Back at the Barnyard

Season 1 Episode 1

The Good, The Bad, and the Snotty / Escape From the Barnyard

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Sep 29, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • A great start to the series!

    The Good, Bad, and the Snotty: When Otis plans to throw a huge birthday party in the barn, he diverts the farmer to leave so he wouldn't know that the animals will have a party. But their plan is completely ruined when Snotty watches the Barnyard while the Farmer is away. It was hilarious when Snotty tortures the animals and calls them stupid. Rating: A

    Escape From the Barnyard: Another great episode, but not as good as the first one. When Otis and his friends see that the farmer had bought a barbque grill, they are convinced that the Farmer is no longer vegetarian, and wants to eat the animals, so they escape. Watch the episode to find out what happened. The good part about this episode is that the Farmer really looked like he became a carnivore when he dipped Joey the cow in garlic oil. Rating: A-
  • I liked how they prepared for this episode.

    How they prepared for this episode was great. It has been almost a couple months since we were told that the movie Barnyard was gonna be made into a TV show. This is what they gave us. This was great. I think that "The Escape From the Barnyard" was better. Out of everything, it actually didn't have great character developement. This was very poor on that part. Still, this was a fine example of a supurb episode. I loved how they prepared for this episode, as I say again. The Snotty Boy episode was okay. Overall, this episode was a great 9.5.
  • Snotty, get out of the "bad" barnyard. I like this epsiode!!! Read this review and agree!

    I love this episode. Snotty needs to noT do his bad thing in here. I love this episode but why?? Snotty in this episode, why couldn't be Mr. Beady or someone else? This episode is fantastic!!! Now, leaving the barnyard is jsut a brilliant idea. Right? The answer is yes you know why? Well, let's just say They go to a golf course with fun things to do. They did! I love this place and wish it excisted so I can buy it and manage this park. I'm so inspired! By whom??? I don't know but I wish to see this episode's 2nd piece again. It's awsome! I mean it!
  • Pretty Funny

    - - SPOILER - -

    This was pretty good for a 1st episode.The 1st part the good,the bad, and the snotty was pretty funny. I started cracking up when the snotty boy kept calling the animals stupid. It was really stupid but it was really funny I thought it was really funny for a first episode. The 2nd part Escape The Barnyard was OK i thought it wasn't as funny but it was pretty good. It was funny when they figured out the grill was just a sheep tanning bed to get off all the wool. That part was Hilarious. I can't wait til the next Episode!!!!!!!!
  • Hey, it wasn't that bad!

    These were the first episodes of the new Nick show, Back at the Barnyard, and they were very good! The Good, the Bad, and the Snotty was the first episode, and I liked it a bit better. I thought the Snotty Boy was so funny when he was calling all of the barn animals stupid. Ha ha I was cracking up!! And I also enjoyed Escape From the Barnyard, but not as much. Daisy isn't in this show, but a new cow named Abby is. My favorite character is either the Snotty Boy or Mrs. Beady. But my favorite animal character is Pip the Mouse. The person who does his voice is also the voice of Sheen in Jimmy Neutron.
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