Back to the Future

CBS (ended 1992)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Verne Hatches an Egg
      Verne believes that he has the perfect item for Show and Tell – an arrowhead. Unfortunately, Biff Jr. steals it right out from under him. Verne is determined to get something even better to outdo him – meaning a secret trip in the DeLorean. He arrives in the time of dinosaurs and takes an egg. However, well before Show and Tell, the egg hatches and Tiny is born. Only Marty and Jules know what Verne has caused – meaning they have to help keep the secret, which is not easy with Tiny growing virtually every second. Biff and Biff Jr. soon learn about Tiny, and they make a nasty deal with Mr. Wisdom. Can the Browns and Marty prevent Tiny from becoming a science experiment and send him home where he belongs?moreless
    • St. Louis Blues
      St. Louis Blues
      Episode 12
      Mocking Jennifer's new hairdo, wrecking it and agreeing to date Liz get Marty in a whole lot of trouble. Needing a haircut himself, he hopes Doc will loan him some money. He ends up getting into one of Doc's inventions – specifically, one designed to cut hair. This proves disastrous, as his hair now seemingly has a life of its own – randomly changing. Marty hopes Doc can help, but an amusement park, Jules and Verne tell him he and Clara left already. They've taken the DeLorean to 1904 St. Louis to attend the World's Fair Exposition, which requires Marty and the boys to follow in the locomotive. The constant embarrassment of his changing hair is bad enough, but once in 1904, Marty runs into P.T. Tannen. P.T. wants him to be a part of his sideshow attractions – whether Marty agrees or not.moreless
    • Super Doc
      Super Doc
      Episode 11
      Verne wants to join the Mega-Muscle-Man Club, but Jackson demands that he take the initiation – successfully swinging over Deadman's swamp. It hardly looks safe, so Verne backs out – causing Jackson and the other kids to make fun of him. Later on at home, Jules finds newspaper articles about a very minor 1950s wrestler – Doc. Doc explains to Marty and the boys that he dabbled in wrestling as the Brain Buster, but he never participated in a scheduled match and passed on wrestling altogether. Thinking a wrestler for a dad would boost his own reputation, Verne – with Marty and Jules in tow – goes back to the day of that aborted match. They convince young Doc to participate, but before the match can begin, he gets a nasty head injury. As a result, he is convinced that he must help others as a superhero and new booster boots make him able to fly. Can Marty and the boys stop Mega-Brain-Man before he hurts somebody or himself?moreless
    • My Pop's an Alien
      My Pop's an Alien
      Episode 10
      Every twenty-five years, the Kahooey comet passes Earth and that time is again drawing near. Many look forward to it, but Biff is going on about alien invasions – claiming that he witnessed their ship in the sky in 1967. It's bad enough that people believe him and start panicking, but then he finds that very same ship on Doc's property. Biff's paranoia spreads and everyone accuses Doc of being an alien in disguise, which Marty and the Brown family know cannot be true. They need proof, though, so Marty and the boys take the DeLorean to 1967 to investigate the truth behind Biff's claims and the nature of the ship. Proof is easy enough to come by, but completely cleaning up this mess ultimately requires an alien approach.moreless
    • Hill Valley Brown-Out
      Courtesy of Doc Brown's latest power-draining experiments, Hill Valley finds itself with no electricity- just in time to spoil the annual Founder's Day celebrations. Promising to fix everything, Doc unleashes a surge of power that drives all the town's appliances berserk. But when the townsfolk turn to Biff Tannen to repair the power plant, sparks really start to fly!moreless
    • A Verne by Any Other Name
      Kids begin teasing Verne about his name, and he can't take it. He figures a new, cool name will get them all to lay off. However, Doc and Clara don't want him to change it, as it comes from their favorite author. In 1800s France and with Marty in tow, Verne appeals to his very namesake for a help – a long shot obviously doesn't pay off. They then travel to shortly before Verne was born, and he pitches different names to his parents' past-selves. More failure awaits, but bigger problems loom – Clara goes into labor and only Verne can help deliver his younger self.moreless
    • The Money Tree
      The Money Tree
      Episode 7
      Tired of being an unpopular "brainiac", Jules grows himself a money tree. As the rich kid at school, Jules finds he has plenty of new-found "friends". But when news of the amazing tree gets out, it attracts the unwelcome attention of greedy minded Biff Tannen, as well as the suspicion of the FBI.moreless
    • Bravelord and the Demon Monstrux
      BraveLord and Monstrux is the hot new video game and Verne is among its many fans. Soon enough, Verne plays more and more – which means less time for everything else. Doc and Clara's patience eventually runs out – leaving Verne in his room without his game. He doesn't like that, so Marty and Jules work on a device to help him keep playing. Chaos ensues, though, as it sends the title characters to the real world and Doc to theirs. Despite the changed surroundings, BraveLord is determined to defeat his evil foe, Monstrux – meaning potential destruction for Hill Valley. Can Marty and the others return these characters to where they belong and save Doc?moreless
    • Verne's New Friend
      After playing together a baseball game, Verne and Chris become virtually inseparable. At a comic book store, they see a 1930s circus poster that piques their interest. The only way to see a performance, though, requires a trip in the DeLorean. The day they arrive at, however, is a dark one for the circus. Farmer Tannen owns the land the circus uses and a matter of back rent threatens a shut down. To help raise the needed money, Verne and Chris join up for the high-wire act. The act comes with danger and Verne ends up learning something surprising about Chris.moreless
    • Marty McFly PFC
      Marty McFly PFC
      Episode 4
      Clara thinks that Verne should learn to dance and no matter how much he protests, she signs him up. Naturally, the experience isn't a pleasant one. Hoping Doc can somehow lend a hand, Verne learns that he once considered a dance machine during the early 1940s. However, a fire ended such work, and he never looked back. Verne hopes such a machine can make his dance lessons more bearable, so with Marty's help, he takes the DeLorean back to before the fire. Trouble ensues, however, when the Army drafts Marty. Meanwhile, Verne must help Dorothy (his future dance instructor) in a dance contest.moreless
    • A Friend In Deed
      A Friend In Deed
      Episode 3
      Biff Tannen brags that he has an old, 1800s deed to the ranch of Jennifer Parker, and that he plans to evict her. Determined to help, Marty races back to the Wild West era, where he discovers that Tannen's outlaw ancestors swindled the Parkers out of their land. Unfortunately, the only way Marty can stop the scheme is to saddle up with Tannen's gang!moreless
    • Put on Your Thinking Caps, Kids! It's Time for Mr. Wisdom!
      Verne has really been getting into Mr. Wisdom's science show lately. It turns out that a new episode brings production to Hill Valley and Marty takes him to see it. Verne gets a real thrill from meeting his hero and later takes him to meet Doc. It turns out that they already know each other from college – their friendship ruined over some theft. Doc makes Mr. Wisdom leave, but he secretly returns for the greatest invention he's ever seen – the DeLorean. A time travel chase ensues, as Doc – with the locomotive – tries to get back his property. During a standoff, Mr. Wisdom proposes a challenge that Doc just can't resist. The DeLorean, Verne's hero worship and more are at stake.moreless
    • Mac the Black
      Mac the Black
      Episode 1
      Thinking it would be cool, Verne asks for an earring and does every possible thing to convince his parents to grant permission. Of course, Doc and Clara won't be letting their youngest son have a pierced ear no matter what. Verne still intends to do what he wants – figuring a true pirate would. The DeLorean can get him to some pirates easily and Marty accompanies him to keep him out of trouble. 1500s-era Caribbean proves to be a dangerous place – especially with everyone believing that Marty is Mac the Black, one of the most dangerous pirates around. As bad as that proves to be, the genuine article doesn't care for imitators and the Spanish Armada doesn't care for anything pirate-related period.moreless
  • Season 1