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AIRED ON 3/3/2014

Season 1 : Episode 13

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    Kennedy Waite


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    Griffin Gluck

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    J.J. Totah

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    James Caan (I)

    Terry “The Cannon” Gannon, Sr.

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    Lenora Crichlow

    Gigi Fernandez-Lovette

    Maggie Lawson

    Maggie Lawson

    Terry Gannon, Jr

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    • Mix of funny and creepy

      This is a weird show. On the one hand, it's a cute comedy about a woman who rather unwillingly becomes a baseball coach of a loser little league team. Maggie Lawson is charming as someone brought up by a baseball-obsessed father who is dragged unwillingly back to the ball field.

      On the other hand, her father is someone you don't want around kids. Maggie felt bullied by him as a girl, yet lets him be assistant coach, a position he uses to do the sort of things that in real life you'd get arrested for, like taking the team to a maximum security prison to terrify them into hitting the ball. Irresponsible and obnoxious, the character makes me wonder about the family life of whoever created the show and thinks this is acceptable.

      It doesn't help that I don't like James Caan, who plays the father. I have always disliked Caan, who exudes an American-style machismo that just plain bugs me. This makes him idea for the role of a bullying father, but not if you want to end each episode showing him as a nice guy underneath.

      What makes the show disturbing is that it suggests that ultimately Caan's methods make sense. It's as though the show's creator had a terrible father and is trying to justify his behavior, or come to terms with it.

      Some of the show is pretty funny, and Maggie is as charming here as she is in Psyche, so I did actually watch the three episodes that showed before the series was cancelled. But I'm not sad it's gone.moreless
    • Cute!

      A very sweet show
    • Didn't want to like this show

      Been enjoying Psych for so long, didn't realize Juliet/Maggie Lawson was in this show until first watch. Thinking to myself--that chick sure does look familiar... Wanted the show to tank to ensure the main Psych characters stay put. After the first four shows, though--I find myself thoroughly enjoying the show.
    • Reminded me of Sandlot

      I watched this show because I am a big fan of Maggie Lawson as Juliet O' Hara in Psych, and I was not disappointed. Some of the line deliveries could have been a little better, (some were kind of stiff, and some were a little over the top), but overall I liked it. I like the story lines so far and I like the characters. This show has potential.
    • A very Funny Show

      I have always liked James Caan as an actor in anything he does and Maggie Lawson is always fantastic so I knew I was always going to give this show a try. Glad I did, the pilot was really funny and their chemistry was really good, the timing of the funny lines was perfect. This is a good way to spend 20 minutes of your time. The genre is nothing new and its not a ground breaking one but it works and looks like this should be a decent show.moreless

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