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  • Season 1
    • Bird In Hand
      Bird In Hand
      Episode 13
      if anyone knows what happens in this eisode please post-Katie
    • All That Glitters
      All That Glitters
      Episode 12
      When Robyn travels back in time she finds out that Alana has been acused of stealing. After finding out that Brenan has assuced her of stealing because she wants information from Alana that she was told by her parents only to give only to Robin Hood hoping that Alana will give her the information in exchange for her life. If Robyn does not find a way to help her she will be hanged!moreless
    • Joust In Time
      Joust In Time
      Episode 11
      the epidsode starts off with Robyn and her friends(the present day ones.) are looking at a van and talking about Robyn's driver test. When Robyn goes back to Sherwood Forest she is captured by the captain of the guards he then locks her in the prison. When Robyn tries to go back the amulet will not take her back. The captain of the guards soon decides he wants Robyn to be his wife! So while in sherwood Robyn misses her driving test her dad rescheduled but if she dosen't go to the next one she cannot retake the test for six months. Next the captain of the guards presents Robyn as "the Lady Eleanor." to Guy De Gisbourne and the court. Later on a joust is being held Robyn is being forced to sit with Guy De Gisbourne and Brenean. The captain of the guards is on a horse waiting for his challenger Alana, Phil, and Joan put a microphone from Robyn in his helmet and start saying things like "Hello I'm in your head." helping his mysterious opposier win. the winner then goes over to where Robyn and everyone is sitting and Robyn climbs on the back of the horse and they ride into the forest. He then lets her off the horse and takes off his helmet showing that he is William! Robyn is then able to go home but she did miss her second chance to take the test and can't take it for six monthsmoreless
    • Smoke And Mirrors
      Smoke And Mirrors
      Episode 10
      Robyn Hood, Alana, William and the rest continue to search for a way to release Robin Hood and Marion.
    • The Rebellion
      The Rebellion
      Episode 9
      King Jonathan and Duc de Chenonceaux are featured as the Rebellion begins. When Roybn goes back in time when the rebelllion is starting Robyn could have altered history resuting in the oppiste of what happened and William's death!
    • Scribblers
      Episode 8
      Robyn Hood and her team reaches a Tavern, as they continue to search for a way to rescue her family descendants from the wicked sorceress.
    • The Holy Relic
      The Holy Relic
      Episode 7
      Robyn Hood and her team come across a group of peasants during the Holy Relic.
    • Ancestors
      Episode 6
      Robyn discovers that Brenan has retrieved all the King's Gifts and she has to choose whether to help Robin Hood and Marion escape or to help William and her Sherwood friends help Sir Geoffrey Fitzooth from death.
    • Brenan's Assassin
      Robyn borrows an old book from the librarian and promises to bring it back because she needs to read it to find more information. When she arrives in Sherwood, she discovers that Brenan has put William under a spell to only obey her mistress. Robyn believes that Tea can change William back, but she must become Brenan to provide the potion to William easily. With audio technology, Robyn's grandfather is able to mix Robyn's voice to sound like Brenan and place the speech inside an audio cassette to play when she returns to Sherwood. When William is about to drink it, the real Brenan bursts in, but on the cassette, Robyn had recorded that someone has dressed herself as the mistress in order to get at William. The tape again repeated that William should drink what is in the cup, and he does. It works and Brenan escapes, locking the door behind her to trap both of them. Robyn returns to the present time when Brenan returns with the King to see only William. William explains the situtation that Brenan had tried to poison him with a potion and that he exchanged the cup with another.moreless
    • A Bagful Of Goodies
      Robyn is helping her mother carry groceries into the house when the amulet falls from her pocket. Her mother picks it up and casually slips it around Robyn's neck. Robyn finds herself back in Sherwood with a bag full of groceries. She finds that her mother's purchases (plastic wrap, popcorn, bananas etc.) come in really handy when she has to escape from a trap set for her by Brenan.moreless
    • The King's Gift
      The King's Gift
      Episode 3
      When Robyn has to complete her History Presentation/Report by the next day, her grandfather suddenly calls her to go to Sherwood Forest. There she must retrieve one of the King's Gifts, which was given to the King by Brenan. She meets up with Max, Tanya, and her other friends. Taking a camera along with her, she takes pictures to create a report on Sherwood Forest. During a feast, William tries to keep everyone from bringing the King's Gift to reveal it to the entire kingdom while Robyn with her friends infiltrate the little house to steal the King's feast, but was not able to get it because William could not hold back Brenan and she brought the gift back to the castle. Robyn's next plan was to switch the King's gift bag with another that contained a rock. The trick worked as the four danced around the kingdom after being introduced by William as minstrels, grabbing all the little pouches and juggling them until no one noticed that they switched one of them. But their plan was about to fail again as they had to remove their masks and bow down to the King. As they did, they showed their face, and Robyn used her camera to flash the entire room. The distraction worked, and the four escaped with William (trying to chase after them). But they discover that the Gift contained a necklace, which was for King John - not the king that it belonged to. Recklessly that night, Robyn worked on her history report and was accused of stealing pictures from a book during her report at school.moreless
    • The Sherwood All-Stars
      Robyn, in her efforts to discover the whereabouts of the King's Gifts, learns that the Amulet has a mind of its own and is as likely to get her into trouble as out of it. Finally, teaming up with William and the Young Outlaws, she tricks Brenan into telling them the location of two of the King's Gifts.moreless
    • Into The Woods
      Into The Woods
      Episode 1
      When she puts on the Locksley Amulet, Robyn is flung back to Sherwood Forest circa 1199. She learns that she must rescue Robin Hood and Marion from the wicked sorceress Brenan and that the consequences of her failure could be the disappearance of her very own family.
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