Back to the Future

Season 1 Episode 11

Gone Fishin'

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Nov 30, 1991 on CBS



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    • Doc apparently was born in 1922, making him 63 in 1985. But in the original trilogy he was 65 in 1985, making his birthyear 1920. Also, in the 2011 BTTF video game by Telltale Games, Doc was 17 in 1931, meaning that he was born in 1914, which would've made him 71 in 1985.

    • Comic books as we now know them didn't come along until the release of Funnies on Parade, the first modern comic book, in 1933. Before that time, newspapers were the main venue for comics in the United States.
      There doesn't seem to be any obvious power source (like a Mr. Fusion) attached to Jules' spare flux capacitor for the barrel, leading to the question of how it generated enough power to activate time-travel. (Though I suppose Jules could've modified it somehow to be hydro-powered).

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    • According to this episode, Doc was presumably born in 1922.

    • Clara does not appear in this episode.

    • Milwaukee was a popular destination for German immigrants to the United States. Additionally, Doc notes in the third BTTF film that his family prior to the first World War was named the "Von Brauns," changed during WWI to presumably avoid anti-German sentiment.

      According to this episode, Doc was presumably born in 1922.

    • Debuted April 19, 2003 on the Fox Box.

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