rest of the town hot on their heals, Cowman and his sidekick Ratboy must save their friends and stop Twiny Vines and his unsuspecting partner, Mrs. Beady.

  • 11/29/08

    When the evil Professor Twiny Vines plans to steal the Jurassic Corn Kernel at the county fair, Otis suits up as the Cowman to stop him. Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worse when the town mistakes Cowman as the thief.

  • Some Like It Snotty
    Episode 26
    Otis and the boys dress up as human girls to crash a laser bowling alley grand opening, but things go wrong when Snotty boy asks Otis out.
  • Dummy and Dummier
    Dummy and Dummier
    Episode 25
    Otis and the gang make Freddy a ventriloquist dummy to cheer him up about his lack-of-talent depression. However, the dummy starts trying to eliminate the gang, and they think Freddy's doing it.
  • Otis for Mayor
    Otis for Mayor
    Episode 24
    Otis runs for mayor against Mrs. Beady to prevent her from creating anti-talking animal laws and they run a brutal campaign.
  • School of Otis
    School of Otis
    Episode 23

    After Otis injures Peck, he takes over as a school teacher. However, he decides to educate them about fun instead. But the kids go too far and launch the animals into the sky with a silo.

  • Top Cow
    Top Cow
    Episode 22

    Otis becomes a crop-dusting ace, but stops flying when he crashes. He later has to face his fears when a swarm of locusts head for the town.

  • Some Like it Snotty
    Episode 22
    When Pig starts acting crazily to his barnyard friends, he explains that the behavior is caused by his hormonal need to return to his spawning grounds and marry. The animals accompany him to his birthplace and meet his bride.
  • Otis vs. Bigfoot
    Otis vs. Bigfoot
    Episode 21

    Otis is more than annoyed with Abby after she captures Bigfoot and harbors him at the farm.

  • Pecky Suave
    Pecky Suave
    Episode 20

    After being encouraged by Otis, Peck takes a potion to bolster his confidence enough to speak to the hens, which results in his challenging one to a duel.

  • Otis' Eleven
    Otis' Eleven
    Episode 19

    When Otis loses the saloon in a rigged game of Fizbin to Chubs Malone, he tries to win it back by cheating but gets caught.

  • Brave Udders
    Brave Udders
    Episode 18
    When Otis receives a threatening letter from a bully from his childhood, the animals rally to assist him in confronting the hostility.
  • The Haunting
    The Haunting
    Episode 17
    After Otis builds a fun shack in a pet cemetery, Pig becomes possessed by the ghost of a mean-spirited bunny.
  • Barnyard Idol
    Episode 16
    Otis enters Pig in a singing contest, but Pig loses his voice before the finals after being pushed too hard during practice.
  • 6/7/08

    Club Otis: Abby and Otis put the farm in peril with their competitive social clubs when Otis used a volcano as his latest recruitment ploy.

    The Chronicles of Barnia: Snotty Boy believes he is in the mythical land of Barnia while playing a game of "Dungeons and Barn Animals" with the rest of the gang.

  • 5/24/08
    Home Sweet Hole: Pip moves in with the other animals after his home is destroyed by a fire.

    Otis' Mom: Bessy prepares to marry Pip when she believes that Otis is her long-lost son.
  • A Tale of Two Snottys: Pig impersonates Snotty Boy, then takes up residence at the Beadys and refuses to leave.

    Snotty's New Pet: Snotty Boy catches Pip and intends to feed him to his snake.

  • 4/26/08
    A Barn Day's Night: When Pip broadcasts the animals' performance at the Saloon, they all become pop stars. Meet the Ferrets: When Freddy's parents are invited to a birthday party at the farm, he tries to hide his noncarnivore ways from them.
  • Escape from the Barnyard
    When the animals see the farmer order what appears to be a deluxe barbecue grill, they try to escape in fear of being eaten.
  • 4/12/08
    Big Top Barnyard: After a circus troupe is injured by a falling water tower, the animals replace the injured performers. Otis and Pig attempt a dangerous stunt after Abby refuses to perform it. Pigmalion: Pig learns he has relatives he never knew he had, and in a very strange place.
  • 3/29/08

    Otis Season: Otis makes a moose costume for "Moose Appreciation Week," but ends up wearing the costume during moose hunting season because he missed the official date.

    Cow's Night Out: The barnyard animals come to Otis' rescue after he parties with the Jersey Cows and they dump him.

  • The Big Barnyard Broadcast: Mrs. Beady is able to get footage of the barnyard animals talking and walking upright on tape and makes plans to air her discovery.

    Dead Cow Walking: Otis is distraught when he believes he has only one week to live and thinks his friends don't care. He pulls a prank on them to get their attention.

  • 2/16/08
    Raging Cow: Otis thinks he is the next wrestling super star, but learns all his fights have been fixed by a crooked promoter. The Great Sheep Escape: After Duke loses his confidence by blundering his only responsibility, the sheep rebel against him and run away.
  • Lights! Camera! Moo!: After destroying Duke's safety film, Otis makes his own movie where he does every part after his friends quit.

    Animal Farmers: Otis injures the farmer while making an audition tape for a country-western video. Due to his injury, the farmer is unable to harvest in time for the annual Farmer's Market, so the animals work together to prevent the farm from going bankrupt.moreless
  • 1/19/08
    Citizen Otis: Otis competes against Abby in the Barnyard Games.

    War of the Pranks: Bessy plays a prank on Otis by pretending to have been the victim of an alien abduction.
  • 11/24/07
    Hypno-A-Go-Go: Otis is hypnotized to attack the farmer when he hears the sound of a bell.

    Fowl Play: Otis continues to investigate Peck's disappearance in a tribute to Law & Order.
  • Saving Mrs. Beady / The Farmer Takes a Woman
    Saving Mrs. Beady: When Mrs. Beady is committed to a mental institution because she claims to have seen talking animals, the animals attempt to free her after they hear the stories about dreadful the hospital is.

    The Farmer Takes a Woman: To prevent the farmer from interrupting their barnyard parties, Otis sets him up with a girlfriend.moreless
  • 10/13/07
    Chez Pig: The animals open a restaurant that features Pig's fabulous truffle pies; however, Pig quits after he sees the greed that ensues after the cafe becomes a success with humans.

    The Right Cow: A test pilot chimp named Bingo arrives at the barnyard with plans to take over, and he sends Otis and Pip into outer space.moreless
  • Cowman and Ratboy: Otis and Pip think there is too much crime at the barnyard, so they become superheroes: Otis as Cowman and Pip as Ratboy. After the two save the Pizza Twins from driving off a cliff, they try to get the rest of the animals to become "The Justice Brood."

    Cow's Best Friend: Otis saves Duke when a huge amplifier nearly falls on him, and now Duke will do anything Otis says to do. Otis tries to make Duke save his life by faking being in danger, but Duke ends up putting himself in danger and Otis is forced to save his life again.moreless
  • The Good, The Bad, and the Snotty: Otis plans a big birthday party, but his plans go awry after Snotty Boy is hired to work on the farm. Escape from the Barnyard: When the animals see the farmer order what appears to be a deluxe barbecue grill, they try to escape in fear of being eaten.moreless
  • Barnyard: The Original Party Animals
    Ben is a cow who for years has been the leader and sober voice of reason among the animals at a farm where the critters are a bit unusual -- they can walk on two legs, talk, swim, and act like humans, though they have the good sense to avoid doing these things while humans are around. Ben has long dreamed that his son Otis would someday take over his duties on the farm, but Otis is a carefree and irresponsible type who would rather party with his friends and hang out with his girlfriend, Daisy. Ben and his friend Miles, a wise and patient mule, wonder if Otis will ever make anything of himself, while Daisy's best friend, Bessy is convinced she can do better. However, one night Otis decides to do something about an obnoxious kid who enjoys tipping his fellow cows, and for the first time in his life he gets a taste of leadership -- and he likes it.moreless